The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In Your 30’s & Beyond

The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In Your 3...

How To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day

I'm going to share with you the best thing you can do to go from feeling depressed and not wanting to meet girls to feeling motivated and so good about your life that you can't wait to meet new girls which makes them "catch" your positive feelings and want to get to know ...  Show more

Listen To This If You’re Still Struggling To Approach Women

Here's a new mindset for approaching that will make your anxiety go away. With this new perspective going up to girls will feel fun, challenging, and more natural. We'll also answer your questions about dating in small towns, profile photos, asking about STDs and how to l ...  Show more

The Ultimate Guide For Dating Girls In Your 20’s

Your twenties are a great time for you to learn, grow and discover what you really want when it comes to women and dating. So to make sure you're not wasting some of the best years of your life let's go over how to take advantage of this time and meet girls in their sexua ...  Show more

Interview With ChyBurd On Making $100k a Month On Only Fans

Chyanne Burden is 21 years old and went from being a waitress at Buffalo Wings to making $100k in the last month on OnlyFans. She'll share what she posts and when, what types of pics she sends guys that DM her, how far she goes for her followers, and how to see a lot more of ...  Show more

Why Approaching Women is CRUCIAL!

There's a bigger reason for you to be approaching more women, than you may be aware of. Let's discuss why you must push yourself harder to meet more girls and what to do when a woman ghosts you after a great first date and how to find your purpose other than wanting a gir ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 6 - Threesomes

Having a threesome is the ultimate sexual fantasy for a lot of guys. Now there's a few ways to make this a reality, but there is one method that has the highest chance of making it happen. You'll learn how to bring it up to the girls and what to have on hand when you' ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 5 - How To Make Her Squirt

If you can make a girl squirt, she'll have one of the most intense physical sensations of her life which not only makes her feel amazing, but brings you even closer together and makes her want to reciprocate. You'll learn exactly how to do it and the mindset to help her e ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 4 - Consent

Getting verbal consent from a girl before having sex is important to do, especially in these days of high sensitivity, rush to judgement, and mob mentality. But there is a way to do it that doesn't ruin the moment and actually gets her to feel safer with you and more in the m ...  Show more

How To Win With Women & Life with Brad Lea

Brad Lee is a successful entrepreneur, host of the Dropping Bombs Podcast, and helps men excel in business and life. Today he'll share his 6 sacred rules for turning your life around, how to feel energized and positive everyday, and his 2 pickup lines for meeting beautiful wo ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 3b - Male Pornstar Gives Tips On ED & PE

Stirling Cooper is an award winning porn star who helps men succeed with their journey of self-improvement and rediscovering masculine virtues. Today he'll share his most effective methods for fixing ED and premature ejaculation and how to tell when a girl is a true nymphoman ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 3a - Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can be both be overcome by understanding why they happen, knowing how to regain full control over your body and then practicing these mental and physical exercises so you can have the most fulfilling and satisfying sex life possible. ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 2 - What She Wants In Bed

The way you get a girl to come back to the bedroom for more is by knowing how to make her feel good and delivering in a way that gives her goosebumps and blows her mind. So let's go over the top 3 ways for doing this and being the best lover every woman you're with has ev ...  Show more

Sex Series Part 1 - Initiating Touch

Knowing how to physically escalate with a girl is how you get her to consider you as a lover. So let's go over how to break the touch barrier in different dating scenarios, how to make her feel comfortable with touching, and how to go from a first hug to having sex at your pl ...  Show more

Are There Men Who Are Naturally Good With Women?

If you're a shy guy then you know how social guys have it easier with girls than you do. But this mentality prevents you from improving because you're focused on the wrong things. So let's go over what to focus on and reply to a female listener who left some interesti ...  Show more

Is Seducing & Attracting Women Manipulative?

Let's answer your questions. You'll learn the difference between attraction and manipulation, how to make casual relationships OK, what to DM girls on Instagram that gets replies, how to react when a girl says "be a man" and other tests, and what to do when you work with ...  Show more

The Benefit Of Virtual Dates & How To Do Them

A common question I get is: "Tripp, I met this girl online but I can't get her out on a real date." Well virtual dates are a great tool for getting a girl comfortable with meeting up in person. So let's go over when to do them, how long they should be and how to confirm t ...  Show more

The TRUTH About Women’s Insecurities [Must Listen!]

The guys having the most challenges with girls and dating hand over all the power and control of the relationship to the girl because of her looks. Which is ironic because its the opposite of how she feels which creates the disconnect. Let's dive deeper into this and do some ...  Show more

Tips & Tricks For Creating A Killer Bachelor Pad

Erica Reiner is an interior decorator in LA. And today she's going to share some of her best tips for creating the type of environment that produces positive feelings in the girls that come over as well as make you feel happier, more confident and motivated whenever you are h ...  Show more

What Do Women REALLY Want In The Bedroom?

Stephanie Daily is a blogger who conducts polls of men and women regarding finances and sexuality. You'll learn the 6 turn ons that make women quiver, what type of music they prefer during sex, how long they like sex to last and what they want more of from the men they're ...  Show more