Block, delete, ignore: Dealing with trolls online

Block, delete, ignore: Dealing with trolls on...

We're so sorry that happened to you

Tonight we have one very important thing to say: "We're SORRY that happened to you." What comes to mind when you hear us say that? In this episode we're going to help you feel supported and start to heal – no matter what is going on in your life. Because we all deserve to hear so ...  Show more

WTF is the Lipstick Effect

A powerful lippie makes more than a bold statement. There’s research to suggest rocking a red lip can help you to feel powerful, in control, and really damn awesome. Let’s unpack this together. Links ‘Goodbye lipstick effect, hello mascara index – How covid-19 may have changed th ...  Show more

Sleep deprivation is a b!tch, but you aren't

This is for everyone who has woken up exhausted, whilst the person beside them is bright and breezy. We know it's tough. You're shattered. But here’s the thing. Hating someone for being well rested when you're sleep deprived doesn’t help anyone. We’re going to soothe that angry v ...  Show more

Just. Say. No.

We know we know! If it was that easy, we’d all have the boundaries of a state in lockdown. Too soon? The point is, we’re not very good at saying no. Or, we say no to the wrong things. We’re here to tell you a secret. You have the answers to this problem.  You’re already “in the k ...  Show more

What do you REALLY want from your social life?

Are you an extroverted introvert? Or maybe an introverted extrovert? We're here to say — being all over the social spectrum is a-okay. In fact, it’s something we should learn to embrace and be proud about. What would make YOU more comfortable to socialise more? What boundary woul ...  Show more

Does LinkedIn scare you?

According to a new survey, using LinkedIn is in the TOP THREE of our workplace worries. As with all social media sites, it all seems to hinge on comparison. Everyone on LinkedIn seems So. Damn. Successful. So how can we log on without losing ourselves? Let’s do it together. Links ...  Show more

Too much information, not enough brain!

We’re going to talk about the big O. No, not that one. Overwhelm. Struggling. Juggling. Drowning. Feeling overwhelmed can be a common part of a normal day or week in our work life. But THERE are things we can do to reduce our overload and help release the pressure – and we’re goi ...  Show more

How to avoid "The Fuckening"

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of The Fuckening is this: When your life is going a little too well. You don't trust it. And FINALLY some shit goes down. We think that if we can predict an issue, it will help us to be ready for it. Experts warn that this can be ...  Show more

Is there such thing as "good gossip"?

When Mondays roll around do you find yourself ready to spill the tea from your weekend? It's okay if it happened to you, but what if the story you’re about to tell is just straight up gossip. That's not to say all gossip is bad, but we're going to teach you how to scratch that go ...  Show more

Top Tip: Teenagers and connection

 For modern parents, raising a teen or a tween is NOT easy. Why are today's parents feeling like failures? Ok we won’t solve this issue in 5 minutes lol but over the next few weeks, we will share a couple of winning strategies from the book ‘The New Teen Age’ by Dr Ginni Mansberg ...  Show more

Stuff a glow-up, let’s Glow-Down

We’re here to lead an anti-glow-up revolution. But what goes up, must go down sometimes. And, THAT'S what weekends are made for. If you're someone who likes to lower your standard on a Saturday – bravo! It's fine to NOT look perfectly polished. All. Of. The Time. It's not somethi ...  Show more

Create your own "Rear Vision Board"

What thought goes through your head you read the words "Vision Board"? We know, we know. Even Oprah told you to do it, and you still didn't want to. The idea is it helps you to focus. Well, we're going to take a different, completely flipped approach called a Rear Vision Board; H ...  Show more

A meditation for jealousy

We all feel envy from time to time, even if we like to think we don't. Being online can make it even more obvious – with a follower count PROVING someone is doing better than you. Before you know it you're spiralling. Ok breathe! In this episode we're going to take you through a ...  Show more

How to connect with your teenager

This ep is allll about teenagers. We’ve all been one. We all remember the angst. For modern parents, raising a teen or a tween is NOT easy. Why are today’s parents feeling like failures? Ok we won’t solve this issue in 5 minutes lol but But, over the next few weeks, we will share ...  Show more

WTF is a "Love Language"

Have you ever heard of “Love Languages”. The idea is, there are five unique ways of communicating that we luurve each other. Word of affirmation. Telling someone why you love them. 1) Acts of service. 2) Doing something to show you love them. 3) Touch. 4) Quality time. 5) Gifts. ...  Show more

Tired, fed up and CBF: Try this simple meditation

Would you say that you’re a graceful person? What springs to mind when you hear that sentence? In this episode we’re exploring a visualisation practice that uses “grace” for those times you feel utterly exhausted by life. You just need yourself, and maybe some headphones for max ...  Show more

What's the ONE thing you want to do today?

Do you ever wake up in an UTTERLY HIDEOUS mood before you’ve even started your day? If only you could have a daily do-over…. Well, you CAN. We’ve got a little trick to make it happen. Today’s strategy comes from author Lisa Kipps-Brown. Let’s get into it.  Links  ‘Disrupt Your No ...  Show more

Do money worries keep you up at night?

Not only do money worries keep us awake BUT good sleepers could be better with money. The less we sleep, the shitter we are with money. And so on. And so on. So what on earth can we do about it? Links ‘How Financial Stress Affects Your Sleep Quality and 6 Ways to Fight It’ from H ...  Show more

Managing anxiety as a freelancer, contractor & casual staff

In recent years, more and more businesses have ditched full time employees. Instead our careers are a medley of clients and freelancing. We’re forever hustling and networking. A casual contract can also mean bigger bucks and more freedom. So, what can we do about the anxiety? If ...  Show more

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