Have you ever?

Have you ever?

Surrendering being Right

Just a quick episode to tell you I'm alive, but stressed to the max and we need to be kind not right.  www.bartalkpodcast.com 

Why Challenging is good.

In this episode I talk about overcoming my doubts and facing the biggest year of my life to date. Thank you so much for your support, please listen and reach out to me if you can.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

Changes and Adaptation

I took last week off for personal reasons so Liz came back to talk about dealing with changes and getting ready for big ones.  

The Arena

Just a quick little talk about the Olympics and our journey in the dash.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

Feeling Pride 2021

After our happy reunion Steph and I got down to talk issues and life in the 21' post the pandemic and orange haired rule.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

Liz part 2

The much anticipated return of Liz to talk about life and tragedy and surprises.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

The pandemic friendship

In this episode the queen of horror and one of my most favorite souls in the world returns to talk about her life and our friendship this past year of hell.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

The incredible life of Liz pt 1

Enjoy this conversation with a truly beautiful soul about her life and mostly just listen to her story.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 


In this episode I work out the frustration and mixed emotions I have about the way we just added a new federal holiday and the impacts it can on society.  www.joincampagnzero.org www.bardtalkpodcast.com 


In this episode I talk about the battle going on about CRT or Crit Race Theory Ed. Get ready because come August this is going to be fed to you a lot. So get my take and clap back if you got the guts!!! www.bardtalkpodcast.com www.joincampagnzero.org 

Ebb and Flow

In this episode I try to discuss how much we have to accept and treat our valley's be they mental or physical as an opportunity for growth and a broader understanding of our world, and how success doesn't come when we want it to always.  www.bardtalkpodcast.net 

Pride and Grace

In this episode I talk about my internal conflict while attending a Memorial Day service, and the celebration and remembrance that June brings.  www.bardtalkpodcast.net 

For Fears sake

In this episode I discuss fear. Enjoy and chat back if you want.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

The Cost of Homeschool

This depression laced episode is rife with self loathing and a feeble attempt at explaining how I bare the cost of my parents decision to forever place me in a position of fighting the current.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

Chose Kindness

Our collective experiences are often filled with hurt and joy, acknowledging we cause and feel harm is one of the biggest tools for growth we have. Enjoy this short episode.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com www.joincampaignzero.org  

Trial impact


Swift V Cabello

This episode is absolute nonsense, I hope you enjoy it. Clap at me with some facts, tell me your favourite parts or whatever.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com 

New Yota adventure

Occasionally I get this notion that you all enjoy the car talk podcasts. In this episode I just casually chat about Motorcycle racing and my new Toyota, why I chose this project and what makes cars stand out as being worth the effort.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com  

EFFF 23 and Me

April 6th was National Tartan day in the states, so naturally I go on a rant about how we are all people and denoting patches of clay as some magical fairy tale land is silly. Enjoy and clap back at me.  www.bardtalkpodcast.com