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SHANG-CHI / IN THE HEIGHTS / Matrix 4 Trailer...

MALIGNANT (w/ Lee Perry)

[E268] Director James Wan returns to horror with Malignant, now in theaters and on HBO Max. Lee Perry joins us to discuss it and all its wild and shocking twists. WBAM! Visit our website at E-mail us: Follow WBAM: Instagram, Facebook, and T ...  Show more

THE WHITE LOTUS S1 / Career Arc Bracket Update

[E266] We give you an update on rounds 2 and 3 of the ongoing bracket to decide our Next Career Arc Series. Plus, a quick Ask WBAM segment before an in-depth review of Mike White's new ensemble dark comedy mystery show, The White Lotus, streaming now on HBO. WBAM! VOTE in our Car ...  Show more

The Next Career Arc Series - Round 1 Bracket Update

[Bonus] We check in on our ongoing Next Career Arc Series Bracket -- which you can vote in on Twitter -- as it wraps up its Round of 16 and moves on to the Quarterfinals. WBAM! Visit our new website at E-mail us: Follow WBAM: Instagram, Fac ...  Show more


[E265] The TV world is reeling from the drama of Jeopardy!'s quest to find a new host. Plus, thoughts on Master of None Season 3, Hulu's MODOK, Ted Lasso, and Wellington Paranormal. WBAM! VOTE in our Career Arc Bracket over on Twitter Visit our website at E-mail ...  Show more

Announcing Our Next Career Arc Series Bracket

[Bonus] In tandem with the 4th anniversary of this podcast, we are letting YOU, the listener, decide the subject our next career arc series. Check out our bracket and vote in the polls on Twitter over the course of the next few weeks. WBAM! Visit our new website at weboughtamic.n ...  Show more


[E264] We have tons of movies and TV to catch up on! We talk James Gunn's The Suicide Squad, Black Widow, Luca, and A Quiet Place Part II. Plus, some thoughts on Bar Rescue, Tanked, and then finally, a big sketch draft segment all about I Think You Should Leave Season 2. WBAM! Vi ...  Show more


[E263] We ease back into ketchup mode as we discuss some recent things we've been watching. David talks Food Wars, Hunter talks Space Jam: A New Legacy, Drew talks Survivor, and Ernest talks For All Mankind. WBAM! GUEST: David Ibarra (@HonestlyDav on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube) ...  Show more

THE GREEN KNIGHT (w/ David Ibarra)

[E262] One year hence... we're beheaded by returning guest David Ibarra as we embark on a quest for honor in a review of A24's The Green Knight, directed by David Lowery and starring Dev Patel. WBAM! GUEST: David Ibarra (@HonestlyDav on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube). Spoilers sta ...  Show more

OLD (w/ Matt Cebreros)

[E261] We meet up with newcomer guest Matt Cebreros at a picturesque remote beach that makes us old really fast. This is M. Night Shyamalan's Old. WBAM!  GUEST: Matt Cebreros of the Cinephile's Digest Podcast  Old spoilers start at 47:02 Visit our new website at ...  Show more

PIG / Nic Cage Series Wrap-up (Vs. Bracket, Rankings, and More)

[E260] We close the book on our Nicolas Cage career arc series by sharing our overall thoughts, rankings, and a special Vs. Bracket segment. Plus, a review of Cage's latest, Pig, now in theaters. WBAM! Pig Review starts at 1:10:30 Visit our new website at E-mail ...  Show more

LOKI Season 1 (w/ Brett Nemeroff)

[Bonus] We travel to the end of time with Brett Nemeroff to discuss all six episodes of season 1 of Disney+'s multiversal adventure Loki, the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. WBAM! Visit our new website at E-mail us: Follow WB ...  Show more

F9: THE FAST SAGA (w/ Adam Sirdoreus)

[E259] We hit the Nos and drift into the ninth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, F9: The Fast Saga. Adam Sirdoreus joins us to talk Vin Diesel and co's twenty-year car action journey. WBAM! GUEST: Adam Sirdorerus - @Adam_NotSandler on Twitter. Check out The Aggressivel ...  Show more

LORELEI - Interview with Writer/Director Sabrina Doyle [Tribeca]

[Tribeca] One more special interview from our Tribeca coverage to hold you over! Drew talks to Sabrina Doyle, the writer/director of Loerlei, starring Jane Malone. WBAM! Visit our new website at E-mail us: Follow WBAM: Instagram, Facebook, ...  Show more

KICK-ASS (w/ David Ibarra)

[E258] On our final Nic Cage episode, we put on our superhero costumes to kick some ass (or get our asses kicked) to talk about Matthew Vaughn's Kick Ass (2010) with our friend David. WBAM! GUEST: David Ibarra (@HonestlyDav on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube). Visit our new website ...  Show more

THE LAST OUT - Interview with Sami Khan and Michael Gassert [Tribeca Film Festival]

[Tribeca] An interview with co-directors Sami Khan and Michael Gassert on their new film The Last Out, a documentary about the difficult journey to play Major League Baseball that Cuban players face, including multi-step immigration issues, learning English, the shady motives of ...  Show more

Jena Malone on Her New Film, LORELEI - Interview [Tribeca Film Festival]

[Tribeca] We are so honored to welcome Jena Malone to talk about her new movie Loerlei, an emotional drama from the producers of The Florida Project about a reformed ex-con returning to his hometown and reconnecting with his high school girlfriend, now a single mom with dreams of ...  Show more

PEACE BY CHOCOLATE - Interview with Jonathan Keijser [Tribeca Film Festival]

[Tribeca] An interview with Peace By Chocolate director Jonathan Keijser on leading with humor and heart when adapting the true story of an immigrant/refugee family from Syria starting a successful chocolate business in Canada. WBAM! Visit our new website at E-ma ...  Show more

THE KICKSLED CHOIR (SPARKEKORAT) - Interview with Torfinn Iversen and Julia Andersen [Tribeca Film Festival]

[Tribeca] An interview with The Kicksled Choir (Sparkekorat) writer/director Torfinn Iversen and producer Julia Andersen. This a Norwegian short film about a boy in a winter landscape who stands up for his own beliefs, regardless of what his father says. WBAM! Visit our new websi ...  Show more

THE GOD COMMITTEE - Interview with Austin Stark [Tribeca Film Festival]

[Tribeca] An interview with Austin Stark, writer/director of The God Committee, on adapting a play, his talented cast of actors, and realizing the politics and the bloody details of heart transplants. Plus, thoughts on working with Nic Cage on his previous film.  WBAM! Visit our ...  Show more

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