EP. 243- Greatest Hits - Volume 3

EP. 243- Greatest Hits - Volume 3

EP. 242- BOTH, AND.

This episode is your antidote for any ‘F’-it over eating and sabotaging habits. >>> It’s a MUST listen, for all my listeners! If you feel like you can’t trust yourself to eat certain things without overeating (ie- sugar/sweets, nuts, crunchy stuff, etc) … If you feel like you eat ...  Show more

EP. 241- THE FULL SIT [tool for emotional eating, fully allowing emotions]

Most weight re-gain and weight loss plateaus happen because of emotional over-eating. Another way to say this: Using food and eating in order to 'manage' certain emotions. Here's a quick list of the kinds of emotions women tend to over eat about: Stress, overwhelm, pressure, feel ...  Show more

EP. 240- Greatest Hits - Volume 2

As we celebrate over 250 episodes, almost 5 yrs of ‘THE LAST 10’ podcast… This LAST 10 special series is gonna be our BEST OF, my greatest hits. I believe EVERY single episode of the podcast until now, has had its own unique value but in this GREATEST HITS SERIES I’m brining you ...  Show more

EP. 239- Greatest Hits - Volume 1

As we celebrate over 250 episodes, almost 5 yrs of ‘THE LAST 10’ podcast… This LAST 10 special series is gonna be our BEST OF, my greatest hits. I believe EVERY single episode of the podcast until now, has had its own unique value but in this GREATEST HITS SERIES I’m bringing you ...  Show more


AWARENESS WITHOUT JUDGEMENT is an essential foundation for creating ANY change. Most people try to create change in their habits, behaviors and results (especially the weight related stuff!) through self-criticism and/or ‘I’ll start perfect on Monday’ wishful type thinking … Neit ...  Show more

EP. 237- OWN YOUR 'ISH' [Package Deal Analogy]

I recently got an email saying: ‘I've listened to several episodes of your podcast. Each episode is a welcome dose of wisdom, empathy, responsibility and empowerment. The concept of "making decisions" vs "following rules" was especially empowering to me. I like that you drain the ...  Show more


It's been statistically proven that Home Court Advantage is a REAL THING. It's been proven and supported by data in sports, and today I explain to you why THIS psychological phenomenon ALSO MATTERS SO MUCH FOR YOU in your life. In todays episode I teach you how this concept appli ...  Show more

EP. 235- What about the gym? [Weight loss & Working Out]

On this weeks' episode, I answer a question from a podcast listener. 'What you are doing a the gym to look lean AF on your website' ... Oooooh and let me tell you - this question got me a bit fired up (in the best way ;) Check out the FULL EPISODE, to hear what I have to say abou ...  Show more

EP. 234- Learning & Solutions

Taking responsibility is NOT the same as ‘blaming’… (*they are oooh-sooo-different!) Blaming yourself feels miserable. Taking responsibility [for learning & finding solutions] IS POWERFUL. When it comes to learning and finding solutions for anything you’re wanting to change, crea ...  Show more

EP. 233- Rewiring Vacation Brain [VACATION OVEREATING]

I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I love vacations. ...I mean, who doesn't right?! Well, you'd think that was the case, but so many women feel nervous, worried, fearful, and mistrusting of themselves because they don't believe they have the ability to ENJOY a vacation without 'total sabotage', w ...  Show more

EP. 232- PRIDE. [Lifestyle Pride. Body Pride. YOU Pride.]

Women often feel insecure, guilty, ashamed and even secretive about the health/weight/body goals they have or WANT to have. Women also experience SO MUCH fear and worry of judgement or rejection about health or weight related choices they make for themselves- particularly in soci ...  Show more

EP. 231- Escapism On Purpose

One of the biggest issues brought to me by clients is this: 'I just don't know how to relax and unwind without food at the end of the day/week'... Here's the thing: OUR HUMANS BRAINS ARE DESIGNED TO SEEK PLEASURE AND AVOID PAIN. (It's part of something called the Motivational Tri ...  Show more

EP. 230- Swimsuit Mindset & ProTips with Master Style Coach Judith Gaton

In this SPECIAL EDITION episode I'm joined by Judith Gaton- Master Style Coach and expert, to address ALL your swimsuit questions & woes! We talk about: -Swimsuit Bodies -Swimsuit Confidence Mindset -Practical shopping recommendations -Style Pro Tips Anything and everything you'v ...  Show more

EP. 229- Weight loss is NOT an Emergency.

This episode serves as a PSA, because I need you to know one VERY important piece of information: Weight loss is NOT an emergency. An emergency is defined as a serious, life-threatening and/or dangerous situation requiring immediate action. If the thought of losing weight or any ...  Show more


Women will invest in just about ANYTHING (including new garage floors! *inside joke* listen to the episode to learn more ;) before they'll invest in THEMSELVES. THIS matters. THIS has a ripple effect in our lives. & btw, it's no coincidence that this tends to be the default setti ...  Show more

EP. 227- Choice & Consequence (Redefining 'struggle')

If your weight and food feel like your biggest struggle... This episode is a must listen. This ONE shift in your mindset, will ELIMINATE even the ember of a 'struggle'... NO MATTER if your struggle has felt eternal, and as out of control as a wildfire. You don't wanna miss this o ...  Show more

EP. 226- REBUILDING TRUST & BODY RELATIONSHIP (How my client lost 50 pounds by re-learning to TRUST herself & her body).

For a woman to be raised in the 21st century ( especially within a western culture!) is synonymous with BEING TAUGHT TO BE AT WAR WITH YOUR BODY. This might sound exaggerated and overdramatic, BUT if you are a listener of this podcast- my guess is that the likelihood of you knowi ...  Show more


Ever feel like everyone else has got it ALL figured out except for you? HINT: THIS is what most of us naturally think about ourselves UNLESS we change our constant self-judgement approach ON PURPOSE. It's essential to make this change because as you might imagine: constantly thin ...  Show more

EP. 224- UNAPOLOGETIC DECISIONS [Unapologetic BODY Decisions]

There's something about the way women are socialized that breeds so much of the 'struggle' experience with our bodies AND ALSO decisions about our bodies... That 'something' is this: We are taught to value OTHER people's opinions MORE than our own. eek. This programming that's be ...  Show more

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