Mateus goes California

Mateus goes California

The LAST episode of JTE as YOU know it

This is the MOTHER of all episodes! The last episode I record with Jeff Lidala, Dusty Estepp and James Godwin. ALSO, the roasters who are on the roast of ME(Lukas Mateus) are ALLLLLL featured on this episode! You got Tucker Lappi, Brandon Gerber, Shaena, Halima Abshir, Ty Moore a ...  Show more

Johnny Collins the new host

This is a cringe worthy episode to say the least.. I’m moving out of Ohio so I’ve kinda lost any reason to care. Life is short and we all die, so whatevs! Johnny Collins is a good friend and funny comic here in Columbus and starting after I leave, your new host for the open mic a ...  Show more

Connor Dunn is awkward

Connor Dunn is a Columbus comedian who is awkward but I enjoyed hanging out. Sorry the episode is late it’s been a busy time for JTE(mainly me). Enjoy us chatting it up and it’s been so long since we recorded I’ve completely forgot what we discussed so it’ll be a good time no mat ...  Show more

Gerbs my best friend

Brandon Gerber is back! This episode was fun. Annoying but fun. Jeff was TANKED, messes up the intro, can’t answer questions about his tooth pains and constantly falls asleep... Brandon was funny too 

Secret Halima episode

I wanted to talk to Halima Abshir one on one without the chaos that is Jeff and Dusty. She’s a funny comic in Columbus who is also probably, secretly, the most intelligent. We discuss Egypt, her Somalian truck driver uncles and comedy. She’s passionate about comedy and young, so ...  Show more

Film maker turned comic: Eric Boso

Eric is one of the newest editions to Columbus Comedy and he’s already hosting his own shows! We take a trip back our roots in this episode, Jeff’s cum stained couch! Eric has lived an interesting life and is very unique comic with an even more unique laugh 

Matt Edwards and his great hair

Meet comedian Matt Edwards! He has the best radio voice over all of us, looks like a Kennedy and puts syllables in weird places but I loved having him on JTE none the less 

My boss came to fire me

This is another NON comic episode and I really enjoy talkin to civilians. Elias Brice joins us with his own home brewed beer that he can’t legally sell to anyone.. Dusty doesn’t like beer but to hell with him, I had questions! It’s funny hearing a non drinker question a guy who m ...  Show more

Talkin with Jordyn Reinhard

We had a good talk with Jordyn. She’s a comic from Columbus who puts in ALOT of time at open mics workin on her jokes! We talk about stand up a little but mostly Jeff’s drinking problem. He showed up drunk 

JTE hangs out with Tyler Erskin!

Tyler is a new comic in Columbus who also podcasts and books shows. He tells us about therapy and how even if his therapist was a midget, he’d talk to her! We also get plenty of insight from Tyler’s gf who hung out as well. 

Joey Mckinstry the longhair

Joey Mckinstry is a new comic here in Columbus who’s been coming out to our open mic at The Shrunkenhead! We got together and talked for a while and tbh I haven’t laughed as hard, on THIS episode, in a long time. I may be slowly losing my mind who knows? Enjoy! 


Very funny comic Shaena is back with us and we have a great conversation about comedy, life and of course LIFE ADVICE!! We also managed to NOT get into a fight this time around! So please enjoy and get to know SHAENA!!! 

More of Ty Moore!

JTE sat down with Columbus comic legend Ty Moore! He rambles like a drunken uncle and that’s why I feel so safe with him 

Mary Matthews is here finally

Technical difficulties but we got most of what you wanna hear! Mary Matthews is a great and funny comic AND she reads us our Tarot cards and we find out I’m destined for greatness and Jeff and Dusty are doomed 

Tucker Lappi long time friend of JTE

Tucker is our friend and fellow comic and has yet again found his way onto JUST THE ESSENTIALS to talk shit with us. Dusty and I get into fight but as always we leave the best of buds! AND THATS WHAT JUST THE ESSENTIALS IS ALL ABOUT! 

Comic Chris Toyloy

Chris comes by and gets everyone drunk on JTE! We talk motorcycles, RC cars and make Dusty mad! ENJOY!!!! 

Assout Podcast joins forces with JTE

JUST THE ESSENTIALS is honored to have two Columbus comedians and two Columbus podcasters on this episode! Samson and Christian have been banned from Tiktok and try to get us banned from the internet all together with our conversations... So please enjoy 

Welcome back Kyle Doughty

Kyle is a comic from Columbus Ohio who has left for bigger and better things! But he’s back visiting so we got him on the podcast to talk shit and laugh our balls off 

The Prince of Polaris Returns

Tyler Sessamen is royalty around Columbus’s suburb, Polaris.... He kicked it with us for a couple hours at Jeff Lidala’s place and peed with the door open TWICE whilst recording