How Curator E. Carmen Ramos is Representing Us in the Art World

How Curator E. Carmen Ramos is Representing U...

Why Zaena Zamora is Fighting for Our Reproductive Freedom

The executive director of pro-choice Frontera Fund discusses the ramifications of the loss of abortion rights in Texas, and the challenges that lay ahead for the state and the the country. Zaena also gives Alicia insight into what it takes to keep abortion care at the forefront o ...  Show more

Why Designer Jen Zeano Is Building a Queer Lifestyle Brand in South Texas

Jen, who is behind empowering T-shirt collections like the pink and red “Latina Power” line, started out hand-drawing on coffee mugs while working at a Best Buy. She speaks with Alicia about what it was like launching a design company from her living room, and how being in the Ri ...  Show more

UNSTUCK: Breathwork Coach Ana Lilia Teaches Us How to Center Ourselves

Ana Lilia fell in love with breathing practices and affirmations as part of her own healing journey. Then she shared those gifts with others. Now she shares how to clear your mind, control your anxiety and rewrite your story—one breath at a time.Follow Ana on instagram @_ana_lili ...  Show more

UNSTUCK: What Media Mogul Nely Galán Can Teach Us About the Art of Reinvention

The television executive turned entrepreneur took a major detour—mid career—to go back to school. She shares how that decision changed her life, as well as her insights on how to find your true purpose.Follow Nely on instagram @nelygalan. If you loved this episode, listen to Fash ...  Show more

UNSTUCK: How PR Pro Lissette M. Rios Connects the Dots

The founder of Chic Influence, a public relations firm, shares her tips for telling an individual or brand’s story so that others want to listen. Plus, the powerful exercise she relies on to gain clarity and make big moves.Follow Lissette on instagram @lissymarie. If you loved th ...  Show more

UNSTUCK: Why Irene Quevedo Wants You to Take a Chance on Yourself

To kick off this four part series, this non-profit CEO and professional coach shares the biggest obstacle her clients face when it comes to asserting what they really want, as well as the radical decision that transformed her life.Follow Irene on Instagram @iquevedo. If you loved ...  Show more

Why Radical Health CEO Ivelyse Andino Wants to Reimagine Health Care

Ivelyse's personal experience of navigating the health care system inspired her to build a business that harnesses technology and intimate conversations to give individuals more control over their health. In this episode, she shares the power of taking up space and giving yoursel ...  Show more

What Activist Tania Rosario Méndez is Doing to Combat Femicide in Puerto Rico

The Executive Director of Taller Salud, a feminist organization in Puerto Rico, breaks down how the island's struggling economy and social systems fail survivors, what needs to change, and what we can each do to combat gender-based violence. Follow Tania on Instagram @taniarosari ...  Show more

How Carolyn Rodz Is Connecting Entrepreneurs with Opportunities

Her own leap from investment banking to entrepreneurship inspired Hello Alice, a free platform that helps businesses learn and grow. Carolyn shares her roadmaps for entrepreneurs, and the source of her own eternal optimism.Follow Carolyn on Instagram @carolynrodz. If you loved th ...  Show more

How TikTok Star Tefi Pessoa Gets Paid to Be Herself

She was a quirky kid who was obsessed with pop culture and learned the art of chisme from her abuela. It all prepared her to take our social media feeds by storm. Tefi shares her path from behind the scenes to the star of the show and the tricks she uses to make every performance ...  Show more

How Maude CEO Éva Goicochea Plans to Revolutionize Sexual Wellness

Growing up in New Mexico, she read books like Our Bodies, Ourselves, and understood the importance of destigmatizing sexuality. Now the entrepreneur shares how her modern sexual wellness company is reimagining an outdated industry. Follow Éva Goicochea on Instagram @evagoicochea. ...  Show more

How Mysticism Fuels Natalia Lafourcade's Musical Process

The iconic Mexican folk singer didn’t know if she would keep working in music, so she lost herself in Canada and started paying attention to signs from the universe. In this episode, she shares how she found her way back home and the rituals she relies on to bring new projects to ...  Show more

THANK YOU for One Million Downloads!

We did it: we surpassed one million downloads. Thank you for supporting this Latina-owned podcast. To celebrate you, we’re hosting 12 days of giveaways from some of our favorite Latina-owned brands and Latina authors. Listen in or head over to our Instagram @latinatolatina to lea ...  Show more

Introducing Yeah No, I’m Not OK with Diane Guerrero

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio shot to fame when she wrote an essay about being an undocumented student at Harvard. But instead of book deals, she looked for more meaning in writing and exploring her identity. Along the way, she learned more about herself and tells Diane how the cor ...  Show more

How Netflix’s Carolina Garcia Picks Binge-Worthy Hits

She learned on the job as an assistant to one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, and spent nine years at Twentieth Century Fox before making the leap to Netflix. Now its director of original programing, she lets us in on what it takes to sell a big idea.Follow Carolina on I ...  Show more

How NASA Engineer Diana Trujillo's Pursuit of a New Life Led Her to Space

She grew tired of seeing the women in her family sacrifice their ambition for their men, so she vowed to build a life that wouldn't force her to choose. At 17, she immigrated to the US, learned English, and decided to study aerospace engineering. Now at NASA, Diana is at the fore ...  Show more

What In the Heights’ Melissa Barrera Learned by Playing an Iconic Character

Roller coaster auditions left no room for self-doubt, and filming was magical. But the release was pushed back a year amid the pandemic. The whole process taught Melissa to cultivate patience, underscored the need to constantly reintroduce yourself, and confirmed why diving deep ...  Show more

Why Nathalie Huerta Founded the First Queer Gym in the Country

An athlete who loves the gym, she began presenting as more masculine and locker-room interactions became so stressful she stopped going. Then she took a $50 Target gift card and founded what would become The Queer Gym, the first LGBTQ gym in the nation.Follow Nathalie on Instagra ...  Show more

For Sociologist Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve Getting Latinos to Care about Justice Reform Is Personal

Her cousin's incarceration punctuated the ten years she spent studying the largest criminal court in the country. So she decided it was time to act, not just observe. Now a Brown University professor, Nicole still grapples with how to make people care about police killings, gener ...  Show more