Fidelity's CIO on why the US dollar is headed south

Fidelity's CIO on why the US dollar is headed...

Ready, steady, pitch! Analysts on their most exciting investment trends

In this month's Rich Pickings three of Fidelity's equity analysts pitch what they think is the most exciting investment opportunity in their sector to a critical panel of portfolio managers.  Richard Edgar adjudicates as analysts Johnny Tseng, Emma Newey, and Alex Laing as they p ...  Show more

Fidelity's CIO justifies a risk-on bias

Fidelity International's core asset allocation remains risk-on despite odd bond markets, poor China data, and Covid case numbers. To find out why, Editor in Chief Richard Edgar talks to Global Chief Investment Officer Andrew McCaffery. Read more at fidelityinternational.comSee om ...  Show more

Where next for inflation

Is inflation here today, gone tomorrow? Or in for the long haul? This is the question preying on the minds of central bankers and investors alike. But never fear: Fidelity's analysts and macro team have been poring over the data and in this month's Rich Pickings Richard Edgar tal ...  Show more

What Fidelity's CIO makes of The Fed's surprise

The US Federal Reserve's latest meeting signalled rate rises could come forward by a year to 2023. Richard Edgar talks to Fidelity International's Global Chief Investment Officer Andrew McCaffery about what this unexpected gear shift by the central bank means for markets and asse ...  Show more

The real workhorse of Asia Pacific

China might dominate headlines but there's a lot more to Asia Pacific than a single country. We're talking developed economies with well-established capital markets benefiting from proximity to the world's productivity powerhouses.  To hear about some of the unsung heroes of the ...  Show more

Fidelity CIO on why we're calling it a miniboom

Andrew McCaffery, Global Chief Investment Officer at Fidelity International, talks to Richard Edgar about the regained calm in markets, why now is the time to keep a close eye on further credibility tests, and why Japanese equities are looking up. Audio excerpts from: The Atlanti ...  Show more

The Testing of The Fed and other tales of central bank credibility

Efforts to mitigate the economic impact of Covid-19 have left us with debt mountains higher than after the second world war. As governments begin to roll out big post-pandemic fiscal programmes and increase the debt still further the role of central banks becomes increasingly vit ...  Show more

Fidelity's Global CIO on inflation and The Fed

Andrew McCaffery, Global Chief Investment Officer at Fidelity International, talks to Richard Edgar about the current psychology of markets, The Fed's stance (is it right?), and how to think about asset allocation at this important juncture.See for privacy ...  Show more

Counting down the days: The 2021 Analyst Survey

The results are in for Fidelity's annual Analyst Survey. Over 140 sector experts from across the world have been asked for a detailed picture of how they expect to see their companies perform in the coming year, from the health of balance sheets to the confidence of management te ...  Show more

The big vaccine rollout episode

The speed and efficiency of vaccine programmes varies greatly from country to country. What does that mean for the re-opening of the global economy? To find out, this month Richard Edgar talks to Amit Lodha, global equities portfolio manager; Judith Finegold, a portfolio manager ...  Show more

(What) A Year In Review: The history made and lessons learnt

At the end of a year that tested policy makers, challenged investors, and remodelled economies Richard Edgar asks Global Chief Investment Officer Andrew McCaffery and Portfolio Manager Charlotte Harington to listen back to what they said as the crisis unfolded. What were they thi ...  Show more

Outlook 2021: Seizing the new reality

In this penultimate episode of a year that took everyone by surprise we hear from Fidelity's chief investment officers about how to approach the next twelve months. Richard Edgar, Editor in Chief, talks to Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income, Steve Ellis; Chief Investment O ...  Show more

US elections: The very different fiscal scenarios

With the US elections fast approaching we take stock of what the radically different policies proposed by the two potential administrations could mean for markets and investors. Richard Edgar talks to Fidelity's Global Head of Macro Salman Ahmed.See for pr ...  Show more

CIO update: Strength in numbers

Fidelity CIO Andrew McCaffery talks with Editor in Chief Richard Edgar about:- the role of confidence in recovery- how robust the US economy is in the face of election turbulence- what investors can do to protect portfolios and where China can helpSee for ...  Show more

Allocating for recovery

How should investors approach the road to recovery and its inevitable potholes? This month, Editor in Chief Richard Edgar discusses rebounds, stimulus, second waves, and the likelihood of inflation with Chief Investment Officer for Fixed Income Steve Ellis; Global Economist Anna ...  Show more

CIO update: How to spot resilience

We're back from the summer break and to get things going Richard Edgar hears from Chief Investment Officer Andrew McCaffery about where market expectations find themselves, what the latest signals from the Fed could mean for investors, and how to recognise resilience.See omnystud ...  Show more

Beware the consensus: what the US election means for investors

A deeply divided America heads to the ballot box in three months. Incumbent President Trump faces Democratic nominee Joe Biden in an election that's taking place in the midst of a health crisis, a faltering economy, and widespread social unrest. This month we ask the investment t ...  Show more

July's CIO update: What to expect this summer

Fidelity's global Chief Investment Officer Andrew McCaffery assesses the scale and effectiveness of state intervention that lead to a remarkable second quarter for markets, and summarises his outlook for the third quarter and beyond.  Also covered: - the new normal for Fidelity s ...  Show more

Know your enemy

Understanding Covid-19 and its potential impact has become fundamental to shaping investment decisions. In this month's Rich Pickings we hear about the research that's being carried out by the investment teams on the virus, what they've learnt, and how it's filtering through to p ...  Show more