Travel boycotts: where would you refuse to go?

Travel boycotts: where would you refuse to go...

The things we miss (and the things we really don't) about travel

Long-haul in economy? Airport coffee? Hotel mini-bars? Dodgy cab drivers? There are some things we really miss about travel in this COVID-enforced down time - and some things we really, really don't. In this episode we're taking a long, hard look at the travel experience and deci ...  Show more

How to lift your travel photography game

Ever wondered how the pros take such amazing travel photos? Ever wanted to transform your own holiday snaps into Instagram-friendly, wall-worthy masterpieces? Then this is the episode for you, as we chat to two professional photographers to get their tips on lifting your travel p ...  Show more

Guide to WA: Everything to experience in Western Australia

It's not always easy to get into WA right now, but this is one huge state that is certainly worth the effort, with incredible beaches, iconic wilderness areas, great food and wine, and so much more. Join the Flight of Fancy team to find out where to go and what to do on your next ...  Show more

Tokyo: Everything to eat, drink, see and do

With the Olympic Games upon us, Ben Groundwater presents an unashamed love letter to one of the world's truly great travel destinations: Tokyo. Ben is joined by a host of Japanophiles, including TV host Adam Liaw and author Jane Lawson, to try to explain this huge and nebulous ci ...  Show more

Travel with kids: Can you still have adventures when you're a parent?

Here's the question so many of us ask ourselves: can you still be a hardcore traveller once you have kids? The answer, as we discover on this episode, is yes, and no. It's all about how you approach your holiday. Join Ben Groundwater, Flip Byrnes and Sheriden Rhodes to find out h ...  Show more

How to have a big, dumb, crazy travel adventure

Have you ever dreamed of going on a serious adventure, of veering way outside your comfort zone and throwing all caution to the wind? Travel writers Flip Byrnes and David McGonigal live for these experiences, and on this episode they explain how to make your big dreams a reality. ...  Show more

Bonus episode: What's it like to travel in Europe right now?

Travel in Europe is on. For international visitors and domestic guests. It's happening right now, and one of Flight of Fancy's favourites, Germany-based travel writer Flip Byrnes, is calling in from the cobbled streets of Rome to tell us what travel is like in a post-vaccine worl ...  Show more

How to travel the world without leaving Australia: food

Now more than ever, it's so nice to feel like you're in another country, even if you aren't. And the great news for Australians is we can do just that through the humble meal, through local restaurants, cafes and markets that will take you instantly to another culture, to another ...  Show more

The best things to see and do in the NT

Now is the perfect time to book a trip to the Northern Territory, but the big question is, what do you do once you get there? In this episode we look at everything from Kakadu to Uluru, from Litchfield to Larapinta, plus get a special insight into the NT's Indigenous tourism scen ...  Show more

Winter is coming: All the best cold-weather experiences

Whether you want to hit the snow for some ski action, curl up by a fire with a glass of red, or head north for some sunshine, winter is almost upon us in Australia, and now is the time to book that getaway. On this episode we cover all of the best winter experiences, and reveal h ...  Show more

Why the A380 superjumbo is the world's greatest plane

As the last-ever A380 takes off from the Airbus factory in Toulouse, we're taking a special deep-dive into every traveller's favourite aircraft: what's it like to pilot an A380, what's it like to work on one, and why has this amazing plane already reached the end of its shelf-lif ...  Show more

Bonus episode: Special guest Jacinda Ardern talks travel in NZ

As the trans-Tasman bubble opens and overseas travel resumes, we welcome a very special guest - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern - to hear about her favourite destinations in her homeland, as well as her take on how the bubble will work, and what to expect if things go w ...  Show more

Living overseas: The greatest adventure in travel

Have you ever dreamed of moving overseas? Have you fantasised about picking up your life and shifting it to a foreign country, immersing yourself long-term in a completely different world? These two travellers have done it - albeit in vastly different ways - and they're here to s ...  Show more

Bonus episode: the NZ travel bubble

International travel is back! Following the announcement of the New Zealand travel bubble with Australia, this bonus episode examines what the bubble is, what it means, how it will work, and which countries could be opening up next. See for privacy informa ...  Show more

Overseas experiences you can have in Australia

How do you capture the overseas travel experience right here in Australia? How do you have the same excitement, the same bewilderment, the same cultural clashes and wild experiences? Host Ben Groundwater is joined by Rob McFarland and Sue Williams to find out. See ...  Show more

Two women who conquered the world

Imagine visiting every country on Earth. Every single nation. It's only been done by a few hundred people in human history; and only by a handful of women. On today's episode we're meeting Marty and Rach, who have almost achieved that amazing feat, to find out what they've learne ...  Show more

#vanlife: The travel trend taking over Australia

Who knew that the daggy holidays of our childhoods would suddenly be dominating our social media feeds in the 2020s? That caravans and campervans would become THE travel accessory of the COVID age? Join Ben Groundwater, Kerry van der Jagt and Jarryd Salem to talk all things "van ...  Show more

Outrageous Australia: The wildest experiences at home

You might think you know what to expect in Australia. You might think this country is maybe a little predictable. But there are some wild, wild experiences to be had here, some fantastic experiences, some outrageous experiences, and some experiences that will make you question if ...  Show more

The best things to see and do in Victoria

Last year was a rough one for Victoria, but this great state is once again open for business, and its residents are ready to welcome visitors. Now is the time for tourists to head back to Victoria, to experience everything that makes it wonderful, that makes it beautiful, that ma ...  Show more