Engaging the Gen Z Mind

Engaging the Gen Z Mind

Got Questions? 100 Answers to Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian Education is a new experience for many people, and whether you are new or have been around a classical school for years, there are many questions about why we do what we do. And since few parents or teachers today grew up in CCE schools, combined with the fact ...  Show more

Don't Freak Out!

What is going on in the world today? Just when we think we have seen it or heard it all, we are hit with another crazy curveball. A quick glance at the news often leaves us to say, "can you believe this?" Leaving our fears inflamed, yet we are called as Christ-followers to be fai ...  Show more

Captain Shapes Inexperienced Students for Meaningful Life

Imagine being the captain of a billion-dollar US Navy ship with some 400 young sailors under your command. Lots of habits to form, discipline to instill, and curiosity and courage to awaken…talk about raising the next generation. My guest, Ralph Janikowsky, today shares many enga ...  Show more

700 Years of Encouragement with Doug Henry

Seven hundred years ago, Dante wrote what has been called the most significant single poem ever written. He lived in a world not unlike our own. Fraught with both difficulty of brutal politics, climate changes, crop failure, famine, and disease and filled with beauty, wisdom, hop ...  Show more

Is Education Valuable? with Steve Turley

In this episode, Davies was back on the road at the summer ACCS conference with friend and thought leader Dr. Steve Turley. We explore how so much of what we are experiencing in modern culture is directly correlated to influences from K-12 education. Want to understand a culture, ...  Show more

A Third Way Forward with Katharine Savage

In this episode, I was back on the road again. Live in Dallas at the ACCS conference with head of school Katharine Savage. Serving in urban Philadelphia, Katharine shares practical wisdom on how to navigate an increasingly divided and emotionally frazzled community. Her discoveri ...  Show more

Wisdom from the Ancients for Flourishing Today with Louis Markos

If there is nothing new under the sun, then it makes sense to look to those who have gone before us for the answers to living boldly and confidently in a world that continues to unravel around us with so many young and old struggling to make wise choices. Dr. Louis Markos, a scho ...  Show more

Classical Christian Education Is More Than We Realize with Clifford Humphrey

Classical Christian Education is a fantastic form of education, yet it is often challenging for parents and educators to define well. In an effort to both explain it and live it out, we often latch onto narrow definitions and understandings, risking missing out on the big picture ...  Show more

Hope for the Next Generation in an Age of Uncertainty, with John Stonestreet

Today, it is easy to find the bad news. It blasts across our screens with a steady message of doom and gloom. As we raise the next generation, what hope do we have? Well, are you ready for some good news? John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview an ...  Show more

Classical Christian Education for All Students, with Heather Lloyd

Classical Christian education is the fastest-growing segment among all types of Christian private schools. But are classical Christian schools for everyone? One in five students today are diagnosed with a special learning need. So, can classical Christian schools adapt and serve ...  Show more

Wisdom Needed for the Good Life with Jonathan T. Pennington

What does it mean to flourish as a human? It occurs through living intentionally and thoughtfully in particular ways. Neither virtue nor its eventual fruit, happiness, comes to us accidentally... Flourishing requires that we can confidently answer the big questions in life....why ...  Show more

Entitled or Grateful? Choices Before the Next Generation, with Keith McCurdy

Selfish or selfless? Entitled or blessed? Increasingly, children are raised in a world revolving around them, creating attitudes of "I-deserve-it-because-I-exist." The world celebrates entitlement through everyday messages from social media and endless advertisements.  Indulging ...  Show more

Stuck in the Present, with David Moore

Are you stuck in the present? Our culture is quick to dismiss anything perceived as old, even last year's cell phone model, much less the wisdom learned from history. And those of us raising the next generation with Classical Christian education are more often looking to the past ...  Show more

Stanton Lanier on Music to Light the World

Ready for some encouragement? Music moves us, awakens our souls, and brings light to the world. My guest today, Stanton Lanier, is a pianist, composer, orchestrator, and faithful believer. He was inspired at an early age by the great composers. Today, his music is loved and liste ...  Show more

Maryellen St. Cyr on How to Teach Well

Classical Christian schools are on the rise, and most have impressive reading lists and ambitious goals of graduates, but how are teachers trained to teach? Most of us teach how we were taught, which can be a challenge when we didn't grow up in a classical Christian school enviro ...  Show more

Chris McKenna on Why Parental Controls Don't Work

No parental control software can completely protect your child from online harm. And parental controls never replace the need for parents or teachers, for that matter. After over 1,100 presentations, testifying in front of Congress, and countless conversations, we welcome back Ch ...  Show more

Jacob Hess on Arts, Stories and Liturgy That Awaken Us

We are raising our families in an increasingly challenging cultural moment. And yet we know God calls us to worship and give thanks continually rather than fall into the patterns and thinking of the secular culture around us. How do we ensure our homes and classrooms have habits ...  Show more

The Buffalo Creek Boys School on Raising Boys: A Fresh Approach to Classical Christian Ed

Modern education produces weak men. The truth is, boys mature at different ages, need different learning environments, and are wired by God uniquely in their distinct bodies and minds. The task before us is to raise up a generation of young men who are confident in their identity ...  Show more

Cair Paravel Latin School on C.S. Lewis Bringing Their School Alive

Perhaps no writer or thinker is more often quoted around classical Christian schools than famed Oxford and Cambridge professor C.S. Lewis.  Most of our schools engage Lewis' writings through the K-12 journey, inevitably reading his Chronicles of Narnia series, but the Cair Parave ...  Show more

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