383: Developing Long-Lasting Relationships with Mark Weaver and Darrell Wilson

383: Developing Long-Lasting Relationships wi...

385: Aligning the Work with the Mission with Suman Sorg

This week, I am speaking with the award-winning architect and designer Suman Sorg, a fellow of the AIA and founder of Sorg Architects. She has also recently formed a non-profit design firm, A Complete Unknown, in her home in Washington DC. The A Complete Unknown design firm has a ...  Show more

384: Building a Construction Business with Michael Grosswendt

This week, I'm speaking to Mike Grosswendt who is the CEO and Founder of All Coast Construction, a construction company based on the west coast of the US. Mike focuses his attention onto new construction and restorations. He's worked with many world-renowned architects. He's work ...  Show more

382: Being a Young Entrepreneur with Ryan Saghian

This week, I am talking to Los Angeles-based interior designer, Ryan Saghian, who is emerging as one of the most formidable talents, inspiring many young people that they too can follow their dreams. Ryan is only 28, and even before hitting his 30th birthday, he's overcome many c ...  Show more

381: Lessons on Business Development with Paul Ferro

This week, I'm talking to Paul of Form4 Architecture. Paul founded Form4 alongside Robert J. Giannini In 1998, Robert Giannini was the CEO when the company began, and for more than 21 years, Giannini guided the firm with the co-founders Ferro, John Marx, and James Tefend. Over th ...  Show more

380: What Does it Really Take to Run a Business with Robert Yuen

This week, I am speaking with Robert Yuen. Robert is the CEO and Co-Founder of Monograph, which is a software company revolutionizing the future in how architectural projects are managed. Robert used to work as an architectural designer in Chicago. He ultimately ended up settling ...  Show more

379: Creative Entrepreneurship with Maryline Damour

This week, we speak to Maryline Damour, the Co-founder of interior design and construction firm Damour Drake, who has an impressive portfolio of work ranging from Brooklyn lofts to even an 18th-century cathedral in Haiti, which has been damaged in the 2010 earthquake. Maryline wo ...  Show more

378: Making Connections with David Croteau

This week, I'm speaking with David Croteau who serves as the President and Principal of Flansburgh Architects. David has over 35 years of experience managing, planning, and designing projects throughout the U.S. and has worked internationally in over 30 different countries. David ...  Show more

377: Sustainable growth and Business Longevity with Kyle Webb

This week, I'm speaking to Kyle Webb who is the Founder and Principal of KH Webb Architects who are based in Colorado. Webb Architects was born in 1999 and boasts and an impressive array of innovative designs, many of them getting regional and national recognition. A lot of these ...  Show more

376: Monuments to Creativity with Eric Clough

This week, I'm speaking to Eric Clough who is the founder of Manhattan-based design firm 212box. Eric was originally from the Midwest and spent his formative years in both Brussels and London. He graduated from Yale in 1999 and founded 212box in late 2000. 212box is actually made ...  Show more

375: Successful and Transformative Design with LuxySpace

This week, I'm speaking to Christina Kaz and Lilit Devejian, Founders and Principal Designers of LUXYSPACE, an interior design firm based in California with studios in both Fresno and Beverly Hills. Christina and Lilit have a fabulous story and a very inspiring relationship. Both ...  Show more

374: The Intersection of Economics and Design with Bee Rarewala

This week, we are speaking with Bee Rarewala who is the Vice President and Director of Corporate Brand Strategy and Communications at CRTKL. She recently joined the LA office and she centered her 20-year career around the nexus of design-thinking and business strategy. She actual ...  Show more

373: Slow, Steady, and Deliberate Growth with David Hacin

This week, I am speaking with David Hacin who is the Founding Principal and Creative Director of Hacin + Associates, an interdisciplinary architecture design firm founded in Boston in 1993. They're currently a 30+person team dedicated to design excellence and client service. Davi ...  Show more

372: The Architect-Developer Relationship with Geoff Ross

This week, I am speaking with Geoff Ross. Geoff is a real estate development executive who has interdisciplinary expertise. He has both been trained as an architect and has worked in several architectural offices in New York City, and then he transitioned into the ownership and d ...  Show more

371: Technology as a Competitive Advantage with Boris Rapoport

This week, I'm speaking with architecture firm IT Specialist, Boris Rapoport. Boris has had over 20 years of experience helping architectural design and engineering firms make their business more efficient and profitable with the use of technology. He is the founder of the IT sup ...  Show more

370: Looking Over the Horizon with Griff Davenport

This week, I'm speaking with Griff Davenport, FAIA, who is the DLR Group's Chief Executive Officer. Griff leads the firm's executive leadership team and collaborates with the senior leadership to craft the firm's business strategy and to progress the evolution of DLR Group design ...  Show more

369: Hospitality Beyond the Aesthetic with Arnaud Zannier

This week, I am speaking with Arnaud Zannier, Founder of Zannier Hotel Group. This is a must-listen for those firms who are interested in working in high-end hospitality. Arnaud entered into hospitality after a successful career running his own fashion brand. When building the Za ...  Show more

368: Designing an Architecture Practice with Anthony Laney

This week, we're speaking with Anthony Laney, an architect, designer, Co-Founder, and Partner of Laney LA, an architecture firm based in Los Angeles predominantly focused on residential work. In this conversation, Anthony discusses their marketing strategies and their business ap ...  Show more

367: Happitecture - Building a Thriving Practice and Community with Michelle Fenton

Today, I'm speaking with Michelle Fenton who runs Khora Architecture, a firm based in Vancouver, Canada. She also hosts the podcast Happitecture, which aims to explore ideas and discover what it takes to develop resilient, sustainable, thriving, inclusive, and happy communities. ...  Show more

366: Elevating the Client Experience with Peter Twohy

Architect Peter Twohy runs residential architecture practice in Baltimore, Maryland. Over the past 16 years, Peter has gone from designing basements and porches to being recognized as one of Baltimore's premier architects. Today, Peter shares lessons learned building his firm as ...  Show more