Luke Hohmann on Investing in Civics and Financial Education

Luke Hohmann on Investing in Civics and Finan...

Defending Nature with Sandra Shaw Homer

Sandra Shaw Homer is an environmental activist, author, adventurer, and survivor. She tells her inspiring life story in an engaging memoir, Evelio’s Garden, which is partly a defense of nature and partly a powerful human-interest story. Listen to the fascinating story of this int ...  Show more

Surviving Chaos with Harold Phifer

Today we meet an author who survived a suicide attack in Afghanistan--and found that his traumatic experience helped him to see the person he had been running from all his life. All the drama Harold Phifer faced in his past was never put to bed until he poured out his life story ...  Show more

Alex Greenwood's New Story on Kindle Vella

Alex talks about his new serialized story, "The Sign," available exclusively on Kindle Vella. Don't know what Kindle Vella is? Fear not, as Alex will explain and offer updates about his other projects. Listen in, and we hope that all "signs" point to you reading this new story! A ...  Show more

Creating a Sense of Place with Matty Dalrymple

Making the setting of a book a character can be one of the best storytelling assets for writers. Just ask Matty Dalrymple.  She is the author of the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels and Suspense Shorts and the Lizzy Ballard Thrillers. She lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and enj ...  Show more

Becca Ehrlich on Christian Minimalism

Minimalism: with the success of Marie Kondo, a new Netflix documentary, and hundreds of blogs and YouTube videos, it’s clear that it is more than just a trend. In a time of climate change and a pandemic, people are looking for new ways to live well and more meaningful lives, and ...  Show more

Sunday Taylor on The Anglophile's Notebook

Today is Sunday on the show, as we meet author Sunday Taylor, who tells us about her wonderful debut novel, The Anglophile's Notebook. Listen in to discover why she is in love with England, intrigued by the Brontë sisters, and why the literary mystery may just be one of the most ...  Show more

Dr. Rosalind on Hope

Dr. Rosalind Y. Lewis Tomkins is the founder and president of Mothers in Crisis, Inc., a 501 c3 non-profit organization committed to linking families and communities together to provide networks of support and encouragement for families to live productively, empowered, hope-fille ...  Show more

Inspiration and the Golden Age with Justin Connor

Alex welcomes Justin Connor, writer, actor, producer, and director of THE GOLDEN AGE, a tour de force musical film shot over ten years.  In the film, after a string of incendiary remarks in the press, subversive pop star Maya O’Malley (Connor) gets dropped from his music label an ...  Show more

On Perseverance with EJ Findorff

Author E.J. Findorff knows a little something about perseverance. Check out this conversation with Alex, where EJ shares his passion for writing, honest mistakes he has made trying to get an agent, and the New Orleans flavor of his seven novels, including his latest, Blood Parish ...  Show more

Catching Up with Douglas Skelton

Kicking off season eight is Scottish thriller writer Douglas Skelton, who catches us up on what he's been doing in lockdown and his new Rebecca Connolly thriller, The Blood is Still. Learn more about Douglas and his other books at Follow him on Instagram. Foll ...  Show more

John Pilate Mystery Series Update

A quick update about an update for Book One of the John Pilate Mystery Series: Pilate's Cross. If you already own this book on Kindle, please listen in. Don't have it? Get the book here: *** Subscribe to Mysterious Goings On wherever you get your podcasts ...  Show more

Calling an Audible

Alex's latest book, The Podcast Option: Tips and tricks to make podcasting work for you--is now an Audible audiobook! Narrated by the author, learn why podcasting can be an effective tool for your branding, how to start a show, what not to do as a show guest, and much more! Click ...  Show more

Season 7 Finale: In Suspense

In this season 7 finale, Alex shares an interview he did on the #FeelingsMatter podcast, where he discusses his approach to emotion in writing...particularly suspense!  The mission of #FeelingsMatter is to demystify everything about emotions. Helping us all get more comfortable t ...  Show more

James Gilbert on Historical Fiction

The intersection of history and fiction is front and center as we meet Dr. James Gilbert, author of three novels and a book of short stories. In 2017 he won second place in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story contest.  Formerly, he was an American Historian and author of eleven b ...  Show more

Bunye Ngene and "The Bodies That Move"

Bunye Ngene is a Nigerian author who currently lives in Munich, Germany. His debut novel "The Bodies That Move" was is a finalist in the "2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards." His writing (German and English) is inspired by the uniqueness of everyday life and the interaction b ...  Show more

Inside Sesame Street with Dr. Lucille

Elmo. Kermit the Frog. Big Bird. Cookie Monster. Oscar the Grouch. These are some of the most lovable characters to ever come across a television screen. How did the first – and all-time best – educational television show manage to make learning fun? Through decades of social cha ...  Show more

Choose The Podcast Option!

Are you weighing your options to build awareness for yourself or your business? If so, you should consider The Podcast Option. In this fast-reading ebook, 15-year podcasting and broadcasting veteran Alex Greenwood shares stories, practical tips, and advice from his hundreds of ho ...  Show more

Nina Munteanu on The Age of Water

Nina Munteanu is a Canadian ecologist and internationally published novelist of science fiction and fantasy who has made ecology and limnology her life's work. In today's discussion, she talks about her book A Diary in the Age of Water and shares her thoughts on what water should ...  Show more

The Poetry of Time and Acceptance with Sonia Iris Lozada

How can the properties of time and acceptance flow through poetry? We asked poet and performer Sonia Iris Lozada. Lozada is fascinated with perceptions of time, history, dreams, psychology, and the metaphysical. Her #1 bestselling publications include Inspire Me: Raw (2017), Foll ...  Show more