Khaleejiness Episode 4: Malaika Munshi

Khaleejiness Episode 4: Malaika Munshi

Khaleejiness Episode 7: Hamad Al-Fayhani

Join our conversation with @hamad.jf as he enlightens us with the feelings behind the symbolic images he uses to explore his Khaleeji identity. On this episode we also talk about how photography and writing intersect in exploring his sense of identity and get deep into zodiac sig ...  Show more

Khaleejiness Episode 6: Latifa Alkhayat

Join Salem and Shamsa’s conversation with Latifa Alkhayat @line.tifa as she opens us up an architectural perspective of what it means to be Khaleeji, and what it could potentially lead to in the future. Here’s to Khaleeji youth. We tend to neglect these conversations about spaces ...  Show more

Khaleejiness Episode 5: Mahmood AlZadjali

Join Salem and Shamsa’s conversation with @mahmood_zadjali as he enlightens us all with his experience as a Balushi Omani artist. Let us celebrate this tribe and culture as we explore his colorful, welcoming, loving photo series during this episode and discuss his relationship wi ...  Show more

Khaleejiness Episode 3: Ali AlHosani

This episode showcases how the Khaleeji identify as a monolith can so heavily affect our sense of self. Ali AlHosani (@alila.002), Salem and Shamsa talk about their personal experiences with identity and how it has affected them respectively, and what performances they regularly ...  Show more

Khaleejiness Episode 2: Lama Al Jallal

This episode highlights the trivialized pressures that are placed on Khaleeji youth, where Lama (@fruiitflyy), Salem and Shamsa delve into their personal experiences growing up and realize many have experienced similar childhoods, just in different fonts. A very polar conversatio ...  Show more

Khaleejiness Episode 1: Ishaq Madan

What is the most ridiculous iteration of the Chicken Nugget joke that you’ve heard? Please give @ishaqmadan a warm welcome to the podcast. In this episode, we discuss the coming of age realisation that you are: Khaleeji. Enough. A lot of Khaleejis are stuck between what feels lik ...  Show more