Predator 2

Predator 2

The Predator

This week on the show we talk about John's PS5 debacle, his progress in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Rocket League and have a HEATED debate about what is possibly the worst of the Alien & Predator movies thus far! This is The One About The Predator! 


This week on the show we discuss John's PS5 debacle, what's going on with Xbox fans and Deathloop reviews, and the third Predator movie with the most star-studded cast yet. But does the film live up to this cast or is it yet another dude in our quest through all the AvP movies? F ...  Show more


This week on the show we catch up on some anime, dad stuff, VR, and most importantly the best alien movie we've covered yet! This is The One About Predator. 

Alien: Covenant

This week on the show we close out the Alien Franchise proper with the sequel to Prometheus and the prequel to Alien and its all a big jumbled mess of plot and lore. On the plus side the SFX continues to impress and its fun as hell! This is The One About Alien: Covenant. 


This week on the show John is back from Hawaii and we need to catch up on life, Rocket League, games and we watched a movie! Ridley Scott returns to the franchise and its...certainly a movie. This is The One About Prometheus.  

Alien Resurrection

This week on the show we continue down the xenomorph rabbit hole with...let's be honest, one of the worst movies we've ever done. Getting through the movie was a struggle and we had to fight to bring back the memories for this episode. Can we even finish the show? Find out! This ...  Show more

Alien 3

This week on the show we talk about Masters of the Universe some more, review some of our movie watches from this week and dive into the downfall of the Alien franchise. Despite this being the third film in a row with an amazing director, Alien 3 is not at the caliber of the prev ...  Show more


This week on the show WE HAVE THE POWER!! we discuss Masters of the Universe, Fear St., missing manga and more. There's a little contention over this one as its a very different beast to the original Alien, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. This is The One About Alien ...  Show more


This week on the show we open with a bit of dad talk, some retro games, emulation and go down deep rabbit holes of lore.  One of the best movies of all time, at least in the sci-fi genre, this is The One About Alien. 

The Tomorrow War

This week on the show we explore the hot movie on the Amazon Prime block. There's talk of Fast & Furious, superheroes, Alien, Predator, and why John is wrong again! This is The One About The Tomorrow War! 

Spiral: From The Book of Saw

This week on the show we examine the latest in the Saw franchise before tackling the movies that came before. This is a first for us on the show but we also have some meaningful discussions about how we would like to suffer unimaginable pain...and also super sentai. THIS is The O ...  Show more

Sweet Tooth

This week on the show we sat down to recover from a road trip across the entire country with a comic that we've been dying to get into for years. Its dark, but hey we had fun. This is The One About Sweet Tooth. 

The Pick of Destiny

This week on the show we have our first show without Jordan, but his spirit lives on with his final pick of the month. There's way too much comedy to be contained, rockin' tunes and an inexplicable amount of cameos and star power in this bad boy. This is The One About Tenacious D ...  Show more


This week on the show is the end of an era. 

Rocket League

This week on the show we did a special episode where we commentated over some gameplay of rocket league. Jordan can do what he wants this month and so here we are. You can catch the full video podcast on youtube but we hope you enjoy the audio version too! This is The One About R ...  Show more

After Dark

This week begins Jordan's month of picks and he wants to start out with a chat to catch up with the boys and shoot the stuff. Why not? This is The One About After Dark yet again. 

Teen Wolf

This week we end 80s month with wolves, surfing, tunes, 20 questions and more! I hate to see the 80s go again, but all things come to an end, even if SOMEONE doesn't appreciate the end that we get. This is The One About Teen Wolf. 


This week on the show I decided to screw with my friends by picking a film that while appropriate for 80's month, totally iconic and seminal to the 80's experience as a whole, is...not so great. This is not what I meant when I said these were 4 of my favorite 80's films and still ...  Show more

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

This week on the show we explore what is maybe the greatest and most beloved and lasting teenage comedies ever made. This is 80s month but this movie transcends the 80s and every other decade as a perpetual classic of cinema. This is The One About Ferris Bueller's Day Off.