Episode #77 "Moe n' Joe"

Episode #77 "Moe n' Joe"

Episode #78 "Cold Stones"

     This week it’s another double header! Michael and Steve welcome Cara Buono (Kelli Moltisanti) and Alan Taylor (Sopranos director) to the podcast.      Cara’s up first and shares a great story about how Edie Falco welcomed her to the set. She also talks about what a crazy tim ...  Show more

Episode #76 "A Very Special Superfan Episode"

     From over 10,000 entries Michael and Steve picked eight lucky fans to join them on the show. We thought this one could be a complete disaster but it turned out to be one of our favorite episodes. The fans are really funny and have amazing insight into the series. Don’t miss ...  Show more

Episode #75 "The Ride"

     Michael and Steve welcome Tim Daly (J.T.Dolan) to the Talking Sopranos podcast. Tim talks about his relationship with David Chase and how he ended up with the part of J.T. on the Sopranos. Was Tim’s character David’s way of poking fun  at the TV industry? After all J.T. only ...  Show more

Episode #74 "Johnny Cakes"

     This week the one and only Julianna Margulies (Julianna Skiff) joins Michael and Steve on Talking Sopranos. Julianna talks about her life, her career and what she learned from Michael on the Sopranos. She also shares stories from her Emmy award winning performances on ER, Th ...  Show more

Episode #73 "Luxury Lounge"

      This week Robert Patrick (David Scatino) joins Michael and Steve for another awesome episode of Talking Sopranos. Robert only appeared in 3 episodes of the Sopranos but was a really memorable character. He talks about how he got the gig and how important it was for him to d ...  Show more

Episode #72 "Live Free or Die"

     This week on Talking Sopranos it’s At Home with the Cusamanos! Michael and Steve welcome Saundra Santiago (Jeannie and Joan Cusamano) and Bob LuPone (Dr. Bruce Cusamano ) to the podcast.      Up first Saundra calls out a not so well-liked actor on the set of Miami Vice. Then ...  Show more

Episode #71 "Mr. & Mrs. John Sacrimoni Request"

     This week on Talking Sopranos it’s another double barrel episode! Michael and Steve welcome William DeMeo (Jason Molinaro) and Joe Maruzzo (Joe Peeps) to the podcast.      Will’s dream was always to join the cast of the Sopranos but when he was first offered a role he had to ...  Show more

Episode #70 "The Fleshy Part of the Thigh"

     Michael and Steve welcome Lou Mustillo (Sal Vitro “The Gardener”) to the Talking Sopranos podcast. Lou was only in four episodes of the Sopranos but he was definitely a memorable character. He looks back at how funny he thought the show was and how much impact it had on his ...  Show more

Episode #69 "Mayham"

     Vanessa started as a “club kid” and the Sopranos was actually her first acting gig. From there she built a fantastic career working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She also starred as a series regular on shows like CSI: New Orleans, CSI: New York and 24.      Bo ...  Show more

Episode #68 "Join the Club"

     Ricky Gervais joins Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa this week on Talking Sopranos. Ricky is a huge fan of the Sopranos, a show which he calls “A Masterpiece”. He talks about why he believes the show was so successful, and of course his take on the ending. He also talks ...  Show more

Episode #67 "Members Only"

     This week Michael and Steve welcome Dania Ramirez (Blanca Selgado) to the podcast. Dania has appeared in Heroes, Entourage, Justice League, Sweet Tooth as well as 5 episodes of the Sopranos. Originally her manager passed on the Sopranos audition but Dania thought he was craz ...  Show more

Episode #66 "All Due Respect"

     This week on Talking Sopranos Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa finish off season five with special guest Toni Kalem (Angie Bonpensiero).      During the interview Michael and Steve are really surprised to find out that Toni was a finalist to play the role of Carmela! Sh ...  Show more

Episode #65 "Long Term Parking"

It’s another fantastic episode with two amazing guests.      First up, the legendary Peter Bogdanovich talks about how he started out as an actor in NYC and what gave him the bug to start directing. He shares stories about his friendship with Orson Wells, how he cast Tatum O’Neil ...  Show more

Episode #64 "The Test Dream"

     This week Michael and Steve welcome Sopranos writer and producer Matt Weiner to the podcast. Matt was an award-winning writer on the Sopranos but also created the incredible TV series Mad Men. He is a fascinating person and in 2011 he was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 mos ...  Show more

Episode #63 "Cold Cuts"

     It’s another exciting double barrel episode with two fantastic guests.      First up Richard Portnow talks about his life as an actor and an amateur boxer. He also talks about the days he used to run into Tony “Junior” Sirico in the clubs of New York City. Over the years Ric ...  Show more

Episode #62 "Unidentified Black Males"

     Celebrity Superfan Alec Baldwin joins Michael and Steve this week on Talking Sopranos. Steve and Michael have always said no one comes on the podcast unless they were directly involved in the making of the Sopranos. Well we’re going to break that rule for Alec, and we’re goi ...  Show more

Episode #61 "Marco Polo"

     It all begins with a big THANK YOU to all our fans for voting Talking Sopranos the best podcast in Television and Film at the Webbys!     Then Michael and Steve take on one of the best episodes of the entire Sopranos series. They also welcome guests Leslie Rae Bega (Valentin ...  Show more

Episode #60 "In Camelot"

     The one and only Steven Van Zandt joins Michael and Steve this week on Talking Sopranos. Little Steven talks about his early days with Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny and of course the Sopranos. David Chase, the Sopranos creator, saw Steven induct the Rascals into the Ro ...  Show more

Episode #59 "Sentimental Education"

   Paul was a member of the SUNY Purchase Mafia and talks about his college days with Edie Falco, Hal Hartley and Wesley Snipes. He originally auditioned for the role of Mikey Palmice, but after his audition David Chase asked him to read for Father Phil. Strangely, Paul’s real li ...  Show more