What Happened at the United Nations on September 11, 2001

What Happened at the United Nations on Septem...

How Transforming Food Systems Can Inspire Action on Climate Change | Taped Live in Partnership with CGIAR

This episode was recorded live in front of a virtual audience in advance of a key meeting at the United Nations known as the Food Systems Summit.  This episode is produced in partnership with CGIAR, the world's largest agricultural innovation network and features a panel discussi ...  Show more

Angela Merkel's Legacy in International Affairs and Foreign Policy

Angela Merkel steps down this month after having served as chancellor of Germany since 2005. Her time in office coincided with a number of major world events, including the global financial crisis; the 2015 refugee and migrant crisis; Brexit, Crimea, Trump, COVID, and much more.  ...  Show more

What's Next For the United Nations in Afghanistan? | Mark Malloch Brown

As Afghanistan enters a perilous and uncertain future, the United Nations has promised to "stay and deliver." The country's humanitarian emergency is getting more acute by the day, taxing UN agencies like the World Food Program. Meanwhile, the Security Council's role in managing ...  Show more

What Comes Next for Humanitarian and Development NGOs in Afghanistan?

Zuhra Bahman was out of the country on a business meeting when the Taliban took control of Kabul. She is the Afghanistan country director for Search for Common Ground, an NGO that engages in community based peace-building work. I was eager to speak with her because it is very unc ...  Show more

How We Use Our Lands and Forests Can Fight Climate Change and Support Security (Or Not) | Climate Security Series

Today's episode was recorded live in front of a virtual audience in partnership with CGIAR, the world's largest agricultural innovation network, as part of a series of episodes examining the links between climate variability and security.  The episode features a discussion amongs ...  Show more

"They Are Missing Our Side Of The Story" -- An Afghan Human Rights Activist Speaks Out

Zubaida Akbar is an Afghan human rights activist living in Washington, D.C. She is desperately trying to get vulnerable people out of the country, including a group of female journalists who are almost certainly marked for execution by the Taliban.  We kick off discussing what sh ...  Show more

Better Know The Climate Investment Funds

Back in 2008, in the midst of both a global economic catastrophe and stalled progress on climate diplomacy, a unique multilateral platform called the Climate Investment Funds was born.   The G-8 created the Climate Investment Funds to support developing economies as they shifted ...  Show more

What Are the Latest Trends in Peace and Conflict Around the World? | Global Peace Index Founder Steve Killilea

The Global Peace Index is an ambitious effort to measure peacefulness around the world using quantitative data. Now in its 15th year, the Index has offered policymakers and analysts a useful way to measure key trends in peace and conflict.  Steve Killilea, founder and executive d ...  Show more

How Do We Measure the Relationship Between Climate and Security | Climate Security Series

This episode was recorded live in front of a virtual audience and produced in partnership with CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural innovation network, as part of a series of episodes examining the relationship between climate and security. In today's conversation we discuss t ...  Show more

How The Enduring Legacy of 9-11 and the War on Terror Forever Changed American Life | Spencer Ackerman

You can draw a line from  September 11 2001 to January 6 2021.  In the new book Reign of Terror: How the 9/11 Era Destabilized America and Produced Trump journalist Spencer Ackerman offers an intense examination of how a never ending war on terror became an embedded and malignant ...  Show more

How Yemen's Rival Banks Are Fueling a Civil War

Yemen has two rival central banks. These banks have their own priorities and fiscal policies -- and were set up, in part, to help defeat the other and control the Yemeni Rial.  The result has been runaway inflation and food prices that are increasingly out of reach for ordinary Y ...  Show more

A Coup Puts Tunisia in Political Crisis

On July 25th, Tunisian President Kais Saied fired the prime minister, dismissed parliament, and assumed dictatorial powers . This was a self-coup in which the president invoked an emergency clause in the constitution allowing him to rule by decree. Tarek Megirisi, Senior Policy f ...  Show more

How the Fight for Women's Rights Became so Polarized at the United Nations

At the United Nations, debates over gender equality, reproductive health and women's rights were not always as polarized as they are today. When I started covering the United Nations as a journalist in the early 2000s the feminist movement, broadly speaking, was in ascendence and ...  Show more

Can Congress Rein in the Forever Wars With the New "National Security Powers Act?" | Senator Chris Murphy

United States Senator Chris Murphy wants to radically reign in the President's ability to use military force abroad. Chris Murphy is a Democrat from Connecticut and along with Independent Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont and Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah is a co-sponso ...  Show more

Kashmir is on the Brink | Red Flags or Resilience? Series

In March 2020, when countries around the world started imposing COVID-19 lockdowns Kashmir was just emerging from a lockdown of its own. Several months prior, in August 2019 the government of India revoked the special status that Kashmir had enjoyed since the partition of India i ...  Show more

Femicide in Mexico is on the Rise | Red Flags or Resistance?

Unique among countries in the world, Mexico considers Femicide as a crime distinct from homicide. Sometimes known as "Feminicide," this is the crime of murdering a woman or girl on account of her gender.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020, the documented numbers of Fem ...  Show more

Crisis in South Africa

Protest, looting, and riots have plunged South Africa into a deep crisis. Scores of people have been killed in this unrest which was sparked by the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma on July 7th.  At time of recording, the government was dispatching 25,000 troops to bring ord ...  Show more

A Crisis Mounts in Africa's Only Absolute Monarchy, Eswatini (Formerly Known As Swaziland)

Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) is a small country in Southern Africa nestled on the border between South Africa and Mozambique. It is notably Africa's only absolute monarchy --  the king rules by decree, with no meaningful checks or balances.  Today, the country in in the ...  Show more

Colombia is Rocked By The Biggest Protests In Recent Memory

Colombia has been rocked by the most significant protests in recent memory. In late April and May Colombians took to the streets across the country initially to protest a proposed new tax law. But what began as a a protest against this new tax bill swiftly morphed into a broad ba ...  Show more

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