Hair loss and Heartbreak in 1996

Hair loss and Heartbreak in 1996

The Recovered Registered Nurse with Angela Ballard

Angela shares her testimony of how she successfully defeated Lyme Disease despite how it affected her physically and emotionally. She also shares her Ampcoil discovery journey - its support team and the overwhelming help she gets from the Ampcoil Community.Ampcoil Coil is a syste ...  Show more

Binding Toxins, Bioactive Carbons and CellCore with Dr. Jay Davidson

This episode will help you understand how CellCore supports different Chronic disease states and biotoxin illnesses. My top three takeaways from the show are as follows! Number 1: Find out the environmental toxins that are more possibly harmful than heavy metals and why they have ...  Show more

Fixing a Billion Brains with Dr Patrick Porter

This episode focuses on the brain and its unlimiting capacity. Discover the key to better well-being as Patrick shares the explanation behind each brainwave state and how they affect our system, how the energy produced boosts our brain function, and how changing your mindset prov ...  Show more

Spermidine and Extending Lifespan with Don Moxley

This episode focuses on the quality of life extension and vitality as he discusses how Spermidine Life came to be. We’ll delve into how the supplement works in our body Don shares the autophagy process, why spermidine is an essential nutrient, and how it improves our overall syst ...  Show more

Ice Baths and Biohacking with Jason and Adrienne

This episode focuses on promoting the idea of cold therapy. Jason and Adrienne will unpack the features and unique details of The Forge Ice Bath which may enhance your physical, emotional, and psychological state. This episode will open your eyes to new ways in optimizing and a h ...  Show more

Crystal-Phi Technology with Arthur Franklin

This episode focuses on discovering the power of sacred geometry and strengthening your connection with nature. We would explore how these crystal-infused blankets have helped relieve stress, provide relaxation, and have its ability to heal the body. Arthur will also recall his e ...  Show more

We made it to 100!

This special episode focuses on the heart and its ultimate role in our body. Is it the pumping and contracting of blood? An energetic force that drives blood and energy through the body? Or a feedback system wherein it responds to our body’s needs? Freddie will discuss all that a ...  Show more

Quantifying your Biohacks with Elias Arjan

This episode focuses on showing how Biostrap is a game-changer in the health and wellness industry. Elias will discuss its features and how its recorded biometrics can make you consciously aware of your health. He will also share on why we tend to overlook simple biohacks, seeing ...  Show more

Breathwork, Biohacking, and Warrior Woman Mode with Kristin Wietzel

This episode focuses on her journey towards self-optimization and biohacking and how she had cohabited these into her optimal wellness program for women. It will also explore the power of expression on being truly yourself as she shares her experience on not holding on with her p ...  Show more

Modern Mom's Gap Year Part 2 with Scott and Cathy Whelehan

This episode focuses on exploring modern-day relationships and guiding them on building a beautiful community within families. The couple will open up about their journey and how continuous changes in their lifestyle has helped with individual and relationship growth. They will a ...  Show more

Modern Mom's Gap year: Part 1 with Scott and Cathy Whelehan

This episode will resonate with families across the world. These three friends explore the limitations of the current marriage contract, how Cathy and Scott have created a third option between breaking up and pushing through, why love isn’t enough, and so much more. No matter whe ...  Show more

Fix your Breath, Heal your Life with Kasper van der Meulen

This episode focuses on guiding you to the key to better health. Kasper shares how breathwork connects ancient and modern science, a step-by-step guide on powerful techniques and methods that you can try on, and its phenomenal effects that can lead you to a better state.HIGHLIGHT ...  Show more

The Blind Boihacker Victor Mifsud

This episode focuses on his journey of seeing the world through a new lens as he overcomes life’s challenges. Victor shares the importance of vision care and different approaches on maintaining proper care. He will also open up on encountering neuroplasticity, red light therapy, ...  Show more

Detoxing, Autism, and Glyphosate Oh My- With Glenn Wilhelm

In this episode, Freddie invites Glenn Wilhelm - a national sales manager for A Major Difference, Inc. for 10 years. Glenn advocates to eliminate toxins in our body that we ourselves are not even aware of. He is indeed an epitome of knowledge as he is jam-packed with insights abo ...  Show more

Technology for Improved Bone Health- with Sarah Glicken

This episode is full of knowledge and substance. Sarah will share what OsteoStrong is, how it can help in improving bone health, and accessing it. She will also share some of her research inputs on pharmaceutical interventions and calcium supplements for bone health. Also, Sarah ...  Show more

The Most Incredible Survivor story EVER with Matt Ode

EPISODE NOTESIn this episode, Freddie invites Matt Ode. Matt is a brave soul who has suffered and survived cancer. Through his near-death and rock-bottom experiences, he became a catalyst of change through his social media presence and the creation of his Facebook group to suppor ...  Show more

The Beautifully Broken Buyers Guide

EPISODE NOTESWe are at the end of Season 2. Freddie talks about the future for The Beautifully Broken Podcast and the new membership platform. He also talks about the continued search for wellness and announcing the Beautifully Broken Buyer’s Guide.This episode is not the end of ...  Show more

The Cancer Misfit with Saskia Lightstar

 EPISODE NOTESIn this episode, Freddie invites Saskia Lightstar - a Cancer Misfit, a spiritual teacher, and an inspirational speaker. She talks about her experience with cancer, how she powered through her cancer journey, and how it has made her into the empowered woman and Cance ...  Show more

Awareness is my Superpower

EPISODE NOTESIn this episode, Freddie reflects on 2020, how the past year has brought him realizations and self-awareness, and the positive light that 2021 may yet bring to each and every one of us.This episode is a delicate and intimate episode where Freddie pours his heart out ...  Show more