Boom Bust: China takes aim at Alipay & Northern Ireland’s trade deal

Boom Bust: China takes aim at Alipay & Northe...

Keiser Report: XCheck your privilege

In this episode of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the two-tier social justice system whereby the powerful and the famous are exempt from the consequences of their ‘terms of service’ violations, unlike the millions of deplorables. In the second half, Max continues his interv ...  Show more

Boom Bust: Evergrande debt contagion spreads to global markets

Evergrande Group, one of China’s largest lenders, could be on the verge of a debt default, with the prospect sending tremors throughout markets around the globe. Michael Gayed, publisher of the Lead-Lag Report, offers his forecast on the future of the indebted firm and whether it ...  Show more

Dennis Miller+1: David Guetta has defied odds & remained relevant in ever-changing music industry

David Guetta, who is celebrating over 1.5 billion Youtube views for his hit song Titanium, sits down with Dennis Miller to talk about his impressive 20 year run in the business and how his songs have remained timeless through the many changes in the industry. 

I Don't Understand with William Shatner: How do people get involved in cults?

Charles Manson documentaries continue to fascinate us 40 years later for a reason. We are intrigued by cults and looking for a satisfying explanation for why people join in the first place. Most of us boldly claiming "that would never happen to me!" But could it? Author of "Culti ...  Show more

CrossTalk Bullhorns, HOME EDITION: Going rogue?

In the US, Democrats talk endlessly about the so-called January 6 insurrection. They are less concerned with the real possibility that General Mark Milley went constitutionally rogue. Also, the art of stabbing an ally in the back – France is furious! CrossTalking with Glenn Diese ...  Show more

Going Underground: Slavoj Zizek on the failure of liberalism, & more

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to world-renowned communist philosopher Slavoj Zizek, author of ‘Heaven in Disorder’. He discusses the ‘disorder under heaven’ quote by Chairman Mao Zedong and why he has turned it on its head for the title of his new book, the ideol ...  Show more

Renegade Inc. | Universities during the Covid crisis: Let’s milk those student cash cows!

Here’s the new British university business model: charge students full price for their course and their campus accommodation, then deliver only around 15% of the course while restricting access to their digs. And now the masterstroke: rebrand all this as “blended online learning” ...  Show more

Worlds Apart: The worst scenario? Brahma Chellaney, professor at the Center for Policy Research

While the Biden administration still insists on painting the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as a success, many of America’s allies are just as bent on seeing it as a total failure. One of them is India, which – after having invested over $3 billion in Afghanistan’s economy and mu ...  Show more

On Contact: The second American revolution

On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the Second American Revolution with author David Talbot. The populist uprisings of the Progressive Era, labor militancy of the 1930s, and the sweeping social and cultural transformations of the 1960s and 1970s constitute America’s second revolu ...  Show more

Sputnik Orbiting the World: A new Canada and an old Cold War

Canada, the apparently nicer, gentler country in North America, seldom makes it into the news in Britain, which is surprising, given the Queen is on their bank notes and there's a long colonial history. They appeared happy to be a little boring, content to get on with creating a ...  Show more

The Big Picture | Cave syndrome: Another fall, another shutdown?

Covid cases are approaching numbers we saw in the winter. With another lockdown increasingly likely, what long-term effects have we seen from prolonged isolation? NJ recovers from Hurricane Ida, while Florida is inundated with new coronavirus cases. 

Redacted Tonight: Iceland’s 4-day work week experiment, Brazil’s elections

Lee Camp reports on a recent experiment in Iceland. The Nordic country decided to make a radical change to its national economy by trialing a four-day work week without reducing pay. Mainstream economists would assume that this would lead to decreased productivity and harm the ec ...  Show more

Keiser Report: The MMT argument & a green golden rule

On this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at the loopholes being invented to add more debt to otherwise over-indebted monetary, economic and financial systems. In the second half, Max interviews Pierre Noizat of about proof of work and anti-entropy mone ...  Show more

Going Underground | Former Gaddafi spokesman: Libyan majority SILENCED by NATO bombs

On this episode of Going Underground, we firstly speak to the former spokesperson for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. He discusses the 2011 intervention by NATO which ‘silenced the Libyan majority,’ why he is in Cairo to coordinate political operations with Libyan counterparts, Br ...  Show more

Boom Bust: Cybercrime rising on Telegram? & SEC seeks crypto regulation

New reports from the Financial Times and Cyberint have shown that cybercrime is on the rise on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. Boom Bust’s Ben Swann brings us up to speed on the investigation and what it means for the service. Then we turn to the ongoing labor shortage ...  Show more

Eat the Press | Host: ‘F’ their freedoms

They just won't stop making their insulting analogies between COVID deaths and those suffered in our wars and on 9/11. We'll show you more from the agenda driven media. The Taliban in America? The media is hysterical over the new abortion law in the state of Texas. Danielle D'Sou ...  Show more

The World According to Jesse: FBI declassifies first 9/11 documents

Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss the first declassified 9/11 documents, why regulators and scientists are at odds over Covid booster shots, and Prince Andrew’s legal troubles stemming from child sex abuse allegations. Author Dan Kovalik talks about how cancel culture is u ...  Show more

Boom Bust: Chinese housing market on the edge?

China’s cooling housing market is on the edge as the Evergrande Group faces $300 billion in debt. Boom Bust’s Ben Swann and Christy Ai both lend their insight to the fragile sector and offer their forecasts. And US retail sales rallied in August, but is the trend here to stay? Mi ...  Show more

CrossTalk: Incompetent elites

Western civilization and culture have been infected by a mindset that prizes ideology over competence and virtue over reason. And democracy is only a good idea if and when it serves elite interests. Then there is an issue of competence. Competence used to be rewarded, now incompe ...  Show more