Truth, Tears, Anger, and Grace

Truth, Tears, Anger, and Grace

The Lions of God

The book of Daniel is a helpful place in the Bible to learn how to live as a believer in a pluralistic society — a society that believes in many gods, religions, and moralities. Today we take a look at the most famous of all the narratives in Daniel. We learn three things that sh ...  Show more

The Finger on the Wall

Daniel is a set of narratives about what happened when the Jewish exiles were taken out of a country in which there was a set of cultural institutions that supported the biblical God. They were taken into Babylon, which was a pluralistic society in which there were many gods and ...  Show more

The Man in the Furnace

The book of Daniel teaches us about the Israelites while in exile. After living for centuries in a culture in which the cultural institutions supported their belief in God, they found themselves in Babylon, which was a religiously pluralistic society. This big city had many gods ...  Show more

The Dream of the Kingdom

We’re going to consider the question, “What does it mean to live the Christian life? How can we live it out?” The book of Daniel is a helpful place to go because it’s exilic literature, meaning it tells the stories of the Israelites when in exile. They were taken away from Israel ...  Show more

The Zeal of Jesus

The sermon for today comes from Luke 4, and it is the last sermon in a broader series on the fruit of the Spirit and character change. The recurring question has been, “How can our hearts be changed?” Simply put, our hearts don’t change when we look at the law, but they change wh ...  Show more

The Humility of Jesus

Today’s sermon comes from a series on the real character change that can happen in a person’s life. This is not just moral reformation that consists of merely obeying rules, but it begins with a deep change at the heart level. When we look at Jesus, the person and work of our sav ...  Show more

The Patience of Jesus

Today we’re going to look at the practice of forgiveness in the Christian life. First, what God calls us to do and secondly, how to get the power to do it. Forgiveness is not just one of the many biblical commands that we have to force ourselves to do, but forgiveness becomes gen ...  Show more

The Fidelity of Jesus

Moral reformation is the main source in the world for many good things, like honesty, self-control and generosity. This kind of reformation enforces rules. One wants to obey out of self-interest or out of fear. On the other hand, spiritual transformation consists of a deeper hear ...  Show more

The Joy of Jesus

Moral reformation is not the same thing as spiritual transformation. In moral reformation, one begins to outwardly comply, but the habits of the heart haven’t changed. In other words, moral reformation comes by looking at the rules and conforming, but spiritual transformation com ...  Show more

The Love of Jesus

On the night before Jesus is about to die, Jesus says to his disciples, “You have listened to many of the things I’ve said, and you’ve somewhat learned them, but you haven’t really changed.” Jesus doesn’t want his followers to simply start obeying rules, but he wants them to have ...  Show more

Jesus and the Spirit

When sharing the Christian faith with others that don’t believe, sometimes there are people who want to believe, but are just too overwhelmed by it. They see the beauty of what the Christian life is supposed to be, and they say, “I could never do it. It’s just beyond me.”  This i ...  Show more

Camels and Money

Today’s sermon comes from a series on the hard sayings of Jesus. In Mark 10:25, Jesus says, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” That’s as controversial now as it was then. What’s striking about this is Jesu ...  Show more

The Final Temple

Today’s sermon comes from a series on the hard sayings of Jesus. These are the statements Jesus makes in his teaching that people wrestle with. They’re either hard to understand or they’re hard to do or they’re hard to accept. This saying is particularly difficult because Jesus s ...  Show more

The Falling Tower

Today’s passage from Luke 13 gives us two incidents that we would call tragedies today. The first one in verse 1 took place when Pontius Pilate, the Roman colonial governor of Judea, evidently had fallen upon some political enemies and destroyed them. What was particularly grisly ...  Show more

Reading Hearts

Today we’re going to look at a hard saying of Jesus in Matthew 7:6. Verses 1–5 are music to modern people’s ears — there’s nothing hard or particularly difficult about the first five verses. But in the context of the entire passage, you will see why verse 6 can be so difficult fo ...  Show more

God’s Indelible Pen

Today’s sermon comes from a series on the hard sayings of Jesus. We find many of these throughout the New Testament — sayings that are difficult to understand or accept or both. Jesus says in verse 18: “I tell you the truth … not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen ...  Show more

The Sin Against The Holy Spirit

Today’s sermon comes from a series on the hard sayings of Jesus. The hard sayings of Jesus, the wisdom of Jesus, are more like hard candy than chocolates. You can bite right through chocolate, but with hard candy you have to work on it, going layer through layer slowly. Today’s “ ...  Show more

How to Hate Your Parents

Almost everybody says Jesus Christ was a great teacher, but when you actually begin studying Jesus’ teaching, he has a lot of sayings we can call “hard sayings.” They’re hard partly because they’re difficult to understand, but just as much, and maybe even more so, they’re hard be ...  Show more

Loving Your Enemies

Today’s sermon comes from a series on the ministry and teaching of Jesus – more specifically, the hardest and most difficult sayings from Jesus. In Luke 6, to “love your enemies” is maybe the most famous of Jesus’ hard sayings. It’s a hard saying because it’s difficult to underst ...  Show more