Revelations & Surprises From The D'Amelio Show

Revelations & Surprises From The D'Amelio Sho...

First Acting Gigs + A Possible D'Amelio Spin-off

In this episode, Marc & Heidi discuss:The premiere of "The D'Amelio Show" on HuluAppearing on Good Morning America Fame and notoriety What they hope people get from the family's new docu-seriesHeidi's first-ever commercial roleHeidi's soap opera spotMarc's short-lived modeling ca ...  Show more

Dreams, Goals and Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

On this episode, Marc and Heid talk about:Moving their family to CaliforniaThe benefit of getting outside your comfort zoneLearning new things as adultsNew hobbies they’d like to tryLife and work balanceMaking a positive impact on the world Learn more about your ad choices. Visit ...  Show more

Friendship Is Good For The Soul + Dixie's Birthday Celebration

On this episode, Marc & Heidi talk about:The Gals' weekend with Heidi's friendsMarc's Vegas weekendDixie's birthday celebrationCharli's wisdom teeth videoMore details on the upcoming D'Amelio's Hulu docuseries  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit 

Creative Inspiration & Expression + Heidi's Vacuum Cleaner Repair Service​

In this episode, Mark & Heidi discuss:Dixie's birthday and fearlessnessCreative inspiration and expressionThe etiquette and benefits of social media collaboration Encouraging creative expressionFinding your angles and lightingDealing with negative commentDJ, bike repair, food pre ...  Show more

Marc The Mentor w/ Intern, Kaileb Cadet

On today's pod, discover:-How Kaileb met & made an impression on Marc -What it's REALLY like working for the D'Amelios -Tips for young people on how to take initiative and make the most of internships -What you can do to make your boss's life easier, and therefore, make yourself ...  Show more

Markell Washington

On this episode Heidi and Markell talk about:·        Competitive cheer·        Hosting the Friends Reunion on HBOMax·        The day that Markell met the D’Amelio Family·        Social media strategy and success·        Markell’s move to Los Angeles·        Life at the Triller H ...  Show more

Social Media Tips & Business Strategy

On this episode Marc and Heidi Talk about:  How they come up with content/their social media strategy  How they go about partnering with brands and how you can, too!  How to authentically build a social media brand and build audience loyalty Some of their favorite content creator ...  Show more

Social Media as Currency

Marc and Heidi Discuss:  ​Their individual/couple communication styles and why it's NOT the norm Their ideas for how to shift the content of the podcast and make it stronger The common thread between great social media creators Why introverts actually make great creators  Why Mar ...  Show more

How you REALLY Say D'Amelio + ​Family Feud & The Espys ​

This week we have a LOT to catch up on! We learn how Heidi is starting to get back into modeling and how she feels about it!, all the behind the scenes of filming Family Feud, plus, Marc and Heidi talk about their recent trip to the East Coast and why they all bond over baseball! ...  Show more

Our Love Story + Tips on Dating & Relationships

On today's episode we finally hear the origin story of Marc & Heidi as a couple. They talk about what their dating life was like before they met, how they met and fell in love, how they keep their marriage fresh today and offer tips for others out there on how to have a successfu ...  Show more

Bahamas Recap + Marc Braves The Rapids

On today's episode Marc and Heidi give us all the behind the scenes details of their recent trip to the Bahamas. This includes a HILARIOUS tale of Marc's trying experience in the lazy river, how the girls were received by other people visiting the Island and a surprise side trip ...  Show more

Summer Memories + Why We're Excited!

On today's episode Marc and Heidi recall some of their favorite summer memories from their childhood, and from when the girls were little. They also discuss what they're excited about for the summer to come, what they miss from their old neck of the woods and, as always, include ...  Show more

Wisdom Teeth, Aura Protection & Finding Balance

Marc and Heidi talked about their trip to Disney with Noah, their run-in with a legendary football star and what it was like for Charli to get her wisdom teeth out. This prompts Heidi and Marc to also recall what it was like to get their wisdom teeth out and contemplate how wisdo ...  Show more

Nervous Parents, Going Home + Puppy Love

On today's episode Marc & Heidi talk about the behind the scenes of the social tourist fashion show, a little bit about Dixie's recent travels and why Marc gets so nervous about the girls traveling on their own. They also hit on the iHeart awards - including how Charli picked her ...  Show more

Unfiltered Talk + Supporting Other Creators

Marc and Heidi discuss whether they are comfortable with calling a podcast a "pod", how hard it can be to truly express yourself online these days because of the constant scrutiny, what it was like for Dixie to do the Billboard Awards and the behind the scenes of their Modern Lux ...  Show more

High Energy + How We REALLY Feel About The Spotlight

Marc and Heidi talk about what it was like for Heidi to get interviewed by Dixie on her Youtube show, the Early Late Night Show with Dixie D'Amelio. They also discuss how they REALLY feel about the spotlight. They give some behind the scenes info on what raising and motivating Ch ...  Show more

Anniversaries, Award Shows & New Ventures for the Girls!

On today's episode, Marc and Heidi discuss two of Charli and Dixie's new ventures: the Girl's clothing line, Social Tourist and Dixie's new single and music video. They also discuss Mother's Day and what they did to celebrate Heidi, including details on the presents the girls got ...  Show more

The Importance of Friendship & Party Planning

On this week's episode our big topics of discussion are Charli's 17th birthday and the importance of friendship. Marc and Heidi go into all the different types of friendship (childhood friends, work friends, family friends) and what qualities make up a good friendship/friend. ​ L ...  Show more

Growing Up?

With Dixie's exciting music evolution happening and Charli turning 17 this week, Marc and Heidi speculate on what "Growing Up" actually means. Plus, they both share what they're looking forward to once we are officially able to DO group activities again, what Charli wants for her ...  Show more

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