Flesh cannot Fulfill the Law of Love

Flesh cannot Fulfill the Law of Love

Why Can‘t the CRCNA Stop Fighting About Same Sex Marriage?

Nick's been watching my videos and wanted to share something of his story with this issue. He wrote a piece in the January 27 2014 issue of the Canadian Christian Courier. https://www.christiancourier.ca/     Discord link. Good for just a few days. Check with more recent videos fo ...  Show more

Ideals Instantiated and then Re-Idealized Stitch Heaven & Earth: Pageau and Rohlin on Hagiography

​ @Jonathan Pageau  and Richard Rohlin Universal History Hagiography https://youtu.be/ynovna2c9r8 Alexander Hamilton and History https://www.historians.org/publications-and-directories/perspectives-on-history/october-2015/on-hamilton-and-learning-to-think-historically Hamilton De ...  Show more

The Progressive Cruciform Nature of Christian Revelation through the Church

The book of Acts might seem like hagiography, but it is not. The Bible doesn't have a lot of hagiography. We're not always sure what to make of Peter and Paul through the history of the church. One set of Christians gets a crowd going to try to have Paul killed. In the process, h ...  Show more

Christian Communism, Iconoclasm, Heaven and Earth, Discussing SSM in Christian School

You can find the written questions on the Discord server https://discord.gg/DPCa7FCh 0:00:55  Intro 0:02:50  Can PVK talk about toolmakers paradigm? 0:04:30  How could today’s church be faithful to Acts communitarian nature of descriptive not prescriptive? 0:28:45  Is there an un ...  Show more

Model Estuary Meeting #1This is an Estuary Meeting

The Estuary Host Support Network has been operational for  over a year now and they have developed what I call the Estuary Protocol. John Van Donk and I described it in a previous video. https://youtu.be/oSJL-80oP5A   Even though generally speaking we don't record Estuary meetings ...  Show more

Equality/Justice vs Merciful Accommodation, Moral Vanguard vs. Rebels. The Issues Below Church SSM

For most of you your Binary Shibbolethic Filter is already triggered, but there are issues beneath this fight, easily visible in the Christian Reformed Church that are worth while exploring regardless of where you come down on these issues because they repeat themselves in other ...  Show more

Looking for the Birth of the Post-Jordan Peterson Churches

Tim comes in with his story and many elements of his story not only will be common to many of you but also exemplify many of the threads that this channel is following. Jordan Peterson's Biblical series inspired something that continues to go unfulfilled. It also aligns with stru ...  Show more

Music as the Unexplored Apologetic

Drew was complaining about not getting a randos slot and then he did. I'm glad he did. Really cool work on music and how it works in life. The title as you can hear in the interview is from Justin Brierley from  @Unbelievable?  talking to Glen Scrivener from  @Speak Life  . Disco ...  Show more

Jesus, Paul and the Church Want to Control Men‘s Bodies

Our culture held in the grip of naturalism seeks normativity in nature. The same is true for the search for sexual morals. But can this actually work? Can human beings find "natural sexuality" in its quest for sexual normativity?  @Daniel Bonevac  Normativity https://youtu.be/spB ...  Show more

9/11 Retrospectives and the Desirous Spiritual Conflict We Participate In Every Day

With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 we're awash in retrospectives that immerse many of us in all the feelings of that day. What is going on? We are in the midst of spiritual conflicts but to simply imagine or reject them as purely other-worldly or supernatural is not paying attenti ...  Show more

Atheist Chaplain, Christian Secularism, Lots of Metaphors. PVK Q/A Sept 10 2021

0:00:15  Intro 0:02:00  Is being an atheist a deal breaker for becoming a Chaplain? 0:30:15  What is the Alpha course in churches? 0:38:25 Is Tom Holland’s argument at odds with C.S. Lewis’ innate moral knowledge in humans? 1:00:05  What does PVK think about Rubicon by Tom Hollan ...  Show more

Why ”Marriage Equality” Means the Death of Protestant Churches

Been chewing on this for a while. This is long, and meandering, and unfinished, so consider that. Give me your input. Let me know what you think.   @Alisa Childers   Channel on Mars Hill https://youtu.be/k6uneL8DW5A  @Jordan B Peterson  on  @Danica Patrick  Channel https://youtu. ...  Show more

Is Christianity Plausible Given the Sufferings of This World? with John Vervaeke and JP Marceau

This is the third of our conversations between  @John Vervaeke  and JP Marceau from JP's reading of CS Lewis' Miracles.  This is the article JP wrote for this dia-logos. https://thesymbolicworld.com/articles/evil-enlightenment-and-easter/   Conversation #1 https://youtu.be/GCeHJtd ...  Show more

Megachurch and ”Personal Growth” Success and the Collapse of New Atheism

Yes we'll be looking at all the usual things we've been thinking about. Mars Hill, Rebel Wisdom, Jordan Peterson, Chris Williamson. We're all trying to figure out how to live. It's going to take a while.  ​ @Chris Williamson  Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ModernWisdomPodcast ...  Show more

Wisdom and Sensemaking Post-Church: Chris Williamson on Rebel Wisdom

​ @Chris Williamson  Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ModernWisdomPodcast  @Chris Williamson  on  @Rebel Wisdom  https://youtu.be/BRSLmQ2PbD8   Discord link. Good for just a few days. Check with more recent videos for a fresh link. https://discord.gg/pzBdZgnb Paul Vander Klay cl ...  Show more

Insecure Children Trying to Earn Their Father‘s Love

Last week we looked at the Jerusalem Council. This week we'll hear Paul himself address the Galatians. Discord link. Good for just a few days. Check with more recent videos for a fresh link. https://discord.gg/pzBdZgnb Paul Vander Klay clips channel https://www.youtube.com/channe ...  Show more

Christianity and the Agent/Arena Relationship, Satan, God and Country BoM Discord Q/A Sep 3, 2021

Discord link. Good for just a few days. Check with more recent videos for a fresh link. https://discord.gg/pzBdZgnb Paul Vander Klay clips channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0jIcadtoxELSwehCh5QTg My Substack https://paulvanderklay.substack.com/ If you want to schedule a o ...  Show more

Navigating the Waters of Theological and Social Change in Middle America

Nate comes in for a randos chat and shares his story. I think many will connect with it. Discord link. Good for just a few days. Check with more recent videos for a fresh link. https://discord.gg/pzBdZgnb Paul Vander Klay clips channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX0jIcadtox ...  Show more

The Estuary Protocol Explained

I started talking about Estuary a while ago. People sort of expected some sort of corporate rollout but I'm not a corporation and am not planning on starting one. John Van Donk saw the need to train leaders for small groups and had some ideas about it. We made a video and a group ...  Show more