#159: Gathering Up The Loose Change of 9/11 | Jason Bermas

#159: Gathering Up The Loose Change of 9/11 |...

#163: Watch Out For Those Conspiracy Guys | Gordon Rochford

The host of the wildly popular podcast “Those Conspiracy Guys”, Gordon Rochford, stops by to discuss a wide variety of topics including the Royals and their “friends”, the Great Pyramid mystery, and how conspiracies throughout time have been suppressed by those in positions of po ...  Show more

#162: The Most Dangerous Drug Cartel In The World

The Medical Mafia in the United States is one of the most powerful operations in the world, and the main reasons are because of a captured government, rigged marketplaces, a revolving door of regulatory oversight officials that fall under Big Pharma’s control, and an unimaginable ...  Show more

#161: The UFO Coverup Agenda | Generation Zed

Dave Zed & Camden from the Generation Zed Podcast stop by to explain what the current UFO hysteria is really all about, and what is actually happening in our skies. We also take a detour into the current insanity surrounding the COVID operation and get an idea from Toronto reside ...  Show more

#160: Never Forget

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes, the struggle to make sense of the official story remains after two decades, in part because the official story is a conspiracy theory, to borrow a favorite term of the CIA. Though the subject of 9/11 is a messy and complicated spide ...  Show more

#158: In The United States

America is a hypocritical society filled with magical thinking, flawed logic, neverending lies, media manipulation, medical disinformation, religious weirdos, and political snake oil salesmen. The trick to navigating through the constantly changing set of rules and cultural norms ...  Show more

#157: Graveyard of Empires | Scott Horton

As the 20-year war in Afghanistan comes to a disastrous conclusion, even more questions have emerged as to why America was there in the first place. And why they didn’t leave sooner. Scott Horton is the author of several books on the Afghan war and runs the wildly popular website ...  Show more

#156: 9/11: 20 Years Later

Everyone remembers where they were on the morning of September 11th in 2001 because the moment was so spectacular that it traumatized them. People watched a snuff film over and over, fed to them by the willing Mainstream Media in order to craft a narrative of 19 Arab hijackers in ...  Show more

#155: On The Hunt For Cryptids | Tony Merkel

The host of the wildly popular podcast “The Confessionals”, Tony Merkel, stops by to share stories of some of his recent adventures while filming his new show, and what kind of creatures he had encounters with. From Bigfoot experiences and ghost stories to more terrifying interac ...  Show more

#154: Playing Favorites

What are some of the best places to find information on topics that are not exactly mainstream concepts? What are some of the books that can fill in the gaps on some of these hidden topics? Where are you finding this information? This episode is an explanation of where to look fo ...  Show more

#153: Connecting the World | Peter Saddington

Serial entrepreneur Peter Saddington stops by to describe his newest venture that seeks to connect the world through the Helium network: Emrit. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and becomes a larger part of our daily lives, Emrit seeks to help people connect through their net ...  Show more

#152: Reprehensible Government

The days of “Representative Government” are long gone and seem to have been replaced with “Reprehensible Government” while the public was distracted with endless unimportant issues. Is it even possible to weed out the psychopaths that are attracted to government power since it pr ...  Show more

#151: Secrets Of Canada’s Dark Past | Darren Grimes

One-half of the wildly popular podcasts Grimerica and Grimerica Outlawed, Darren Grimes stops by to unpack his deeply personal new book, A Canadian Shame, and explain why this was the right time to dive into the murky waters of government policy mixed with church doctrine. As an ...  Show more

#150: Hypocrazy

The third book, Hypocrazy: Surviving In A World Of Cultural Double-Standards, is complete and just about ready to go to the printers. This episode gives a little sneak peek into what to expect and who should hide in their basements. The eight areas of focus are: Woke, Wars, Media ...  Show more

#149: The Price of Medical Tyranny | Tim Ray

Tim Ray, the founder of UI Media Network and the host of Frequency Wars, is attacking the false narrative crafted by the Mainstream Media and Big Pharma with a combination of facts, expert guests, world-renowned doctors, and grassroots activism. Not everybody is passively allowin ...  Show more

#148: Getting Yourself Ready

The time has come to put our plans into action. We have discussed what to do in the event that something unpredictable happens, and it seems that the time is now to actually do the things that we know we should do but have been putting off. We are going to get specific about what ...  Show more

#147: The New American Century | Marc Malone

Marc Malone is on a mission to save America from global governance. From Agenda 21/2030 to the COVID psychological operation, people are starting to connect the dots between all of these globalist agendas. Long gone are the days where these people could quietly plot their vision ...  Show more

#146: The Wheels Are Coming Off

The bad news is that the world seems as if it is tearing apart at the seams because of an engineered disaster, financial mismanagement, media lies, a stolen election, and confusing agendas. The good news is that the wheels seem to be coming off. The media is having a difficult ti ...  Show more

#145: The Encoded Language of the Zodiac | Micah Dank

Micah Dank is back to go deeper into the hidden meaning of the astrological signs that have become a part of our daily lives. The ancient people found a way to encode information about the seasons, the movement of the sun, and when it was time to put the plow on the bull. Could t ...  Show more

#144: The Art of Subversion

Subversion happens when the values and principles of the system in place are reversed in an attempt to transform the established social order and its structures of power, authority, hierarchy, and social norms. America has been experiencing this form of insanity for the better pa ...  Show more