Episode 52: The Elizabeth Holmes–Theranos Trial: What You Need to Know

Episode 52: The Elizabeth Holmes–Theranos Tri...

Episode 53: The Man Behind Roger Ailes and Churchill, John Lithgow

This week, the ever witty actor John Lithgow discusses (and reads from!) his very funny new book, A Confederacy of Dumptys. In addition, there's a look at Prince Charles's financial problems as well as two strange new trends in decorating and women's fashion.See Privacy Policy at ...  Show more

Episode 51: J.F.K. and the Radcliffe Girl—60 Years Later, a Mistress Speaks

At 20, Diana de Vegh began an affair with John F. Kennedy that continued through his time as president. Now, for the first time ever, she tells how she came into his orbit, how her life was forever altered, and what she learned about herself. It's an episode you won't want to mis ...  Show more

Episode 50: Could You Be a “Genuinfluencer”?

This week, we have a look at “Genuinfluencers”—Gen X–ers who think being into clothes and beauty is soooo 2020. Also, AIR MAIL co-editor Alessandra Stanley joins us to discuss what we can do for the Afghan people while the politicians dither. And we have a look at the hot, new ni ...  Show more

Episode 49: Randy Brits and Supreme Court Twits

This week, Ashley and Michael look at the high jinks and “corridor creeping” that happens at Downton Abbey–ish estates during shooting season. Speaking of misbehavior, AIR MAIL co-editor Alessandra Stanley joins the program to discuss Andrew Cuomo and Justice Stephen Breyer—and w ...  Show more

Episode 48: A Book-Lover's Dream—a Lost Library Is Discovered

This week, the always witty, ever entertaining Stephen Fry joins us to discuss a long-secret library that has come to light—and has book-lovers and readers losing their minds. It's an amazing tale you'll want to hear. We also have a look at a multi-million-dollar corruption scand ...  Show more

Episode 47: "My Unorthodox Life": What You Need to Know

In My Unorthodox Life, a new reality show on Netflix, Julia Haart has captivated people with her incredible story—how, at age 41, she and three of her children broke from their repressive, ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Eight years later, she’s the C.E.O. of a major talent agen ...  Show more

Episode 46: Gen Z and the Great WFH Revolt of 2021

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of workers under 40 would rather quit their job than return to the office full-time? This week Kat Rosenfield joins Ashley and Mike to discuss the Great Work from Home Revolt that’s upending employers’ plans—and why millennials and Gen Z–ers ar ...  Show more

Episode 45: Inside Trump's Crazy Final Days

What really happened inside the White House—and Trump’s brain—between Election Night and the violent storming of the Capitol? As Michael Wolff reveals, it was crazier than we imagined. And this week, he shares what he learned about those final months. In addition, we have a repor ...  Show more

Episode 44: Sleeping with a Psychopath

What is it like to sleep with a psychopath? This week, we have the riveting story of a woman who was duped into falling in love with one of the U.K.’s biggest con men, who ended up stealing more than a million dollars from her. It’s a tale you have to hear. Plus, we have a very f ...  Show more

Episode 43: Liz Taylor, Queen Elizabeth, and the Bachelor

How did Queen Elizabeth help Liz Taylor land husband No. 6? It's a tale you'll get only in this week's episode. Plus, talk-show host and comedian Graham Norton stops by to discuss his beautiful new novel with Ashley and Mike. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and Ca ...  Show more

Episode 42: Google and the Adulterer in the Room

This week, Ashley and Mike look at the sex-life drama of yet another tech bro, Eric Schmidt, the former C.E.O. of Google. Unlike Bezos and Gates, Schmidt didn't leave his wife. Instead, he simply arranged for a very open marriage. Is it the reason he's no longer with the company? ...  Show more

Episode 41: Vaxxed and Waxed and Looking for Trouble

This week, master crime writer James Ellroy, the acclaimed author of L.A. Confidential, joins Ashley and Mike to discuss depravity, secrets, and all-around bad behavior among the elite in Hollywood, which is the setting for his big, new novel, Widespread Panic. Plus, there’s a lo ...  Show more

Episode 40: Inside D.C.'s Underground Kink Scene

This week, we go inside the underground kink scene dominating Washington, D.C. Don’t worry: you won’t be subjected to a nude Mitch McConnell! But in a town where “House whip” is a revered title of power, is it any surprise that so many politicians go to sex clubs? Alexandra Bregm ...  Show more

Episode 39: Dinner with Julia Child in Paris

Let’s go to Paris! Dinner with Julia Child! Coffee with Patricia Highsmith! This week, Ashley and Mike are joined by writer Alexander Lobrano to discuss his new memoir and his years in France. There’s also a report on how Paris is adjusting to post-lockdown life. Plus, for the mo ...  Show more

Episode 38: The Summer’s Big Books

This week, Ashley and Mike discuss the summer’s big books with AIR MAIL Senior Editor Julia Vitale, who shares her smart recommendations for what you’ll want to read—and what you need to read. Plus, there’s a report on Bruton, the seaside town that’s become the new Cotswolds for ...  Show more

Episode 37: The New Status Symbol? Being Boring!

The secret to being rich and successful? Be boring! Strange as it seems, the evidence is strong. And this week, Ashley and Mike talk about why the trend is catching on. There's also a look at the true-crime story that has gripped France, as well as a London apartment that is sell ...  Show more

Episode 36: Halston—What You Need to Know

This week, Ashley and Mike are joined by James Wolcott to discuss Halston, the 1970s-era American fashion designer who burned bright and hard, and now gets the Hollywood treatment in Ryan Murphy's latest mini-series. Plus, there's a look at what Jeff Bezos is doing with all that ...  Show more

Episode 35: The First Wives of Tech Club

Is this what Congress means when they talk about busting up Big Tech? This week, Ashley and Mike look at the $130 billion breakup of Bill and Melinda Gates's marriage, and whether Bill had a, well, anti-trust problem of a different sort. Later, William Norwich joins the show to d ...  Show more

Episode 34: George Clooney's New Hideout

Summer’s on the horizon, the E.U. is opening to Americans who’ve been vaccinated, and Ashley and Mike are thinking where they want to go. Maybe even George Clooney’s new wine-producing château, in Provence. (Did someone say Hollywood and vines?) Plus, Alessandra Stanley looks at ...  Show more