137 - G.A.S Pt. 2 - Why Custom Guitars Are King with Scott & Ian

137 - G.A.S Pt. 2 - Why Custom Guitars Are Ki...

138 - Set Your Goals and Make Them Happen with Scott & Ian

How often do you set goals for yourself? Maybe you want to learn a new song in time for band practice this week. Or you want to self-fund your debut album and go on tour. It’s part of the mindset that makes you a musician. So what do you want to achieve in the next 12 months? Her ...  Show more

136 - G.A.S: It’s a Thing with Scott & Ian

You’ve seen the bass you want, and only this bass can bring true happiness. But seriously… The chances are you’re suffering from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, a condition commonly referred to as G.A.S. A quick look at the tabs on your browser, or dip into your search history – Sweet ...  Show more

135 - In Conversation with Robert ‘Bubby’ Lewis - What It Is

Robert ‘Bubby’ Lewis is a creative force on the electric bass. His sheer speed, fluidity and conviction is awesome, but he can also groove, with uncanny endurance on ridiculously uptempo tunes. Bubby started out playing in his father’s church at age 14, and soon made a name for h ...  Show more

134 - The Changing World of Artist Endorsements with Scott & Ian

What would you do if a major guitar company offered you an endorsement deal? Many people would jump at the chance, thinking it’s their ticket to becoming a proper bass guitar icon. But if you don’t know what you’re getting into, an artist endorsement might not feel like a win for ...  Show more

133 - How to Handle Your Haters with Scott & Ian

In this episode of the podcast, Scott and Ian talk about hate and criticism on the internet. Why do people vent such toxic opinions online? And how do you react when people leave angry comments on YouTube, or tweet negative things about you? In this episode we find out who these ...  Show more

132 - How Social Media is Changing Music with Scott & Ian

​After some amazing feedback, we were finally motivated to take the plunge and start a podcast! And if you have been keeping up with SBL over on YouTube or Instagram lately, you will already know that I have been absolutely obsessing over the bass exploits of Ian Allison. So, I t ...  Show more

131 - In Conversation with Darryl Jones - Synchronicity

After more than 50 years together, the Rolling Stones remain one of the biggest live acts in the world. And for bassist Darryl Jones, his audition in 1993 led to a steady gig, touring and playing on just about everything they have recorded since. Jones, who spent most of the ’80s ...  Show more

130 - In Conversation with Stu Hamm - Just Outside of Normal

Throughout his career, Stu Hamm has pushed the technical boundaries of the bass guitar, firmly establishing himself as one of the most influential electric bassists of the past half-century. In the late ‘80s he redefined the limits of slap and tap techniques - there are some grea ...  Show more

129 - In Conversation with John Patitucci - Line by Line

John Patitucci needs no introduction from us - this man is bass legend! And who would argue. John’s career has seen him emerge as one of the most accomplished and adventurous bass players of his generation. In this interview he tells Jonathan Herrera about the life-changing momen ...  Show more

128 - SBL Interviews: All the best bits so far… Part 4 - Getting The Gig

If you live for live music and you’re climbing the walls waiting to get back out there gigging, we’ve got your back. In this interview we’re delving back into the SBL archives to find out how some of the world’s top bass players actually got their gigs, what you should expect fro ...  Show more

127 - SBL Interviews: All the best bits so far… Part 3 - Practice like the Pro’s

The best bass players spend hours practicing on their own. Find out what you can do away from the stage to fine-tune your skills as we take a timely look back on the idea of practice as seen by the likes of Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin, Victor Wooten and more as we delve back into ...  Show more

126 - SBL Interviews: All the best bits so far… Part 2 - Bass Gear

​We delve into our interview archives once again to look back on some of the blockbuster moments with the biggest names in bass, such as the time Scott interviewed Tim Lefebvre and got the lowdown on his insane pedalboard. Or when he sat down with Henrik Linder at the end of 2018 ...  Show more

125 - SBL Interviews All the best bits so far - Part 1 - Why the Bass

In this week's video we’re taking a look at some of the best interview moments so far… 

124 - In Conversation with Bryan Beller - You Know What…?

Still holding the bass chair with Joe Satriani as well as his own power trio, The Aristocrats, in this week's interview we sit down with Bryan Beller. 

123 - In Conversation with Jeff Berlin - High Standards

There is no other bass player on earth like Jeff Berlin. Since he first emerged on the electric bass in the 1970s, Jeff has worked with a who’s who of jazz icons including Tony Williams, Allan Holdsworth, Gil Evans, George Benson, Dave Liebman AND the Brecker Brothers. 

122.5 - In Conversation with Jack Frisch - Studio Stories from NYC

In today’s interview we sit down with Jack Frisch as he recalls his encounters with Jaco Pastorius in the mid ‘80s.​ 

122 - In Conversation with Tom Kennedy - Bass Comes First

In this week’s interview I’ll be sitting down with bassist to some of the most influential jazz artists of the past few decades; Tom Kennedy. 

121 - In Conversation with Derrick Hodge - The New Groove

In this week's interview I talk to Derrick Hodge, bassist for the likes of Jill Scott, Q-Tip, Terence Blanchard and, of course, the Robert Glasper Experiment. 

120 - In Conversation with Jon Button - Next Generation

Jon Button is the bass powerhouse behind one of the most gargantuan bands in rock history; The Who.