9/11’s Immigration Legacy

9/11’s Immigration Legacy

She Migrates

In a new migration reality, women and children are requesting asylum in Mexico at higher rates than men. But even as more women are crossing borders in long and dangerous journeys, many hoping to ultimately reach the United States, we rarely hear about their stories and what it’s ...  Show more

Sandy’s Pandemic Diaries

Sandy Fleurimond, a first generation Haitian-American student at Temple university in Philadelphia, was looking forward to her senior year of college. She dreamed of studying abroad and graduating on a field full of friends and family. But being a college student in 2020, meant t ...  Show more

LOUD: The Nueva York Connection

LOUD is a new podcast from Futuro Studios that tells the story behind Reggaeton. In this episode, El General arrives in Brooklyn in the mid-80s to find a booming dancehall scene underway and links up with Jamaican producers who start recording and promoting Panamanian artists. Ar ...  Show more

The Ray Suarez Story

Going for Broke is about Americans on the edge. They’ve lost jobs, lost their homes and sometimes lost the narrative thread of their lives. It’s hard stuff but you’ll find hope in the people themselves. And later in each episode, you’ll hear solutions that come from lived experie ...  Show more

America's Farmworkers

Latino USA is proud to present another Futuro Media show that Maria Hinojosa co-hosts: In The Thick, a podcast about politics, race and culture from a POC perspective. In this episode of In The Thick, Maria and co-host Julio Ricardo Varela are joined by Norma Flores López, Chief ...  Show more

The Moving Border: Part Two, The South

In Part 2 of “The Moving Border,” our award-winning series from 2020, we visit Tapachula, Mexico in search of a young man whose life is in danger. And we find a new frontier where refugees trying to make it to the U.S. are increasingly stuck, thanks to an international effort to ...  Show more

How I Made It: From Med School Student To Cimafunk

It was only a few years ago that Erik Rodriguez was attending medical school in his native Cuba, following his family of careerists’ footsteps. But when he heard James Brown’s "I Feel Good," he realized that he was meant for a different path. In this 2020 segment of “How I Made I ...  Show more

The Moving Border: Part One, The North

In this award-winning two-part investigation from 2020, "The Moving Border" from Latino USA, we delve into the increasing pressure put on refugees seeking safety in the United States via its southern border. It reveals the surprising support the former Trump administration receiv ...  Show more

Mezcal: From Farms To Bars

For some years now, mezcal, Mexico’s other national spirit, has been in a cultural spotlight outside of the country, but its unseen devastating consequences have had a profound impact on the people making it. In this episode of Latino USA, we take a journey to understand mezcal’s ...  Show more

Inside The Writers' Room Of 'Pose' And 'Gentefied'

Steven Canals of 'Pose' and Linda Yvette Chavez of 'Gentefied' are making waves in Hollywood, an industry in which Latinos are disproportionately absent. In this episode, the two series creators break down their on-screen portrayals of Latino individuals and communities. They dis ...  Show more

Biden's Broken Promise?

Latino USA visits one family in south Texas who is dreading something that President Joe Biden said they should no longer fear: border wall construction. Advocates and land owners on the border have called on the Biden administration to withdraw and cancel several land condemnati ...  Show more

No Choice But To Fight

This October marks 15 years since the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was passed. This act paved the way for hundreds of miles of border wall to be built along the U.S.-Mexico border. Latino USA looks back at one case from south Texas where a pioneering Latina took on the federal govern ...  Show more

The Vaccine Inequity Pandemic

While the United States and other wealthy countries have secured enough COVID-19 vaccines for their citizens, other nations haven't been so fortunate. Latin America specifically has seen a lackluster vaccine rollout. And while global initiatives aim to get doses to everyone who n ...  Show more

The History Of Reggaeton

This is the true story of the young people from Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico and beyond who beat the odds, refused to be quiet and created an irresistible musical culture that has kept the world dancing. Join Ivy Queen, one of the founders of the genre, for an incredible musical ...  Show more

Trapped In Diplomatic Limbo

When diplomats, ambassadors, and other international officials take a post in the United States, they often bring along personal staff and domestic workers from their home countries with a special visa. The problem is, once they arrive in the U.S., some of them learn that the pro ...  Show more

How I Made It: Ada Limón

Ada Limón spent almost her whole life dreaming about poetry. Today, she has five successful poetry titles under her belt, including “Bright Dead Things,” a National Book Award finalist, and her most recent book, “The Carrying,” which won the National Book Critics Circle Award for ...  Show more

A Million More Immigrant Voters

On this episode of Latino USA, we look at the attacks against voting rights taking place throughout the country and how New York City is trying to move in the other direction—extending municipal voting rights to up to one million non-citizen residents. 

Portrait Of: Carmen Maria Machado

Carmen Maria Machado is a modern-day literary phenomenon. From horror to speculative fiction to comic books, her writing defies genre. She’s a bestselling author, a National Book Award finalist, and a Guggenhein Fellow. Her experimental memoir “In the Dream House,” about a past a ...  Show more

On The Other Side

President Joe Biden made a lot of promises on the campaign trail related to immigration. He even promised to reverse several Trump-era policies. Biden has now been in office more than six months, so what’s changed and what hasn’t in terms of immigration? Latino USA looks at two T ...  Show more