Apple's VR Headset Could Have 8K Displays, Cost $3000

Apple's VR Headset Could Have 8K Displays, Co...

Steam Deck in the 'Final Stages of Development', Dev Kits Being Sent Out

Full Steam ahead. 

Activision Blizzard Employees File NLRB Suit Accusing Company of Union Busting, Intimidation

Group says the company threatened outspoken employees, told them they could not discuss wages, hours, working conditions. 

Ryan Reynolds' Soccer Team Is Going to Be in FIFA 22

Wrexham AFC look set to take on the (rest of the) world! 

KOTOR Remake: Jennifer Hale Will Reprise Her Role as Bastila Shan

And it sounds like more familiar voices will return, too. 

Metroid Prime's Crunch Was So Bad That It Nearly Broke Retro Studios

The studio tasked with the first 3D Metroid almost collapsed, before a change in leadership. 

Billionaire Wants to Build a Real-Life Rapture in the Desert

No Gods or Kings, Only Man. 

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Release Date Seemingly Leaks

October is looking really stacked for gaming. 

Pokémon Go Announces Changes After Community Outcry

Communication will be evolved. 

9/1/21: South Korea Passes Law With Potentially Big Implications For Epic Games v. Apple

The new legislation means Apple and Google must now allow app developers to use other payment systems. 

No One Solution' For Naughty Dog Crunch, Neil Druckmann Says

The Sony studio addresses working conditions in a new interview. 

Ed Asner, Star of Pixar's Up, Dies at 91

Asner's famed career spanned from Mary Tyler Moore to modern day. 

Overwatch Announces It Will Change McCree's Name, Who Was Named After a Former Blizzard Developer

Future characters will no longer be named after real developers. 

How Park Beyond’s ‘Impossification’ Pushes Past the Limits of Real Life Rollercoasters - Gamescom 2021

The park management game allows all players to create physics-defying rides and coasters. 

Activision Blizzard: California Lawsuit Accuses Publisher's HR Department of Shredding Documents

Amended complaint also adds temp workers to lawsuit, Activision Blizzard responds. 

Twitch Streamers Organise Boycott in Protest at Hate Raids

Streamers announce #ADayOffTwitch. 

The Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Could Be a Death Blow for World of Warcraft

Even before the lawsuit, WoW was bleeding players. 

Danny DeVito Abruptly Loses Twitter Verification After Tweeting Support For Nabisco Strike

It's no longer sunny on Twitter. 

Among Us Developers Call Out Fortnite's Sus New Mode

Call an emergency meeting! 

Skyrim's Iconic Cart Ride Was At One Point Derailed Due To Bees

Not the bees. 

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