How to Grow your Audience Through Authentic Engagement & Connection - Quit Tip

How to Grow your Audience Through Authentic E...

8 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast - It's Your Turn to Podcast Series

How can you make money from your podcast? Cathy shares 8 different ways to monetize your show, including sponsorships, affiliates, memberships, courses, programs, and more! - Cathy's Podcast program is open for enrollment! Sign up at - Shoutout to our ...  Show more

How to Attract Podcast Listeners & Grow an Engaged Audience of Superfans - It's Your Turn to Podcast Series

How can you find your first podcast listeners before you've even started your podcast? In Day 2 of our podcasting series, Cathy shares why the level of engagement is more important than the number of followers, how to create excitement for your show before it launches, and how to ...  Show more

How to Make a Buzzworthy Podcast - It's Your Turn to Podcast Series

What are the first steps you need to take to make a podcast? In this special series, Cathy shares her story about what made this podcast go viral, what simple gear you need to get started, and why now is the best time to let your voice be heard. - Come join us for the free podcas ...  Show more

Alli Webb & Lori Harder on How to Overcome Your Resistance, Stop Apologizing & Own Your Superpower

How can you push through your fears at every step of building a business? Alli Webb (founder of Drybar, Squeeze, Okay Humans, Becket and Quill) and Lori Harder (founder of Lite Pink), serial entrepreneurs and podcast hosts of Girlfriends in Business return to the show to share th ...  Show more

How to Get Your First Coaching Clients & Grow Your Business with Podcasting - Kelsey Murphy

How do you launch a coaching business and get your first clients? Kelsey Murphy, life and business coach, B School mentor, and podcaster returns to the show to share her advice on how to price your coaching services, use podcasting to scale any business, and come back home to wha ...  Show more

"Get in alignment. Let it be a dance." - Daily Dose Minisode

"Whether before you send the email, before you go live on Instagram, you get in alignment. Because if you're not in alignment, you're in your head. You're in your resistance. It sucks. When you get in the zone, you let go and you're aligned, you're less matter, more energy. Same ...  Show more

5 Ways to Make a Living Doing What You Love

What are the different ways your passion can become a business? Cathy shares how you can make a living doing what you love as a Maker, Teacher, Curator, Investigator / Content Creator, or Service based business, how each one can be monetized without thousands or hundreds of follo ...  Show more

"We are all needed here." - Daily Dose Minisode

"The win is you being able to break through the fear of putting yourself out there. That is what you teach your kids. If there's a dream you have on your heart, and you tell your children that they should be brave, and they should put things out there and they should study hard - ...  Show more

"There is no good reason we're not all swimming in abundance." - Daily Dose Minisode

"We will receive as much as we believe we can. Period. And why is it a gift to have an abundance of energy, enthusiasm, love, possibility? Why? Because you can give it away. Why is it a gift to have an abundance of money? Because you can give it away. You can help people, you can ...  Show more

Kelly Roach on Growing an 8 Figure Business with Live Launching, Podcasting & Being of Service

How can you connect, engage, and convert your audience by serving with your gifts? Kelly Roach, business strategist and coach, bestselling author, and top marketing podcaster returns to the show to share her best advice on why it's better to take imperfect action, how livestreami ...  Show more

"You have to be willing to receive that what you asked for." - Daily Dose Minisode

"The number one reason why manifesting will not work is because when you ask for something or you pray for something, you have to be willing to receive that what you asked for, that what you prayed for. If we are still protecting ourselves from joy protecting ourselves, we might ...  Show more

3 Steps to Making an Offer & How to Create Your Brand

What should you say when you're putting your offer out in the world? Cathy shares the 3 steps to validating, clarifying, and testing your offer with your audience, how to use the 3x3 method to grow visibility and engagement, and how to create branding that feels in alignment with ...  Show more

"Be visible, connect and make the offer." - Daily Dose Minisode

"What's most important right now is to be visible, connect through engagement, and make the offer. That has to happen every single day. I would say you need to have at least five of those conversations a day. You need to get better at making the promise. The promise is putting yo ...  Show more

"Whatever your thing is, it's not for you. It's for you to give away." - Daily Dose Minisode

"When Daniel Pink was on my show, he said it is a moral obligation. It is selfish to not sell the thing that you know how to do. Gd did not give you the ability to understand color for you to keep it to yourself. You weren't given your empathy, where you can really help people he ...  Show more

Jamila Souffrant on How to Launch Yourself Towards Financial Independence

When your day job is keeping you from the life you desire, how can you set yourself up for financial freedom? Jamila Souffrant, founder of the popular Journey to Launch blog and podcast returns to the show to share her best tips on how to handle your expenses and budget as you pr ...  Show more

"What comes first is courage, and an open heart." - Daily Dose Minisode

"The confidence comes after courage. Courage comes first. But what's more important than confidence is an open heart, love, generosity, enthusiasm. So when we have love, connection, enthusiasm, generosity, open heartedness, we don't even need confidence. But when you have that, a ...  Show more

Helping an Overwhelmed Mom Brighten Up Her Corner of the World

How can you help people from your life experiences and your open heart? Cathy coaches a former teacher Dennise, whose life was forever changed when she gave birth to her son with a rare medical condition that requires her full attention. Find out how to cultivate connection and t ...  Show more

"Move out of the old self, into the new." - Daily Dose Minisode

"You are needed. Period. You do not have to be perfect. Period. You don't have to have it all figured out today. Period. You're allowed to be in a process.  Help yourself chart the clues to your destiny, step out of the artefact of the old brain, the old self that wants to keep f ...  Show more

"People don't really get what money is." - Daily Dose Minisode

"Money is paper. Money is a story that communicates energy. These are like certificates in exchange for energy. People don't really get what money is. They just don't get what life is actually about. And they don't get that the only thing that's actually happening here in this wo ...  Show more