Working internally with play therapist Eileen Russell

Working internally with play therapist Eileen...

Join me as I chat with Louise from Little Forget Me Nots.

Louise of Little forget me nots joins me to discuss how there is healing in creativity. As a bereaved parent Louise found that being creative through embroidery and punch needle she could find comfort and tune into herself a little each time she created.  Healing in art is someth ...  Show more

Why well-being ... and some thoughts.

I sat in my car in the development where we had our first home. Nostalgia and a real sense of urgency with this episode. I wanted to share why I love well-being and have felt strongly about women knowing and loving themselves from their brain to their bones for a long time. This ...  Show more

Life Choices

Often in life we grumble and moan when we feel without or not enough but how many times have we looked at the choices that WE made to get us to that place? In this episode I discuss my own choices and why I have learned to deal with the choices I make... and to moan a little less ...  Show more

I Don't Have All the Answers.....

Today I am recording while on location. Thoughts around leaning in to the not knowing and how I don’t have a formula but can give you the space and the confidence as I lead by example in the creative industry. Please follow me on social media, Instargam, Facebook, YouTube and che ...  Show more

The long awaited guest appearance from my other half- my husband Michael!

The long awaited guest appearance from my other half- my husband Michael! This episode was both fun and odd to record- mainly because we  rarely sit just the two of us to discuss my work and the effect it has on our family. Here is a cool reflection on what it's like to be the pa ...  Show more

Journey Over Destination.

Why making the right decisions about your career will help your life experiences. Daily acts. Pick the journey over the destination. Today we go a little deeper into why being present will always make the process of being a creative in business work. Look at where you have come f ...  Show more

Enjoy the Work.

When my boys were tiny and when friends have babies I am always talking about how we can only deal with one nappy, one sleep, one cry at a time. Business and living the creative lifestyle is no different. Sometimes we have to sit in the icky bit and force ourselves to enjoy it. T ...  Show more

Be Present

Be present.  In business, in life and in decision making. One of the most important  things we can do is to recognise time and to sit in the moment that is in front of us. Today I discuss how we can view activities a bit like children and how it will help us to live life in the b ...  Show more

Stand out!

Four tips for helping you to stand out in your creative business. It is important to be able to engage with people, to produce content that is line with your brand and to seek out new challenges and relationships in order to thrive! In this episode I discuss how you can stand out ...  Show more

Don't be swept up in trends!

Trends in business. Don’t be a trend. Long game only! Trends are tempting to fall into the trap of in business or creatively and even in life. I encourage you in this episode to stay true to yourself and your talent.   If you enjoyed this podcast head over to my YouTube channel o ...  Show more

Make your business clearer!

Sometimes we complain when customers annoy us or don’t understand but that’s not their fault!!! This episode is about taking responsibility for problems or issues in your business and/or your creative flow. I share tips on how to change that for the better so everyone’s experienc ...  Show more

My Story Part 3

Now that my business is transitioning again with a view to more paintings and podcasts instead of prints- here is an insight into my dreams, fears and hopes. Along with more information about the way I view my life and work in 2021. If you would like to subscribe to my podcast pl ...  Show more

Becoming More Emotional

In a world where we are often encouraged to suppress our emotions and be stoic, today I encourage you to get more emotional! Learning how to read our own emotions helps us to know ourselves, our clients and our relationships on a deeper more fulfilling level. It's a time in socia ...  Show more

The importance of clearing space in life and work.

My website is changing and I have started to be more in tune with my feelings- I know I felt overwhelmed and needed to clear space. Not just space in my wardrobe but in my business. During this episode I share about the clearance of prints on my website, the fear I feel around sa ...  Show more

My Story - Part Two!

From a community artist who thought that getting her art in front of famous people would be the golden ticket to almost missing out on paying my student loan because I earned so little at the beginning of my career!! This is the second part of my story in becoming a professional ...  Show more

My Story - Part One!

Now that the podcast has grown and my audio has improved (slightly!!!) I thought you would like to know where my art career began. From the foundation course at art college to lost University forms and taking photographs of families, I have a number of job skills and micro storie ...  Show more

Stop complaining!!

In a world where people complain about the colour of your shoes to the content you post on social media, here I explain why intentionally seeking joy instead of complaining will serve you better. Your business will improve, your everyday life and your relationships will progress ...  Show more

Lisa McFarland relationship coaching and life chats.

Lisa’s positive yet honest approach to relationships will encourage you in your day to day life and the relationships inside and outside your business. I have gained wisdom from Lisa in my journey as a Mother, a wife, a friend and business woman. She gives us tools during this ep ...  Show more

Owen Crane writer, creator, friend.

I first met Owen when he was the pastor of CFC a church in Belfast that our kids called " the fun church"! This was linked to them being allowed to play football after they learned scripture! Owen is a family man and has a great heart for helping others to communicate on a powerf ...  Show more