Cosmic Coincidence

Cosmic Coincidence

The Backup Plan

Today’s case shows you how an average American family can have dark secrets behind closed doors. A couple once totally in love can turn on each other for lust or money, or to avoid the inconvenience that breaking up can inflict. What exactly can make some turn from committing to ...  Show more

Soon, Cindy

More often than not, a case appears to be cut and dry. At the very least, a death is usually obvious as to if it was caused by an accident, by the victim, or by foul play. But in today’s case, none of those answers are clear. Was Cindy James a tortured victim that was hunted and ...  Show more

X Marks The Spot

Can livestock be the perfect coverup for murder and the TV tropes about pigs true? After a farmhand goes missing in southwestern Oregon the gruesome details around his “disappearance” begin to unfold. Is it possible that a female serial killer remained hidden in the farmland of t ...  Show more

Gravitational Attraction

When people hear “Murder” they usually think of a gun, knife, or strangulation. What if the murder weapon is a combination of choices, actions, and a vehicle? Every day, an average of 102 lives are lost due to car crashes in the US, 27 of which are due to an impaired driver. That ...  Show more


In the early 1980s, several girls went missing in the Salem, Oregon area. Some disappeared with hardly a trace while others turned up dead. An 18-year-old recent high school graduate disappeared while delivering pizzas on the night of July 4th, 1982 leaving behind her car with th ...  Show more

Abnormal, Wrong, Unnatural, And Perverse

When a lesbian couple went missing for three days in Medford, Oregon, concerns for their safety were immediate. Roxanne and Michelle were partners and vocal supporters of gay rights. When their bodies were discovered, it led investigators down a path of destruction left behind by ...  Show more

He Was Counterfeit

Waldport, Oregon is a small quiet town along the Pacific Coast located south of Newport. With a little over 2,000 permanent residents, your chances of being a victim of a violent crime are pretty low, but it happens. While we were all reeling from the immediate aftereffects of th ...  Show more

CrimeConversations with Murder in the Rain and The Unseen Podcast

Murder in the Rain is packing their bags and heading over the pond for CrimeCon UK in September! In preparation of our big trip, we had a lovely chat with Caprice from The Unseen Podcast. We talk about it all; what got us interested in true crime, why we started a podcast, cases ...  Show more


May is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women awareness month. Today, Alisha will be telling the story of 19-year-old Barbara Whitesell; a teenager excited to start the next phase of her life whose only priorities were her friends and family. When Barbara’s body is discovered in a ...  Show more

Ten Times More Likely

In today’s episode, you’ll learn about two cases of missing children who disappeared under incredibly suspicious circumstances. Cody Haynes was 11 years old when he disappeared from his bedroom in Kittitas, WA leaving his stuffed animals in his bed to look like he was asleep. In ...  Show more

The Massacre

When the Whitman family wagons made their way to the Pacific Northwest, they were literal trailblazers. Not only were they some of the first non-native people to cross the Rocky Mountains, they included the first white woman to make it so far West. Accomplishments aside, the Whit ...  Show more

2nd Anniversary Special

Introducing the Murder in the Rain 2-year anniversary special! We’ll give you some updates on cases from the past year, talk about some listener messages and feedback, and what we’ve learned this year!We'd like to tell you all how much we appreciate and adore you! We are regu ...  Show more

What Happens In The House

Angela McAnulty was no stranger to trauma after growing up in a household of abuse and tragically losing her mother to murder in 1973. After being arrested for drugs and having her children taken away, she went to jail and then got clean in the hopes of restarting her life. Howev ...  Show more

A Waking Nightmare

In 2020, Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the United States were faced with a barrage of hate crimes. From getting punched while walking to the store to spat at by strangers passing, fear is rippling through the AAPI community, rightfully so. While his death was not target ...  Show more

2,640 Days

In 1977, a young woman was kidnapped by a seemingly safe-looking couple while hitchhiking from Oregon to California. For over seven years she would be held against her will, suffering daily whippings, rapes, and other unimaginable tortures. When she was finally able to make her e ...  Show more


This week’s story isn’t about moving, and the murder doesn’t take place in the northwest (I know!), but its origins do. So let’s Haul...ass to Ridgefield, Washington, 1943 where fate would have two lovers meet, start a company that would change how we move, lead to one of the mos ...  Show more

Hearts & Death

Valentine’s Day is usually a day for lovers, one where they can dote on each other and express their love in the form of special time and presents. But in today’s episode we learn that for some, the happiness of Valentine’s Day can be replaced with heartache, fear, and even death ...  Show more

Any Hate

In the last few weeks, we’ve seen just how much can happen when a group of white supremacists gets together. In 2011, the terror came not from a large group, but a young couple with shared beliefs in hatred. Once they found each other through white supremacist groups, Joey Peders ...  Show more

Uncle Joe

The man now known as “The Longview Serial Killer” was once a child victim to a time in our history where native children were plucked out of their homes to be adopted out to white middle-class families. The little boy who was affectionately called “Joey” by his adoptive mother, g ...  Show more