Episode 56: Love Languages

Episode 56: Love Languages

Episode 58: Defense Mechanisms

What are defense mechanisms? Where do they come from and what is their function? Are they always unhealthy? We welcomed Dr. Stephen Simpson, professor at the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, to share his wisdom and insight with us.  #psychology #therapy #defensemechanism #fr ...  Show more

Episode 57: Vaccination Talk

Vaccinations have been a hot topic as of late, creating division, discord and distress within our relationships and communities. How have you handled vaccine hesitancy with your clients and within your personal lives? Today we tackle a challenging topic among friends, family, and ...  Show more

Episode 55: What Happened to You?

The MHBC Book Club returns with our examination of #Oprah and Dr. Bruce Perry's recent book "What Happened to You? Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing." We give it high ratings, but have a few bones to pick. Come give it a listen.  #trauma #mindbody #PTSD #Resilience ...  Show more

Episode 54: Psychology Past, Present & Future

Tonight you will be visited by 3 ghosts: the ghost psychology past, the ghost of psychology present, and the ghost of psychology future! What are your thoughts on where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going? After a too-long discussion of the merits of fax machines, we ...  Show more

Episode 53: Stuckness & Breakthroughs

What causes us to get stuck - in a job, a relationship, a mindset, an emotion, a habit - and how can we break through? Is gradual change preferable to breakthroughs? Can we create breakthroughs, or do they spontaneously happen? All of this, along with a survey of international mo ...  Show more

Episode 52: Evolutionary Psychology

Let’s talk about evolutionary psychology. What lessons (if any) can our ancient ancestors teach us about wellness? An extended banter about the Olympics, hustle culture and mental health leads us into one of Chris's favorite topics, evolutionary psychology. Which one of us will t ...  Show more

Episode 51: What is Reality?

Is what we perceive reality or just a construct of our minds? Can our minds correctly interpret reality or is reality subjective? We kick of Year Two of the MHBC Podcast with a deep discussion of sensation & perception, objective & subjective reality, photo albums in psychotherap ...  Show more

Episode 50: The Black Swan

"Book club. Book club. It's time for...book...club." - Jo Today we reviewed Nassim Taleb's bestselling book The Black Swan, a strong challenge to our ability to predict life-altering events. Is there value to making plans? Should we build narratives around events in our past? Our ...  Show more

Episode 49: Psychology in Media

Therapy, psychology and mental health in media. How is field portrayed in popular media? How has it changed over the decades? Any shows that stand out as highly accurate or inaccurate? After exploring Canada's love of Halloween fireworks, Brooke, Chris & Ryan dive into our favori ...  Show more

Episode 48: Relaxation

Why should we relax? What is the best way to rest and relax? What is intentional relaxation? Is it better to be busy on vacation or do nothing? Summer is here, and for many this means vacations and relaxation. But are you really relaxing, or just zoning out? This, along with a Ca ...  Show more

Episode 47: Who Would You Talk To, Dead or Alive?

If you could sit down with anyone (dead or alive) and have a conversation with that person for an hour, who would it be and what would you ask? What do you think they'd tell you? What would they wish for you? All this and more about #projection and #wishfulfillment on today's pod ...  Show more

Episode 46: Distorted Thinking

What are some common thinking traps or cognitive distortions and what can we do about them? Jo serves up a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy delight causing us to confront our #overgeneralization, #personalization, #catastrophizing, #mind reading, #shoulding, and many other favorites. ...  Show more

Episode 45: "The Gift" and Mental Prisons

The MHBC Book Club continues with our review of Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger's book "The Gift." This book shares a bit of Eger's powerful stories of overcoming obstacles during and after her time in Auschwitz, and helping her clients navigate their own challenges. Eger's sto ...  Show more

Episode 44: Codependence & Gaslighting

Co-dependency, gaslighting, and other toxic relationship patterns. What are they, what causes them, and how do we treat them? Lots of stories and metaphors in this Brooke episode focused on toxic relational patterns.  #Gaslighting #Codependent #narcissism #dependency #selfesteem ...  Show more

Episode 43: ADHD w Adrienne Meier

What is ADHD? How would you know if you have it? What can you do if you or a loved one have ADHD? We welcome Dr. Adrienne Meier to the podcast to share professional and personal knowledge about ADHD, its assessment, and its treatment.  #AppleWatchvsFitBit #ADHD #ADD #Ritalin #Add ...  Show more

Episode 42: Support for Someone Feeling Suicidal w David Lindskoog

How do you support a family member or friend who is feeling suicidal? How do you respond to theses suicidal feelings and thoughts if you are experiencing them yourself? All of this and much more as we are ambushed by David Lindskoog, a Registered Clinical Counsellor who specializ ...  Show more

Episode 41: Play & Childhood Memories

What do you miss about being a kid? If you could go back in time, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self? How often do you play as an adult and what does that look like? Jo serves up a great #MHBCP topic that has us all grooving with childhood play and finding ...  Show more

Episode 40: "Together" and Loneliness

Our first Book Club installment was a discussion of U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy's book "Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World." We talked about solitude vs loneliness, building connected communities, and our critique of the book, wh ...  Show more

Episode 39: Supporting Family with Mental Health Challenges

How do you support a family member who is going through mental health challenges? How can you talk with them about it, guide them to help, handle resistance, and support them once they are in treatment? This complex topic took some unpacking, but was more straightforward than Bro ...  Show more