RIP NXT and D'party

RIP NXT and D'party

Venom let there be Carnage is not good

this week I talk about Venom2 tralier, is marvel not going to releast a trailer for Spider man no way home. the power ranger TMNT  toys sale out in minues, transformers Rise of the Best have been moved to 2022, there is a Star fleet Academy show in the works. also test have start ...  Show more

AEW is going to Chicago !!!

this week I talk about GhostBuster afterlife trailer and toys, which ghostrider is the best and should be in the MCU, Hawkeye gets a release date, jim gordin is dead in the Titants world. also people deaman blizzard  to change McCrees name. Then over at wrestling  corner AEW is g ...  Show more

CM Punk is in talk with AEW

This week I talk about HE-MAN  new cartoon on Netflix, the dceu have a new batgirl, TiTans are show runner is changing up redhood, and much more. thank you listens . 

The Marvel multiverse Is coming !!!!

This week we talking real world shit, the space Jam  movie, Finn Balor heads back to Smack Down, the Rule for the MCU Multiverse, alos super 7 make dope cartoon Gi Joe action figures.  

The Beast Wars are coming

This week I talk about black window, space Jam Richer donner's passing, The Beast War are coming, Witcher season 2 and a new anima  relase dates. and some much more!!!! 

New spider man no way home suits

this I talk about the new suit for Spider man now way home, F9 bring back the movie threathers, where you can get a new space jam jerry, the Black widow rotten score,  A new kick start for an He-man borad game. and so much more !! 

There is 9 FF movies !!!

this week I talk about new gluches and bugs found in Cyber Punk, Snyder cut is getting a 4k blue ray and dvd box set, FF 9 is out in threather now, new pictures of the flash old burce wayne and new super girl suit. Also in Wreslting corner wwe lays off writers and 5 more super st ...  Show more

Super hero do go down

this week I talk about  critical role, aew, cowboy bebop, cyberpunk2077. Also I talk about super heros going down on their partners  

Is Pattinson batman getting a super man ?

this week I talk about Netflix canceling  Jupiter Legacy, Ialso talk about  Netflix's greek week, Seth Rogen's might be working on a new tmnt cartoon, there might be a super man coming to Pattinsons batman. Shazam new costume has hit the internets.  Then over on wrestling corner ...  Show more

wwe wants to work with NJP

this week I spend a little more time in wrestling corner. talking about how wwe wants to partern up with NJP, wwe has been clearing house with laying off a lot of VP's and broadcasters. Then I talk about how the ploit script for the live action Power Puff girls. get's CW  in a lo ...  Show more

Hulu's M.O.D.O.K show is good?

This week I talk about titans season 3 in coming in Aug and it well be on hbo max. also I talk about how  Brie Larson is up for the Mara Jade role in star wars, the Snake eye movie trailer droped. Then in Wresting Corner Aew dynmaite will be moving to Tbs in 2022 a buch of nxt st ...  Show more

Is Michael Jordan going to be in sapce Jam 2

this week I talk about the new HE-Man toys and pictures from the Netfix cartoon, space Jam 2, Ghost Rider might be making his first MCU  appearance in doctor strange 2, and some much more. thanks for listening  

Orange Cassidy could be AEW champagne

this week I talk about Marvel phaes 4 movies that are coming, Rugrates CGI is coming out on may 27, Jupiter Legacy is on Netflix, AEW and WWE  are fight over rateing. I talk about all this and more.  

The Miz is Johnny Cage

this week I talking about The Miz needing to be Johnny Cage in the new Mortal Combat  movie. The D+ marvel legends action figures  are up for pre order, invincible is being picked up for two more seasons. Dc fan doom is coming back. all this more. thanks for listening  

the wwe trash bag released program

this week I talk about the last ep of Falcon and the winter soldiers Invincible, the new  Mortal Combat movie, Russle crow tell people who he is playing in Thor love and thunder. Then in Wrestling  corner. the wwe show us what the do with wrestlers gear after they get released, g ...  Show more

FF9 is going to Space!!!!

This week I talk about Falcon and the Wniter soldier,the new pictures of the grown up power puff girl, Ghostbuster cereals Gundan is getting a live action movie, FF9 movie trailer. also in Wreslting corner another 6 Wreslters get let go from the wwe. al this an more.  

Wait whats going Might ducks

This week I talk about the hasbo fan fest, the Snake eyes movie, one my freinds messaging  me about some werid happing in the new might ducks show. I also step in and out of wrestling corner.  then I end with talking about how I don't understand why cw is making a live action pow ...  Show more

Staro in the new Suicide Squad movie

this week I talk about some many great show and trailers that came out.also talk Stacy Osei-Kuffour from Hbo watchmen is now going to be writing Blade. Then in wreslting corner I talk about the nxt tag team belts are vacent due to big injury. also Black mask is coming the batwoma ...  Show more

could there be a synder JLA 2 ?

this week I talk about the Synder Cut, Marvels falcon and winter soldier, the  gay capatin America comic book series, the Cowboy bebop live action show. and so much more.