Naveen Jain on Futurism, Microsoft & Singularity Theory | The Wolf’s Den #133

Naveen Jain on Futurism, Microsoft & Singular...

Trisha Paytas tries to convince the Wolf to start an OnlyFans | The Wolf’s Den #132

In this episode of The Wolf’s Den JB sits down with famed YouTuber Trisha Paytas. If you go on Youtube, or anywhere else on the Internet, it’ll take you maybe 30 seconds before you find a reaction video to Trisha or someone doing their best impression of her. A true OG of Youtube ...  Show more

Jason Tartick | The Wolf Gets Educated (in finance) | The Wolf’s Den #131

In this episode of The Wolf’s Den, JB sits down with former Bachelorette star turned financial educator, Jason Tartick. In a world where finances are increasingly volatile and there are an endless amount of crypto currencies popping up every other day, Jason Tartick comes to the ...  Show more

Oli White | Oli From the Block(chain) | The Wolf’s Den #130

What do CBD, Disney, and crypto all have in common? Oli White. Oli is a young and well diversified entrepreneur. He’s done everything from host a Disney show to most recently, getting involved in crypto and starting his own CBD company. He joins JB today to share his expertise on ...  Show more

Dr. Annabelle | The Wolf Gets Medicinal | The Wolf’s Den #129

What would you do to save your child?Today’s guest is Dr. Annabelle, a Neuroscientist and Cell & Developmental Biologist. Dr. Annabelle’s life completely changed after the birth of her third son. At 1 day old, her son experienced a stroke and multiple seizures that resulted in th ...  Show more

Miss Lisa Morales | Luck of the Draw | The Wolf’s Den #128

From a humble upbringing in Cuba to a worldwide online presence, Lisa Morales’s story is the classic tale of how hard work pays off. Lisa moved to Miami when she was a little girl after her family left Cuba through the lucky draw of an immigration lottery. Today, she’s a social m ...  Show more

Kolton Krottinger | Hacking Anxiety in 2021 | The Wolf’s Den #127

Not many people can say they’ve spent 4 years in the U.S. Navy fending off pirates in the waters of Somalia, unless they’re Kolton Krottinger. At the end of his time in the Navy, Krottinger struggled with PTSD for years until he found help from everyone’s favorite plant, weed. Af ...  Show more

Major Money Making on OnlyFans | The Wolf’s Den #126

Join JB as he dives into the business of OnlyFans with four of its premium creators. Danii Banks, CJ Sparxx, Jeane Marie & Arianna Flowers get into their successes, hardships, stigmas and struggles in a captivating 126th episode of The Wolf’s Den. Check your preconceptions at the ...  Show more

Bryson DeChambeau | The Mad Scientist of Golf | The Wolf’s Den #125

Did you know that Jordan has a strong passion for golf? That’s what makes today’s guest extra special. Meet Bryson DeChambeau, one of 3 players to have won the NCAA championship, the Amateur Championship & The U.S Open, joining the likes of Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. His atte ...  Show more

Trevor Wallace | The Wolf Gets White Claws | The Wolf’s Den #124

You might know Trevor Wallace from Vine or TikTok. In fact, Trevor has pretty much dominated all forms of social media as one of the top stand up comedians of recent times. Fun fact: Trevor was the first person to coin the phrase, “Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking claws” in ref ...  Show more

Nikhil Kamath | The Wolf meets a Unicorn | The Wolf’s Den #123

Join JB as he sits down with Nikhil Kamath, the youngest billionaire in India. Nikhil made his fortune by creating the financial trading platform, Zerodha Broking Limited with his brother. Zerodha’s success was so huge, in fact, that the company has been enlisted in the Unicorn C ...  Show more

Jaime Rogozinski | r/Wolf of Wall Street Bets | The Wolf’s Den #122

In this episode of The Wolf’s Den, JB is joined by Jaime Rogozinski, founder of WallStreetBets (WSB) on Reddit. You may be familiar with WSB from social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram. Or perhaps you’ve seen it on the news. Whatever the case may be, WSB has been in ...  Show more

David Carpenter | The Wolf’s Den Gets Insured | The Wolf’s Den #121

Today, JB talks business, success, and hardships with insurance salesman David Carpenter. David’s journey began after his father was arrested, leaving him to be one of the sole providers for the family. He was met with several challenges along the way, including choosing the perf ...  Show more

Dr. Brian Lima | The Wolf Gets A Clean Bill of Health | The Wolf’s Den #120

Join JB as he sits down with renowned heart surgeon and author, Dr. Brian Lima, to discuss the secrets to keeping your heart happy and healthy. Discover the best ways to improve your heart health and learn how you can take the vital steps to preventing heart disease. The duo also ...  Show more

Blake Snell | The Wolf Throws A Perfect Game | The Wolf’s Den #119

Today, JB sits down with MLB pitcher Blake Snell of the San Diego Padres. Blake has cemented himself as one of the best pitchers in baseball, winning the Cy Young Award in 2018, an accolade given to only the best pitchers in MLB. While it’s true that Blake’s talent is unmatched, ...  Show more

King Bach & Amanda Cerny | Wall Street Finance & Binance | The Wolf’s Den #118

In today’s episode, JB meets the OG royalty of Vine, King Bach & Amanda Cerny, with special guest Ilya Pozin. After the platform went defunct, the duo have adjusted to more relevant platforms like TikTok. But that’s not all. In addition to making funny moves, the pair are also ma ...  Show more

Jordan Schultz | The Wolf Scores | The Wolf’s Den #117

Today, JB sits down with Jordan Schultz, analyst and insider who has covered sports for major titans of industry, including: Yahoo Sports, HuffPost, Bleacher Report, and most recently, ESPN. The two Jordans discuss the massive impact of sports and how its robust business model ha ...  Show more

JuJu Smith-Schuster & Greg Grillz | The Wolf Hits The Gridiron | The Wolf’s Den #116

JB gets his dance on with JuJu Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers in today’s episode. Watch the two talk about football, TikTok, and how Juju is leveraging social media on top of his NFL career. Juju’s business partner, Greg Grillz, also makes a special appearance to discu ...  Show more

Pace Morby | The Wolf Gets Real (Estate)| The Wolf’s Den #115
Steve Trang | The Den Goes Off-Market | The Wolf’s Den #114

In today’s episode, JB sits down with Steve Trang, a sales trainer and creator of OfferFast Homes, an app focused on off-market wholesale property. Trang’s expertise in niche real estate has helped so many people live more enriched lives. One of Steve’s ultimate goals is to creat ...  Show more

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