MtoM #31 - Millionaire Dentist

MtoM #31 - Millionaire Dentist

MtoM #33 - Millionaire Podiatrist

Our first podiatrist on the Milestones podcast! In 8 years they paid off around a million dollars in debt between his student loans and a business loan. With a salary range from $85K to $500K+ he now has a net worth of a million dollars. We discuss how he has built a business tha ...  Show more

WCI #229: Retirement Accounts Q&A

In this week's episode we are taking listener questions regarding retirement accounts. We talk about 403(a), 403(b), and 457(b) accounts and what the maximum contributions for those are. We cover defined benefit plans vs a mega backdoor roth and when to pick which or both options ...  Show more

MtoM #32 - Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist Gets PSLF

Jennifer did a 4 year residency, 3 year fellowship, 1 additional training year as a pediatric cardiac intensivist, and then no payments required due to the pandemic. This all made PSLF worked out really well for her, getting $246K forgiven. Learn more about PSLF and whether it is ...  Show more

WCI #228: Charitable Giving: DAFs vs CRTs vs Private Family Foundation

In this episode we discuss charitable giving and dive into donor advised funds (DAFs), versus Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) and private family foundations. We break down what each of these are and discuss the merits and drawbacks of each option. Learn more about how the IRS ...  Show more

WCI #227: Starting a Medical Practice

When you own your practice, you're able to give better care, have more control and less burnout over your professional life. In general, you make more money too. So, it is mostly all positive, although it does take some work upfront. Will and Juli Albright have been sharing their ...  Show more

MtoM #30 - Nurse Practitioner Multimillionaire

If you have a high savings rate and invest conservatively, it won't take long to accumulate a high net worth. From this nurse practitioner's experience we learn not to put a cap on what you think you can earn. It is easier to double your income than you think. After being inspire ...  Show more

WCI #226: The State of Physician Financial Literacy

How financially literate are physicians? White Coat Investor just celebrated our 10 year anniversary of providing personal finance and investing information to our colleagues. How have we done? In this episode we talk with the chief experience officer at Laurel Road https://white ...  Show more

MtoM #29 - Teacher and Doctor Become Millionaires in 5 years

Elizabeth is 5 years out of training after doing a MD/PhD. Her teacher husband and her left training with a net worth of 650K+ and have since grown that into 2 million. Real Estate has definitely helped with growing their net worth. If you want to learn more about real estate opp ...  Show more

WCI #225: Q&A - Single Income Docs, Insuring Jewelry, Best Time of Year to Retire, Over Saving in a 529

We answer questions for every stage of doctor in this episode. For those starting out we talk about scholarships vs contracts to pay for your medical school before we dive into the extended student loan holiday, single incomes doctors with large families, and whether or not you s ...  Show more

MtoM #28 - EM Doc Pays off $180K in 3 years

Jon wanted to crush that debt so they could move on to other financial goals. Continue living like a resident, you are already used to it. Hardest thing is avoiding temptation. It is simple but not easy. Stay off the hedonic treadmill and you can crush your debt too! https://www. ...  Show more

WCI #224: Q&A- Actively Managed Funds, Savings Rates, Social Index Funds and Home Prices

Would the White Coat Investor exist if I had only interacted with good financial professionals, and not multiple ones that ripped us off and caused me to educate myself and take control of our finances? Probably not. So we have that terrib ...  Show more

MtoM #27 - Academic Endocrinologist Millionaire

This academic endocrinologist follows the WCI advice and reaches millionaire status 3 years and 9 months out of training. How did they do it? They had a written financial plan and automated their finances. You need an investing plan to be successful! https://www.whitecoatinvestor ...  Show more

WCI #223: Understanding Cash Balance Plans

A defined benefit cash balance plan is a somewhat unusual and surprisingly physician specific retirement account. It is a type of a defined benefit plan. On one end you have a defined ...  Show more

MtoM #26 - Orthodontist Pays off $480K

This orthodontist thought about the student loan debt every day until it was paid off. Each year it became less stressful as they made progress and started to see that they could really do it. Being a business owner really pays off when you can set a salary and everything above t ...  Show more

WCI #222: Car insurance: How much do you need?

Get out your car insurance policy and let's go over it to make sure you have the important things covered. Do you need comprehensive or just collision coverage? How much coverage do you need for bodily injury liability? What options should you pass on? How does your umbrella poli ...  Show more

MtoM #25 - Psychiatrist Millionaire

This psychiatrist has a net worth of 2 million dollars, 7 years out of training, despite living paycheck to paycheck with her 6 figure income, until a friend encouraged her financial education as an attending. ...  Show more

WCI #221: Beating the New Death Tax with James Lange

James Lange is a nationally recognized IRA, a 401(k) and retirement plan distribution expert, and the president and founder of the Roth IRA Institute, which helps financial professionals and IRA and retirement plan owners to get the most from their retirement plans using Roth IRA ...  Show more

MtoM #24 - Hospitalist and Obesity Medicine Physician Pays off $156K in 5 years

Jeremiah took a balanced approach to his student loan debt. With a high savings rate you can pay off your loans and invest along the way. Resulted in him being debt free and having a seven figure investing portfolio. Of course taking advantage of geographical arbitrage really hel ...  Show more

WCI #220: Financial Priorities as a New Resident

The point of residency is to learn how to be a good doctor. It's not to try to get rich. But for new residents there are a few financial chores you need to take care of during residency. Don't drop the ball on these. Get in the habit of saving something each month from your paych ...  Show more