Episode 73: Ep. 71 Daddy Dearest, Desperation in the Siege of Gondor

Episode 73: Ep. 71 Daddy Dearest, Desperation...

Episode 72: Ep. 70: Allegiance in The Muster of Rohan

Tune in for Dunharrow, Dernhelm, danger, and devotion.  The Riders of the Mark are on their way to Minas Tirith and your hosts cover them all.  As mentioned in the dungeon and tower, we encourage contributions to the American Diabetes Association following the passing of a person ...  Show more

Episode 71: Ep. 69. Faith in the Passing of the Grey Company

Aragorn masters the palantir but not Eowyn. And all that glitters is not gold. And Eowyn's eyes are ON FIRE, people!! 

Episode 70: Ep. 68, Hospitality in Minas Tirith

In which Kathryn and Lorienne go deep on Gandalf, Denethor, Pippin, Gondor's landscape, and all sorts of matters and then suddenly remember BEREGOND, who would be the hero of any other epic. 

Episode 69: Ep. 67, The Film of the Two Towers

Lorienne and Kathryn and joined by Arthur, Chad, Chad, Christine, and Marnie to discuss themes of Interdependence, Trust, Resistance, and Hope in Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Two Towers. 

Episode 68: Ep. 66, Fellowship in the Choices of Master Samwise

In which Sam, who thinks he is alone, is actually part of many fellowships at once; and we get a bit of separation anxiety with Book 4 as we wrap it up. 

Episode 67: Ep. 65, Blindness in Shelob's Lair

In which Kathryn and Lorienne go together into--wait, there's a spider here. Nobody told me there would be spiders! Oh, she is HUGE! There is also much metaphorical blindness and what is up with Sam and his long habit of secrecy? 

Episode 66: Ep. 64, Disorientation in The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

In which Katherine and Lorienne creep each other out discussing Witch-kings, ring-bearers, mountain-top experiences, and Sam's big oopsie (or is it), and really could use a hug and a silly movie! 

Episode 65: Ep. 63, Uncertainty in "Journey to the Crossroads"

In which Lorienne and Kathryn see Frodo fully owning the mantle of leadership amidst much uncertainty and perfection does not mean without blemish. 

Episode 64: Ep. 62, PITY at the Forbidden Pool

In which Kathryn and Lorienne marvel and the walking definition of Servant Leadership that is Faramir. 

Episode 63: Ep. 61, Community in The Window on the West

In which Kathryn and Lorienne highlight instances of community in this chapter and Lorienne can NOT pronounce Eucatastrophe.  

Episode 62: Ep. 60, Satisfaction in Ithilien

You say Ithilien, I say po-tay-to. Kathryn and Lorienne wax ecstatic about the side trip to a sensual landscape and WHO IS THAT MASKED MAN? Oh, and elephants, Wolfgang's Requiem, and T.H.E.L.A.R.C.H. 

Episode 61: Ep. 59 Resolution outside the gates of Mordor

Kathryn and Lorienne discuss elephants, oliphaunts, and how things sometimes need to fall apart before they are made clear. Oh, and Lorienne takes delivery of a new book. 

Episode 60: Ep. 58, Perception, The Passage of the Marshes

The three halflings get closer to the Black Gates of Mordor 

Episode 59: Ep. 57 Will: The Taming of the Smeagollum

Does Gollum untie the rope? Does Sauron control the weather? How will Frodo react to being around a former ring bearer. And does anybody care how Sam feels? 

Episode 58: Ep. 56 Pippin's Pernicious Palantir Prying

In which Kathryn, Lorienne, and a Mountain Chickadee discuss The LAST CHAPTER of The Treason of Isengard. 

Episode 57: Ep. 55 Discernment and the Voice of Saruman

It takes careful discernment to know when you are being gas-lighted. Watch Gandalf and learn how to do it right! 

Episode 56: Ep. 54, Recovery and Rainbows

Six of the Fellowship are reunited at Isengard. Merry and Pippin catch up with the three hunters. 

Episode 55: Episode 53: Of Theoden, Thickets, and the Road to Isengard

Hosts Kathryn Olsen and Lorienne Schwenk wax poetic on the Glittering Caverns, speculate on the wizardry of the disappearing orcs, and rejoice in Gimli's unfiltered exasperation and joy. 

Episode 54: Ep. 52, Strength at Helm's Deep

In which Kathryn perceives the start of the return of the king and Lorienne shows that reading comprehension is not her strength.