Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

This Is Getting Really Tricky...

Sh*t is on fire right now, y'all! There's a shift in the energy and we've got some really exciting things coming down the pipeline. This past year was all over the place and we were just surviving, but we have so much focus now and we want to make our business more succinct. We s ...  Show more

Do, Re & Mi with Kristen Bell & Jackie Tohn

We sat down with best friends Kristen Bell & Jackie Tohn to talk about their new Amazon Original animated series Do, Re & Mi, which will "sneak teach" children music education. Tune in to hear Kristen & Jackie talk about what it's like working with a friend who you have that trus ...  Show more

Managing Moods & The Emotional Load

We're bringing you a really big epiphany in this episode about the emotional load that women often carry, along with some life lessons for managing the moods of others. Plus, we let you in on the real (f*cked up) reason why we started this business in the first place, which is ac ...  Show more

The Wildest Night I Ever Had...

We kicked things off recapping the back-to-school shenanigans and struggles that Nat faced yesterday, which is actually such a funny story when you're not living it 🤪 Then we got into this week's Q&A session and it was a JUICY ONE. Would we be willing to let our kids sit through ...  Show more

What Are You Excited For?

We were on such a good trajectory in life and in business pre-covid, but we've been surrounded by kids 24/7 for the last year and a half and have had no room to manifest our dreams into reality. Obviously we love our family, but everyone has become so codependent and it's unhealt ...  Show more

You're Here For the Happy Show

We don't think it's appropriate for us to have any conversations without you guys, so here we go! Cat's recapping her experience doing electrolysis. Then we get into a Q&A where we answer your questions about what we do to cheer each other up, whether or not we always like our ki ...  Show more

Sh*t Has Gone Sideways

Hey hey!! We're full of info and fun for you today. From hot guys at our virtual events, to the world of sports, to Nat's near death experience and Cat's fight or flight response, to bad food and bad service that really chaps our ass - we talk about it all. There's lots of storyt ...  Show more

Our Life Is Not Our Own...

We’re back in bed (together) for this episode because it’s a place where we can close the door and escape from the kids and dogs. Not quite sure what day it is, but summer is lingering and everyone seems to be in search of something more and trying to find "what's next"... We tal ...  Show more

A Q&A with Two Mediocre Moms & Wild Wives

We’re lying in bed together to record this episode, naturally. Nat's got a stage-5 clinger on her hands and Cat's counting down the days until these kids are back in school. We're feeling a bit claustrophobic in life right now to be honest, but at least we have this podcast where ...  Show more

Always Listen to Your Instinct

This episode was honestly like a therapy session, which included a top secret conversation (as per usual). So listen in if you want to learn a lot more about us! We started off talking about impetigo and other ailments and health issues that have affected our kids, and that lead ...  Show more

And We're Done....

Nat just got back from her very last vacay of the summer and Cat's in preservation mode, so that's where we're at right now... But we're here to bring you this episode full of fun and entertaining conversations about a little bit everything! The uncertainties surrounding back to ...  Show more

If We Don't Have These Conversations, Our Kids Won't Know What to Do

We don't consider this a parenting podcast, but we had a really great conversation in this episode and it's one that needs to continue. Listen in as we talk about body confidence and consent, and how it's our jobs as parents to empower our daughters (and sons!) to feel confident ...  Show more

#IMOMSOHARD with Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley

What do you get when two BFF mom duos meet (virtually) for the first time ever? The best dang podcast episode you'll ever hear! Seriously. We had so much fun chatting with comedians Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley, creators of the #IMOMSOHARD phenomenon, all about how they met, how ...  Show more

Countdown Is On

We’ve had a crazy few weeks! Everything has been on pause for so long, but we’re finally back up and running again and we really feel like we're moving forward. Tune in to this episode to be one of the very first to learn about a new tour update. We're hitting the road this fall ...  Show more

This Sounds So HIGHLY Inappropriate

This was a podcast for the books! Nat shared a very personal (and very awkward) sex story from her younger years which made us wonder if sex should just come naturally to guys right from the get-go? Since we’re women and we have no idea what it’s like to be a man, we decided to c ...  Show more

We Need to Normalize This Conversation

We kicked off this episode chatting about the ultimate topic that gets Nat's mind off of her IBS (can anyone guess??) and then she answered the burning question that everyone wants to know - why does she want veneers so badly?! We also talked all about our upcoming tour and answe ...  Show more

Now I Know What We Are...

We're back home after spending a week together in LA and of course we haven't run out of things to say 🤪 We actually have so much to talk about with each other and with you. Cat had an epiphany and finally understands what we are now (in terms of our live show and why you come o ...  Show more

Here's to the Beginning

We recorded this episode from the back of a car (which we haven't done since we were in the UK), so apologies for the background noise but you're welcome for all the convos about business, bars and everything in between 😜 If you're in transition or feeling stuck, then you better ...  Show more

This One Was Particularly Interesting...

We're coming at you from between the sheets and in bed - IN BEVERLY HILLS! We're in California to do work and drink wine, but obviously we had to record a podcast and spill some juicy secrets (which we may or may not get in trouble for sharing) while we're here. From white pubes ...  Show more