81 Shane and Hannah Burcaw (Squirmy and Grubs)

81 Shane and Hannah Burcaw (Squirmy and Grubs...

82 Our Baby Boy's Birth Story

In this episode, Shawn and Andrew give the FULL story on the birth of their son, Jett James East. All the juicy details from, breastfeeding, Drew's reaction to becoming a big sister, Shawn's thoughts on VBAC, deciding on a name, advice for first-time parents, and adjusting to bei ...  Show more

80 Rebekah and Gabe Lyons

Gabe and Rebekah Lyons join us this week on Couple Things! Rebekah is a national speaker and best-selling author. Gabe is the founder of Q Ideas, a movement designed for building and sustaining a vision for restoring the credibility of the Christian faith in Western culture for n ...  Show more

79 Stephen and Amanda Miller

This week on Couple Things, we got to chat with power couple Stephen and Amanda Miller! We dive into marriage, family, and adoption with these two beautiful souls. Join us for an amazing and powerful conversation!Here are the topics that we cover:0:00 introduction7:29 what it was ...  Show more

78 Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue

This week on Couple Things, we dive into a fun conversation with arguably two of the largest guests we've had on the show, Marlo & Phil Donahue. We talk all things relationship and career with these two and it ends up being a conversation we don't want to end. You're not going to ...  Show more

77 Emily Oster

This week on Couple Things, we dive into a fascinating conversation with professor and author, Emily Oster. She touches on all things parenting with a mindset of pairing data with personal preferences. You're not going to want to miss this one!You can follow Emily on Instagram he ...  Show more

76 All Things Baby

Time to talk about babies! We put together a compilation of our big talks on the topics surrounding pregnancy, and we talk through how relationships go through this amazing and crazy journey.ANDD....WE ARE GOING ON TOUR!! Check out the link below tot see if we are coming to a cit ...  Show more

75 The One on the Olympics

Listen to Shawn Johnson herself chat about the Olympics as we near opening ceremonies in just 3 days! She and Andrew give their thoughts on the long-awaited 2020 Tokyo Olympics!ANDD....WE ARE GOING ON TOUR!! Check out the link below tot see if we are coming to a city near you in ...  Show more

74 The One About Intimacy (round 2)

This week on Couple Things, we followed up with one of our most requested episodes, The One About Intimacy! You guys loved the first one so much, we decided to dive deeper with some questions submitted by you!ANDD....WE ARE GOING ON TOUR!! Check out the link below tot see if we a ...  Show more

73 Mathew Hussey

This week on Couple Things, we got to chat with dating expert, Matthew Hussey. Matthew talks with us about his advice for anyone that is starting, ending, or currently in a relationship. We even ask him what his #1 pick ups line is… We think you’ll want to tune into this one. It ...  Show more

72 Red, Yellow and Green flags

This week on Couple Things, we had a lot of fun talking about some things that could be red flags or dealbreakers. We went to Instagram to hear what you guys think are some red flags in dating and relationships...and we dove in. Here are some of the topics that we cover: Your red ...  Show more

71 Teddi Mellencamp and Edwin Arroyave

This week on Couple Things, we got to chat with Teddi Mellencamp and Edwin Arroyave. You might know Teddi from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. They are very real and open about their relationship and we loved this conversation. Here are a few topics that we cover:- How they met ...  Show more

70 Pregnancy Q&A Round 2

This week on Couple Things, we are answering your questions about our pregnancy with little man! A few topics that we cover: how this pregnancy been different than the last what we have done differently this pregnancy that we wished we had done with drew? do we feel more prepared ...  Show more

69 Jordan and Cheyna (Williams) Mathews

This week on Couple Things, we got to sit down with (in person!) Jordan and Cheyna Williams. Andrew and Jordan are friends, so this was a fun conversation. We talked about navigating the athlete lifestyle and creating a balance within a relationship. Here are some of the other th ...  Show more

68 Ten Lessons in Communication

This week on Couple Things, we talk about some of the things that we have learned over the past 5 years of marriage as it pertains to communication. We aren't professionals, but we want to pass along some things that have worked for us and really upgraded how we communicate with ...  Show more

67 Bode and Morgan Miller

This week on Couple Things, we got to talk to Bode and Morgan Beck Miller. If you've heard the name Bode, it's probably because he is an Olympic and World Championship gold medalist, a two-time overall World Cup champion in 2005 and 2008, and the most successful male American alp ...  Show more

66 Walking Through Anxiety with Your Partner

This week, we are continuing our series for Mental Health Awareness Month and we are talking about Andrew's story and his journey while facing anxiety. Here are a few topics that we covered: Andrew’s football backstory Losing confidence Struggling with balance in life Shawn and A ...  Show more

65 Justin and Emily Baldoni

This week on Couple Things, we got to chat with Justin and Emily Baldoni. You may be familiar with Justin from the hit show "Jane the Virgin", but he's gone on to direct and produce movies and he also just released a brand new book. The book is called "Man Enough: Undefining My M ...  Show more

64 Walking Through an Addiction with Your Partner

This month on Couple Things, we are going to talk about topics that highlight Mental Health Awareness Month. This week, we are talking about eating disorders, addiction, and walking through those things with a partner. Shawn talks about her story and struggles with her mental hea ...  Show more

63 Allison and Isaac Rochell

This week on Couple Things, we talked with Allison and Issac Rochell who just had the most dreamy wedding in Cabo. Our guests often bring up this topic during our conversations when asked what's helped their communication, so we wanted to dive deeper into the subject.Here are a f ...  Show more