68: The Jordan Peterson of Fitness Bros (w/Antonio Valladares)

68: The Jordan Peterson of Fitness Bros (w/An...

69: Fascism Down Under!!! (w/Dr. Izzy Smith)

This week, California Governor Gavin Newsom rode sane pandemic messaging to victory against the Republican-led recall election by a huge margin. Unsurprisingly, voting patterns perfectly matched the state COVID heat map, with fans of the recall suffering the worst outbreaks. Mean ...  Show more

Bonus Sample: Mikki Willis Rewrites History

Mikki Willis recently made a few claims about Conspirituality. Unfortunately for him, we have audio. 

Bonus Sample: Hollow Men: The QAnon Roadshow Flop

Julian chronicles the 84-stop Arise USA Resurrection Tour led by the recently deceased former CIA agent, Robert David Steele. 

67: The Promise & Peril of Psychedelics

Is the burgeoning crop of yoga instructors turned shamans promising more than they can deliver? We discuss. 

Bonus Sample: I Don’t Know Who My Friends Are

After watching the Almost 30 podcast hosts bond over Zach Bush's Jesus-like qualities, Matthew explores the barren friendship landscape of wellness gigworkers. 

66: Spirituality & Status (w/Will Storr)

Will Storr joins this week to discuss his new book, The Status Game: On Social Position and How We Use It. 

Bonus Sample: The Question of Consciousness

Derek revisits his 2018 conversation with Michael Gazzaniga to discuss the origins of consciousness. 

65: Long-Haul QAnon (w/Rachel Bernstein & Jitarth Jadeja)

Former QAnon follower Jitarth Jadeya and Marriage & Family therapist Rachel Bernstein join as guest hosts. 

Bonus Sample: Strongman Heroes, Barefoot Science, & Fake Victims

Julian tackles Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orban, and Fox News. 

64: Remembering Guru Jagat: a Panel

Katie Griggs, aka Guru Jagat, died in an LA hospital on the evening of August 1. A panel joins Matthew to discuss. 

Bonus Sample: Wellness Pornography as Abuse

When wellness pornographers directly indoctrinate people against public health, are they, like the sexual pornographers eviscerated by Andrea Dworkin, violating civil rights to security and safety? 

63: Yoga and the Jab (w/ Colin Hall and Sarah Garden)

Yoga studios and proof of vaccination: a recipe for disaster—thanks to anti-vaxxers. 

Bonus Sample: Vaccines Are Not the Holocaust

Derek investigates a crop of wellness influencers using anti-Semitic tropes to fuel their anti-vax agenda. 

62: Manifesting Something Awful (w/ Dale Beran)

Dale Beran, author of It Came from Something Awful, co-hosts to fill us in on the evolution of 2chan to Trump—and beyond. 

Bonus Sample: Digital Delusions: How conspiracy-fueled political religions like QAnon hijack our brains

Julian explores our conspiritualist tendencies toward patternicity and apophenia, and suggests a possible antidote. 

61: From Anti-Feminism to Anti-Vax (w/ Dr. Annie Kelly)

Dr. Annie Kelly joins to discuss "Vaccine: The Human Story" and her exceptional work in antifeminism. 

Bonus Sample: Dear Raw Meat Guy

A closer look at the content and constellations of Josh Rainer Goldstein, who livestreams himself eating raw meat. 

60: Crypto Dreamin’ (w/David Morris)

What is blockchain and this strange new digital currency and, more pertinent to this podcast, how are conspiritualists trying to exploit it, even when they don’t understand what “it” is? 

Bonus Sample: The Future of Psychedelics

Derek investigates a recent NY Times essay by Michael Pollan as an entry point to discuss big questions in psychedelics and conspirituality 

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