103: WORTH: Ken Feinberg & Camille Biros

103: WORTH: Ken Feinberg & Camille Biros

104: Prof. Joseph Ellis

James and Al are joined by American historian Joseph Ellis for a deep dive into the politics, people and passions that set off the American Revolution on both sides of the Atlantic.  How deeply did the years of 1773 - 1783 shape our nation?  And after watching our country lose to ...  Show more

102: Election Experts - Kristen Soltis Anderson & Amy Walter

James and Al bring on Echelon Insights founding partner, Kristen Soltis Anderson, and the editor of the Cook Political Report, Amy Walter, to discuss polling and how it influences strategy.  Then, they break down the changes that are happening in the most important swing states a ...  Show more

101: Afghanistan with Ed Luce & Vali Nasr

With the Afghanistan pull out looking more disastrous by the day, James and Al bring on John Hopkins Professor of International Affairs and Middle East Studies, Vali Nasr, and US Editor of the Financial Times, Ed Luce to break things down.  In a panel discussion they debate our f ...  Show more

100: EPISODE 100 !!!! - Professor Craig Symonds

In the wake of the chaos in Afghanistan, James and Al take on the leaders who contributed to the disaster that our country and the Middle East are facing.  Then they bring on Professor Emeritus at the U.S. Naval Academy, Craig Symonds, for a lesson in the WWII Pacific Theater, an ...  Show more

99: DeSantis Is A Giant Asshole also Donald McNeil discusses COVID

In their 100th episode, James and Al bring on veteran of the New York Times, Donald McNeil, for a look at what’s next for us during the pandemic now that the Delta variant is raging in hot spots fueled by the unvaccinated.  With other variants on the horizon, what will it take to ...  Show more

98: Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré (Ret.)

James and Al bring on Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré (Ret.) for a wide ranging conversation about how we can defend the Capitol, protect our most cherished institutions, and finally put an end to the pandemic.  Is strengthening the Capitol police force and mandating vaccinat ...  Show more

97: Professor Randall Kennedy

James and Al are joined by Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy to look at the Democratic Party’s best strategies for approaching issues of race, policing and criminal justice.  Will they be able to continue inspiring the wider electorate without scaring off centrist and indepen ...  Show more

96: Fmr. US Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman

James and Al welcome Fmr. US Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman to the War Room to find out what’s next for our recovering economy and how we stack up against our global competitors.  Are we looking at high growth, high inflation, or are we living in a unique situation caused ...  Show more

95: Michael C Bender

James and Al bring on Wall Street Journal White House reporter and author of “Frankly We Did Win This Election”, Michael Bender for a look at how this administration compares to the last.  With President Biden receiving 80 million votes— a record— they explore what got so many pe ...  Show more

94: Admiral James Stavridis, Fmr Supreme Nato Commander

James and Al welcome former Supreme Nato Commander, Admiral James Stavridis for a discussion about our military readiness and how to build a secure future for the country and the world-- because by “2034” it’s going to be a whole different place.  Are we up to the challenge of re ...  Show more

93: Mayor Phillip Levine

James and Al welcome former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine for a discussion about our failing infrastructure, what our politicians need to do, and how Democrats can win over a Florida that seems less Purple and more Red by the year.  More importantly, does the modern party have ...  Show more

92: Penis talk, Brett Kavanagh with Jackie Calmes and Tucker Carlson with Ben Smith

James and Al are joined by Ben Smith of the NYT and LA Times editor Jackie Calmes for a deep dive into the transformation of the media and the Republican party during the last election and over the last year.  What changed?  From our reporting to our governance, how do we restore ...  Show more

91: Andy Slavitt and Bill Leonard

James and Al welcome religious historian Bill Leonard and Biden’s former Senior Advisor for COVID Response, Andy Slavitt, to look at the mythologies holding the USA back-- from the supposed glory of the Old South, to anti-social and harmful views about the pandemic and the ongoin ...  Show more

90: Coach Pete Carroll & Audrey Cavenecia

James and Al welcome coaching legend Pete Carroll and co-host of his Amplify Voices podcast, Audrey Cavenecia, to discuss the role of equity, inclusion and diversity in our society as we go into the next decade.  And after seeing the impact of racial issues on the front lines (ev ...  Show more

89: Alex Gibney: Crime Of The Century

James and Al welcome Director Alex Gibney of HBO’s Crime of the Century to the Politics War Room to take on the threats to the American people posed by lobbyists, Big Pharma, and corporations who would put profits above people.  Why does it seem like the damage they do to our cou ...  Show more

88: Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

With UFOs being reported and recorded across the country, James and Al welcome Fmr. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to get his take on the possible threat and why there’s been no disclosure.  But UFOs aren’t the only thing facing us, so they find out from Senator Reid how we ca ...  Show more

87: Sphincter Hall of Fame

Al and James are joined by Princeton historian Julian Zelizer to look at the evolution of the Republican Party from a party of issues to a party of disinformation and division.  Then Al and James announce the first inductees for a very special honor... EMAIL YOUR QUESTIONS TO JAM ...  Show more

86: David Leonhardt

David Leonhardt of the New York Times sits down with James and Al to discuss how we can start moving our country forward after the Covid Pandemic and Trump era.  Is it time to start lifting the lockdown orders and focusing on the working people who keep the country running?  Or w ...  Show more

85: Michael Waldman

With Trump back in the news and Derek Chauvin recently convicted, James and Al bring on the President of NYU’s Brennan Center for Justice Michael Waldman for his take.  Can we expect Trump to finally land in legal trouble, and what’s the best way for the Democrats to remove the m ...  Show more