Episode 215: Whiskey Science Theater - Event Horizon (1997)

Episode 215: Whiskey Science Theater - Event ...

Episode 216: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - Black Dynamite (2009)

We've said it before but this is truly a movie that you NEED to watch if you are a fan of action movies or spoof movies.  It's complete absurdity for 90 minutes, we had a tremendous time watching it and talking about it.  Michael Jai White kicks ass and is genuinely hilarious as ...  Show more

Episode 214: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - The Perfect Weapon (1991)

Jeff Motherf*cking Speakman!  Why didn't this man have more movies.  Every single Asian character actor is in this too...also RU...FI...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  This was genuinely a fun, movie with a slab of wood as the lead actor...but that slab of wood can kick ass. 

Episode 213: Whiskey Science Theater - Geostorm (2017)

An all star-ish cast in an all time terrible disaster movie and yet it's incredibly fun.  Gerry Butler, Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Zazie Beetz, and others are part of a cautionary tale of global warming, corruption, satellites, sibling rivalries, being a terrible fath ...  Show more

Episode 212: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - Death Wish 3 (1985)

A legendarily good bad movie as Charles Bronson reprises his role as Paul Kersey.  This movie is crazy in every sense of the word...we've got mail order rocket launchers, booby traps galore, a horrific director, Deanna Troi, and Bill S Preston Esq.  Drinks and this movie are an a ...  Show more

Episode 211: Bottled in Bond - Bond Trivia!

A rare bottled in bond episode in which we go head to head in Bond trivia using the 007 Scene It game. Although half the battle was trying to figure out the game itself. 

Episode 210: Whiskey Science Theater - Sunshine (2007)

How to describe this movie...It's an elemental space movie in which our heroes need to re-ignite the sun while discovering their souls? Not sure but a cool director, a killer cast, and some visuals that are stellar...get it? I'll leave now. This was a serious but fun one. 

Episode 211: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - The Way of the Dragon (1972)

Bruce Lee once again and this time he is doing slapstick comedy for a solid 60% of the movie and the other 40% he is kicking ass. A grand old time as we discuss Num-chuks, Campbell's Soup, Lions eating Christians, Long B-Roll of Italy, and of course Chuck Norris vs Bruce to culmi ...  Show more

Episode 197: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - Navy Seals (1990) - Commentary

Queue up the movie and grab yourself several brain grenades. We are watching a borderline documentary about America's most elite fighting force...Charlie Sheen and his friends...err...I mean Navy Seals! A supporting cast that absolutely kills it, figuratively and literally. A hel ...  Show more

Episode 185: Whiskey Science Theater - Aliens (1986) - Commentary

We've got kick ass women, one kick ass man, and a bunch of goobers on a mission in space. We did a commentary track for the best Xenomorph movie there is, Aliens! Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, a real whiny Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen (Load Me!), and the strangest Paul Reiser ...  Show more

Episode 190: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - Drop Zone (1994)

Do you like a movie that is 62% sky diving sizzle reels? Well thank you lucky stars, because Gary Busey, Wesley Snipes, and Yancy Butler from Hard Target have you covered. It has everything...weird ADR, mediocre acting, our nation's capital, and Parker Lewis...whom I'm pretty sur ...  Show more

Episode 197: Whiskey Science Theater - Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

We LOVE a time loop movie and this might be one of the best ever made. Aliens, mech suits, Bill Paxton, a smoking hot Emily Blunt, and Tom Cruise on an apple box. The mimics threaten the world and time is their ultimate weapon. Buckle up, drink up, suit up, and join us! Also read ...  Show more

Episode 204: Whiskey Wednesday - Powers Three Shallows Irish Whiskey

A rare OG Whiskey Wednesday featuring a bunch of news/stories, Powers Three Shallows Irish Whiskey, a beer that I can't remember, Legent Whiskey, and a bunch of other randomness. Also it's way too long, good luck. 

Episode 203: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - Enter the Dragon (1973)

Our first Bruce Lee movie and it's a blast. Tons to talk about from claw hands, to metaphysical advice I don't understand, to the weird batman from the 60s opium den. Great action? Confusing plot? Sounds like a hasta movie to us. 

Episode 202: Whiskey Science Theater - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

It's not the best Luc Besson movie ever, but it's certainly the MOST Luc Besson movie ever. We break down a truly beautiful but utterly nonsensical story, everything from magical pearls to the multiple intergalactic HR issues. 

Episode 201: Hasta La Vista Whiskey - The Glimmer Man (1996)

First you see nothing, then you see a glimmer, and then you're dead. We watched the last major Seagal studio movie and boy oh boy was it a doozy. Credit card razors? Check. Monsoons in LA? Check. Powdered Deer Penis? You bet your ass. Please join us for this blatant rip off of Se ...  Show more

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