Being a First Gen Student

Being a First Gen Student

3 Years of Teenager Therapy

Happy Birthday to TT! Having started this when we were 15 and now being 18 years old, there’s a lot we have learned. We talk about the downsides of being open on the internet, what we regret, and what we appreciate.  Thank you to everyone that has stuck around, you mean the world ...  Show more

Listen When You Feel Alone #6

We have officially run out of topics since we refuse to do another episode talking about something school-related. That kinda leads to us having a crisis on how our personality revolves around school. Anyways, we also talk about Yosemite and reminisce on the past! Socials: @teena ...  Show more

Homesickness & Diversity

It’s been a couple of weeks since everyone moved out to college so we sat down to talk about getting homesick and feeling out of place in a non-diverse  environment.  Take the science of well-being course with us! Click the link to sign up :) Link: ...  Show more

The First Week At College: LIVE from Spotify Greenroom

Here's one of the conversations we had live on Spotify Greenroom about everyone's experience after the first few days of college. We talk about having a new routine, getting used to not being home, and what we'll miss. Enjoy! Spotify Greenroom is completely live which means you c ...  Show more

Goodbye Isaac

This was our last recording session with Isaac before he leaves for UC Berkeley so we decided to talk about how he's feeling, what he's excited about, and what is next for him. We'll miss you, Isaac! Socials: @teenagertherapy Website:  teenagertherapypodcast.c ...  Show more

Are Racial Preferences Acceptable?

Is it wrong to say you prefer a certain race? What about preferring certain features? In this episode, we talk about our own preferences, where we got them from, and if it's socially acceptable to have them. Do you think racial preferences are acceptable? Socials: @teenagertherap ...  Show more

Transitioning Into Adulthood

Are you scared to make a phone call? Make a doctor's appointment? Don't worry if you are, we were there too. In this episode, we give advice on how to do basic adult things like writing an email, making a phone call, and networking. We also talk about what transitioning into adul ...  Show more

Feeling Like You Don't Belong

Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere? Like you can't talk about your interests? We for sure have. In this episode, we touch on what it's like to feel out of place and the out-of-body experience of feeling like you don't belong.  Socials: @teenagertherapy Website: teenagerth ...  Show more

Overwhelmed With Activism

We talked to X Gonzalez who led the March For Our lives movement and was a survivor of the horrific  Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. They touched on the struggles of being an activist, choosing what issue to care bout, and being non-binary. This is a great conversation for ...  Show more

Death & The Fear Of Dying

Are you scared of dying? Do you think about the concept of death often? For us, it’s hard to imagine not existing, the act of not having another thought again is scary. In this episode, we discuss death, what we think it feels like, and what dying means.  Socials: @teenagertherap ...  Show more

The Guilt Of Leaving Home

Do you feel guilty leaving home? We do. In this episode, we talk about what it feels like to move away for college, why the thought of leaving our parents behind is sad, and the natural guilt that comes from leaving a toxic household.  Socials: @teenagertherapy Website: teenagert ...  Show more

Phase Two & What We've Been Up To

We're back! In this episode, we talk about what we have been up to since graduating, what we've been feeling, and what is next for us. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you for sticking around.  Socials: @teenagertherapy Website: Send Us Som ...  Show more

Cleaning Up The Mess: Activism & The Environment

In this episode, we talk about the burden that Gen Z has when it comes to being activists for the issues important to them. We also touch on how big tobacco and big vape are poisoning the environment while pretending to save it, bringing on experts to tell us more about this.  So ...  Show more

Trans Issues, Being Asexual, And Activism | #SwipingSafely

We talked to Schuyler Bailar, the first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer, about what issues trans people face and what we can do about it. Caroline Cull came on to tell us about what being asexual means and why more representation is needed, and finally, the United Nati ...  Show more

Dealing With Trauma, Healing, and Systemic Queer Issues | #SwipingSafely

In this episode, we talk to a series of experts that give tips on how to deal with trauma, sexual assault, and complications in relationships. It was a great conversation that gives lots of insight into why teens are going on hookup apps, the consequences, and what we can do abou ...  Show more

James Wright on Coming Out, Dating, and Toxic Masculinity | #SwipingSafely

We had the chance to talk to James Wright about coming out, dating a boy for the first time, and toxic masculinity. Enjoy! #SwipingSafely is our Pride month campaign dedicated to raising awareness around the exploitation of LGBTQ+ youth in online spaces and how we can facilitate ...  Show more

What Being On Hookup Apps Is Like | #SwipingSafely

In the 2nd episode of #SwipingSafely, we talk to two teenagers about their experiences on apps like Grindr. They talk about what they experienced, what they regret, and what they would have done differently.  #SwipingSafely is our Pride month campaign dedicated to raising awarene ...  Show more

Hookup Apps, Grooming, and Dating While Queer | #SwipingSafely

#SwipingSafely is our Pride month campaign dedicated to raising awareness around the exploitation of LGBTQ+ youth in online spaces and how we can facilitate safer experiences. Throughout June, we'll be doing 6 episodes surrounding this issue. We'll be joined by influencers, exper ...  Show more

What Graduating High School Feels Like

We graduated High School! We talk about what it feels like to know such a huge part of your life is over, what we miss, what we regret, and what’s next! Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, or junior, we know you’ll take something important out of this episode. Socials: @teenage ...  Show more