Episode 447: Brooke Ashley - Adventurer & NFL Cheerleader

Episode 447: Brooke Ashley - Adventurer & NFL...

Episode 450: MaryDee Patrick - The Changing Face of Travel

Luxury Travel Planner MaryDee Patrick of MaryDee Travel returns to discuss changes international travelers will soon face and how they can best stay informed.  

Episode 448: Luis Saboria - Interview & Resume Tips

Luis Saboria discusses the world of job applications & applying in an ever-changing digital world.  

Episode 446: Cyrill Ibrahim - British-Dutch Pianist

Cyrill Ibrahim chats about his career as a pianist, and the satisfaction of completing an album. 

Episode 446: Lucy Boxall - Contortionist

Lucy Boxall is a talented contortionist from England The dynamic performer chats about her career and how she has evolved over the years.  

Episode 445: Johanna Roehrig - German Violinist

Johanna Roehrig chats about her career as a violinist, and how she maintains a positive work-life balance. 

Episode 444: Jack Ferguson - MMA Athlete - New Zealand

MMA athlete Jack Ferguson reflects on his career and how he used the lockdown to improve himself. 

Episode 443: Brenda Lee Grech - Maltese Dancer & Performer

Maltese dancer & performer Brenda Lee Grech chats about her life, including her time spent with the Scottish Ballet & her performance on Peaky Blinders. 

Episode 442: Bengu Cetinkale - Turkish Painter

Turkish painter Bengu Cetinkale chats about her career. www.bengufineart.com 

Episode 441: Viktor Thorup - Danish Speed Skater

Danish record holder in speed skating, Viktor Thorup chats about fitness, travel, and his journey to the next Winter Olympics.  

Episode 440: Jaclyn Laberge - Canadian Skeleton Athlete

Canadian skeleton athlete Jaclyn Laberge chats about her career and the challenges of the past 12 months. 

Episode 439: Margarita Balanas - Latvian Cellist

Talented cellist from Latvia, Margarita Balanas talks about her career and the creation of Balanas Classical. 

Episode 438: Crissy Jones - Professional Beach Volleyballer

Crissy Jones, a professional volleyballer on the AVP tour chats about her interesting life, and her extensive travels as an athlete. 

Episode 436: Christian Lamb - Author, WW2 veteran & 101st Birthday!

Christian Lamb is an author & WW2 veteran who was part of the planning for the D-Day invasion. Today she celebrates her 101st birthday! Her wartime memoir, "Beyond The Sea" releases on August 19th and is available for pre-order now! 

Episode 435: 2021 Summer Olympians

Quick recap of the guests that will be competing in the 2021 Summer Olympics & Paralympic Games. #teamagr 

Episode 434: Daniel Mekbib - Czech Republic Squash Champion

Daniel Mekbib, 3X Czech National Champion in Squash, chats about his career and travels. 

Episode 433: Bridgitte Hartley - 3X Olympian

Three-time Olympian from South Africa, Bridgitte Hartley chats about her life.  

Episode 432: Sarah Vitort & Scott Gilmore - Fox And Bones

The music duo of Fox And Bones, Sarah Vitort & Scott Gilmore, chat about their recent album, American Alchemy. foxandbones.com 

Episode 430: Scott Ali - Pro Wrestler (Part 2)

Second half of our conversation with pro wrestler Scott Ali. 

Episode 429: Scott Ali - Pro Wrestler (Part 1)

Pro wrestler Scott Ali chats about his interesting & exciting career. Part 1 of 2.