How Depop is Tapping Into What Gen Z Wants with its Fashion Resale App

How Depop is Tapping Into What Gen Z Wants wi...

Do You Hate the Open Office? Here's How it Came to Be

In this week's episode, Fast Company reporter Lydia Dishman dives deep into the history (and future) of the office. 

Should We All Be Returning to the Office?

On this week's episode, Kate Davis talks to Fast Company contributor Gwen Moran about who should--and shouldn't--return to the office.Subscribe to The New Way We Work wherever you listen. If you liked this episode, leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. We want to hear f ...  Show more

We're Back with New Episodes!

The New Way We Work returns with new episodes on September 13. We will be diving deep into the return to the office, "The Great Resignation", and the child care crisis. 

Best of The New Way We Work: How can we disconnect and manage digital distraction?

In today's modern environment, it's impractical to live a completely digital-free life. But as Newport points out, you can keep your smartphone and stay sane at the same time. The key is to practice digital minimalism, and spend your online time "on a small number of carefully se ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: The Real Reasons Why You Can't Stop Procrastinating

In this weeks 'Best Of' episode, Fast Company reporter Pavithra Mohan spoke to Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable: How To Control Your Attention And Choose your life. Nir gets to the heart of what’s really behind procrastination, and why discipline and willpower are a myth when i ...  Show more

How NBA Top Shot is Transforming Trading Cards into NFTs

On this episode, we’re going to talk about the gaming industry, which is worth more than 160 billion dollars globally. Over the past year and a half, as people have gone from sheltering at home to tentative re-engagement with the world to….whatever is in store for us this fall, g ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: How to Focus When It's All Just Too Much

Fast Company has been writing about how to beat distractions and find more focus at work for years, but right now all of the normal advice feels less practical. Between the stress and worry that has accompanied the pandemic and economic crisis--coupled with the tumultuous preside ...  Show more

Why Investors are Pouring Billions into This Miniature DNA Chip

In this episode, we’re talking about biotech and health. If this past year and a half is any indication, investment in these sectors is critical. We’ve seen how we can confront a global pandemic with fast-tracked RNA-based vaccines. We’ve harnessed genomics to track and diagnose ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: How to Ask for (and Land) That Promotion

Once upon a time, putting your head down, doing good work, and staying loyal to a company may have been enough to get a promotion. But these days, that's no longer the case. In today's constantly changing workforce, companies reward employees who can bring results and aren't afra ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: The right (and wrong) answers to common job interview questions

On this week's 'Best Of' episode, we go back to 2019 when Kate and Anisa broke down how to prepare for a job interview and what employers are really asking with those common interview questions. 

The New Way We Work Presents the Most Innovative Companies Podcast

We're talking about AI in this episode. Once the villain of Sci Fi thrillers, AI is one of the most crucial—and misunderstood—sectors that we cover here at Fast Company. The truth is, AI—in some form or another—underpins the operations of just about every company these days, from ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: How to avoid the biggest resume mistakes

On this "Best of The New Way We Work" episode, we go back to 2019 when Kate and Anisa dove into all things career-related, starting with the most basic tool to get your foot in the door: your resume. What are some resume mistakes you should stay away from? Are there common advice ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: When is the Right Time to Quit Your Job

Of all the decisions that you'll have to make over the course of your career, one of the biggest is when it's the right time to leave a job? Like many career decisions, the answer isn't straightforward. As we discuss in this week's "Best Of" episode of The New Way We Work, some s ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: Can You Really Unplug on Vacation?

Taking a vacation is not a given in our work culture and if you do, it's likely that you'll check a few work emails here and there. But not taking the time to disconnect can actually make you less productive. 

Best of The New Way We Work: Is unlimited vacation as great as it sounds?

On this episode, The New Way We Work is back with another one of our greatest hits. This one is from late 2019 and it’s a fun bonus episode where Kate Davis debates VP of Entertainment, Scott Mebus, on the controversial topic of unlimited vacation. The idea that employees can cho ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: How do you know if you're about to burn out?

This episode is from early 2019 where Kate Davis and former co-host, Anisa Purbasari-Horton, spoke to former lawyer turned burnout and resilience expert Paula Davis-Laack about why our work and achievement-centric culture might be to blame for the high rates of burnout in America ...  Show more

Best of The New Way We Work: Is Work-Life Balance Possible?

It has been over 100 episodes since this podcast began, first as Secrets of the Most Productive People and now The New Way We Work, so we are rebroadcasting some of the best episodes from the past 4 years this summer. In this episode from 2018, Kate Davis and Anisa Purbasari-Hort ...  Show more

Why We're Entering a Significant Moment in the Fight for Equity in Tech

On this week's episode, we feature highlights from Fast Company's Black in Tech special report. For the full report, follow this link: 

The New Way We Work Presents Fast Company's 2nd Annual Queer 50 List

In this bonus episode, Kate Davis talks to senior staff editor Julia Herbst about Fast Company's second annual Queer 50 list. Plus, we hear highlights from interviews with this years honorees including Black Lives Matters co-founder Alicia Garza.To see the full list, follow this ...  Show more