Fortnite vs Apple - Part 2

Fortnite vs Apple - Part 2

The Urban Planning Crisis

In today's episode for 22nd September 2021, we talk about a NITI Aayog report on urban planning and how to better prepare for the future 

What you should know about the Chinese Evergrande Crisis

In today's episode for 21st September 2021, we talk about the Evergrande crisis and see why analysts across the board seem to think that this could spell doom for China 

Is Modern Monetary Theory the answer to everything?

In today's episode for 20th September 2021, we offer a simplified take on Modern Monetary theory and see if it could solve most of our financial problems 

An Explainer on the Divided Opinion on ITC's Stock

Since everybody’s favourite meme stock has suddenly come alive, we thought we could look at ITC once again and see why it continues to divide opinions. 

The telecom rescue package explained

In today's episode for September 17th 2021, we talk about the telecom rescue package that's expected to offer significant relief to those operating in this cutthroat industry 

Understanding Sri Lanka's Economic Crisis

In today's episode for 16th September 2021, we see why a lot of people are worried about Sri Lanka's deteriorating economic condition 

Why Ford decided to exit India

So the question is, why?utly  announced that it will be shutting down its car manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. And while they've promised to provide their customers with spare parts and service, it is clear as day that Ford has indeed made up its mind to leave Indi ...  Show more

How a cashless society may spell doom for an entire industry

In today's episode for 14th September 2021, we talk about how cashless transactions are stunting an entire industry that once helped people manage cash 

The Info Edge party

Info Edge has been one of the hottest stocks in the market of late. So we thought we could see why people seem to be betting so heavily on this old internet company. 

Almond Milk won't be milk anymore?

In today's episode for 10th September 2021 we talk about why plant based milk substitutes won't be called milk anymore 

How Climate Change is shifting the Wine map?

In today's episode for 9th September 2021, we talk about how climate change is impacting winemaking across the globe 

A billion-dollar crypto scam may finally be coming to a close

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin these days. El Salvador just adopted it as legal tender. Bitcoin breached the $50,000 mark for the first time since May. And an infamous crypto scam dubbed the Bitconnect fiasco may finally be coming to a clos ...  Show more

Is Amazon entering the agri-tech space?

In today's episode for 7th September 2021, we see why Amazon may be flirting with the idea of venturing into the ambitious farm to fork business 

Understanding p2p lending

There’s a lot of talk about p2p lending these days. So we thought we could see what the fuss is all about 

What’s up with Deepak Nitrite?

This stock keeps moving up every time we take a peek at it. So in today's episode for September 4th 2021, we see what’s happening with Deepak Nitrite once again. 

What does the GDP growth figure tell us?

In today's episode we talk about how India's GDP grew by a whopping 20.1% during the first quarter of FY2022, when compared to the same period last year 

The Chinese Blitzkrieg on its own companies

In today's episode for 2nd September 2021, we provide a new explanation on why China may be attacking its own homegrown companies 

The case of the disappearing camel

In today's episode we talk about why the camel population is on the decline. Yes, camel population :) 

Why did India invest up to $3Bn in Afghanistan?

In today's episode for 31st August 2021, we ask why India would invest massive sums of money in a war-torn country