Ep #609 - The Power of Developing a Success Mindset - Own Your Power Success Tip

Ep #609 - The Power of Developing a Success M...

Ep #614 - Why use a mortgage broker in multifamily real estate?

Adam Finkel is co-founder of Tower Capital, a Phoenix-based  Commercial Real Estate Structured Finance Firm, specializing in debt and equity placement for most commercial real estate  asset classes. Here’s some of the topics we covered: Use a broker or go direct to lender? Levera ...  Show more

Ep #613 - The Power of Visualization - Own Your Power Success Tip

A powerful and important strategy. Visualizing allows us to see the outcomes we desire, and realize that they are achievable. Visualizing gives your subconscious something to work toward every day. People from celebrities to top performing athletes use visualization to achieve th ...  Show more

Ep #612 - How to invest as a Canadian in Multifamily properties in the U.S.

August Biniaz and Ava Benesocky are co owners of CPI Capital, a Canadian investment firm. With a background as successful real estate agents, Ava and August saw an opportunity to bring multifamily opportunities in the U.S. to Canadian investors. Here’s some of the topics we cover ...  Show more

Ep #611 - The Power of Guiding Principles - Own Your Power Success Tip

Integrity, Authenticity, Love, Resilience - what are your guiding principles? Your guiding principles can be both personal and for your business. In this episode Rod talks about the core values and guiding principles that run through his companies.  

Ep #610 - How to be aggressive as an analytical type in Multifamily

Sam Bates of Bates Capital realized a W-2 job was not going to satisfy his desire to help people improve their lives so he started investing in real estate. He started his real estate journey in 2009 and has been directly involved in the acquisition, reposition, disposition, and ...  Show more

Ep #608 - MFRS - You don’t know your potential, so why limit it?

Warrior Ryan Dworak started his multifamily journey with a 4 unit. He quickly realized he needed some guidance and joined the Warrior Program. Since that time Ryan and his wife Britni have closed on over 200 doors, half of them as General Partners. Ryan and Britni have a daughter ...  Show more

Ep #607 - Multifamily Renovation and Rehab

Van Sturgeon grew up on the south side of Chicago and has built and renovated thousands of homes all across North America. Van currently owns and manages over 1,000 units in Michigan, Ohio, New Brunswick and Florida and is author of multiple books on renovation and rehabbing.   H ...  Show more

Ep #606 -.MFRS - How to get on your first multifamily team

Warrior Kevin Easterly has invested in over 250 apartments and has diverse real estate experience in rehabbing, purchases, and running large construction teams. Kevin has the ability to assess risks and invest wisely in the best interest of the entire team and investors. Here’s s ...  Show more

Ep #605 - Multifamily Asset Management 101

Mike Woodfield has been responsible for overseeing and asset managing $300,000,000 in multifamily deals over the last 5+ years. During that time Mike oversaw the renovation of 2,200 multifamily units totaling $30,000,000 in improvements which created millions in value-add. Mike h ...  Show more

Ep #604 - The Power that comes from Fun and Playfulness - Own Your Power Success Tip

You will influence more people by being happy and playful. Creativity and innovation comes about when you are being playful. Plato said you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation. Be happily achieving. Be present, fun, curious and playful ...  Show more

Ep #603 - MFRS - 300 Units without Syndicating.

Warrior Phil Klima runs a successful car dealership and got into single family housing. After closing on a 31 unit deal he quickly discovered the advantages of multifamily. Phil has built a portfolio of total real estate assets valued at just north of $20M and total units just ov ...  Show more

Ep #602 - The best place to put your money during inflation

Keith Weinhold started his multifamily journey with a 4-plex in Anchorage Alaska of all places. Since then Keith has become a bestselling author and podcaster in the Commercial Real Estate space. Keith has been on the show previously as one of my earliest interviews: Episode #89 ...  Show more

Ep #601 - The Power that comes from Speed of Implementation - Own Your Power Success Tip

Putting things into motion quickly for a competitive “leg up”. Rapid implementation involves identifying opportunities and quickly responding to new problems. Rapid implementation can also help your company or team achieve their goals by quickly responding to changes in the econo ...  Show more

Ep #600 - MFRS - Left a Pharmacy Career to Pursue Multifamily!

Warrior Tien Truong graduated from Long Island University with a Doctorate of Pharmacy.  Tien is now a full time multifamily investment specialist spending her time buying large apartment complexes, and helping others learn how to achieve low-risk double digit returns. Her missio ...  Show more

Ep #599 - Multifamily Asset Management 101

Sandhya Seshadri is an experienced general partner in all aspects of multifamily from broker relationships, underwriting, analysis and raising capital to close syndication deals. Her background gives her a unique view of what it takes to be a successful asset manager. Here’s some ...  Show more

Ep #598 - The Power of Self Mastery - Own Your Power Success Tip

Your level of success is dictated by your level of self mastery. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power - Lao Tzu. Self Mastery means being decisive and controlling your thoughts. Self Mastery requires getting outside your comfort zone and taking risks. 

Ep #597 - MFRS - Husband and Wife Multifamily Team Crushing It First Year

Warriors Jon and his wife Sam Wells have been crushing it in the space while working two full-time jobs, and raising two kids. The two currently own as General Partners over $10+MM in Multifamily assets across 172 units. They are also Limited Partners in 2014 units across 5 Multi ...  Show more

Ep #596 - “Nothing Down” and “Multiple Streams of Income” author Robert Allen

Robert Allen is the author or co-author of some of the most influential financial books of all time including the New York Times mega-bestsellers Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income and The One Minute Millionaire. Combined, his 11 books have sold over 4,000, ...  Show more

Ep #595 - The Power of Having a Target - Own Your Power Success Tip

A target is something you aim for, an objective that you want to reach. A target is something that will provide a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and satisfaction when you hit it.    Napoleon Hill said, “Set your target and keep trying until you reach it.” Whatever target y ...  Show more