Episode 151 - Week of September 6th - 12th

Episode 151 - Week of September 6th - 12th

Episode 150 - Week of August 30th - September 5th (JOVID)

Count on Florida to take the big guy out of commission for a week!!! Joe got the VID. Fear not! We reviewed absolutely nothing, and we did it for almost two hours... I know!!! We know Joe is already on the mend and we hope he's doing well. Next week should be business as usual. E ...  Show more

Episode 149 - Week of August 23rd - 29th

It was ladies' week at JRE! Maybe the first-ever! We never quite got to the bottom of that... Either way, three female guests this week including Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Kamar said he wanted someone to come on to debate Joe in regards to his Covid stance, and he got his wish. But how ...  Show more

Episode 148 - Week of August 16th - 22nd

Just three friends, getting high, watching the world burn! Enjoy! Lex Friedman - 0:20:27 Zuby - 1:28:47 Neil Blomkamp - 2:16:14 Meghan Murphy - 3:27:16 Onnit In 30: 10 workouts for under 10 bucks. Routines for all fitness levels in 30 minutes or less. Get it here: http://onnit.sj ...  Show more

Episode 147 - Week of August 9th - 15th

Short week. We yammered on regardless.  We got some negative feedback this week in regards to something that was said last week. Our intention is never to offend anyone. That being said, we want the show to be an open space where anything can be discussed. We hope you understand. ...  Show more

Episode 146 - Week of August 2nd - 8th

This is an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience Experience. It is a podcast. We hope you enjoy it. Yeonmi Park - 0:14:42 Jason Wilson - 1:14:30 Evan Hafer - 1:57:49 Onnit In 30: 10 workouts for under 10 bucks. Routines for all fitness levels in 30 minutes or less. Get yours here h ...  Show more

Episode 145 - Week of July 26th - August 1st

Another 4-hour marathon? How? Well, I'm not certain. Seeing as it was four comedians this week, you'd think we'd just breeze through a quick episode. That wasn't the case.  What was discussed? I'd assume aliens. Most likely Bigfoot. The CIA came up, for sure. The military-industr ...  Show more

Episode 144 - Week of July 19th - 25th

Clearly, time management isn't our strong suit. At the end of the day, it felt like we covered a lot of issues. I'm gonna come clean, we forgot to mention the Bigfoot sightings this week. I had it in my notes but I never check them. My bad. I'm sure we'll cover it next week! Enjo ...  Show more

Episode 143 - Week of July 12th - 18th

Only three episodes to cover this week. The perfect number of episodes. Unfortunately, not the greatest week. But there were some gems in there! Enjoy! Brian Simpson - 0:20:38 Jesse Singal - 1:35:49 Andrew Huberman - 2:14:16 Thanks so much to our sponsor for this episode; BetterH ...  Show more

Episode 142 - Week of July 5th - 11th

A big week after the 4th of July!!! We had the finals of the Euros, a Connor McGregor fight, and a real banger of a JRE week! Joe was in Vegas for most of the week performing and commentating on UFC, which meant it was light work for us! Always gives us time to ramble on about ex ...  Show more

Episode 141 - Week of June 28th - July 4th

Could have been a near-perfect week. God damn hunting and cooking episodes always drag down a week. Only three episodes but we didn't care. We went off! Enjoy! Quentin Tarantino - 0:16:39 Jesse Griffiths - 1:41:11 Tim Dillon - 1:53:42 Thanks so much to our sponsor for this episod ...  Show more

Episode 140 - Week of June 21st - 27th

With the alien papers being released this week and a new Big Mac from McDonald's it had to be a big episode... Enjoy! Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre Kory - 0:19:57 Iliza Shlesinger - 1:24:27 Colin Wright - 1:49:36 Clay Newcomb -   2:28:47 As always, you can listen to every episode o ...  Show more

Episode 139 - Week of June 14th - 20th

NO YOUTUBE THIS WEEK... again. I'm very sorry. I'm working on fixing it ASAP. Should be back by next week. Lots of politics this week. But I think we did our best to keep it light. Or did we... Enjoy! Annie Lederman - 0:23:09 Krystal & Saagar - 1:02:03 Kyle Kulinski - 2:08:53 Dav ...  Show more

Episode 138 - Week of June 7th - 13th

A little bit of everything this week! Two of us loved the week, one of us... not so much. But who? And why? No video this week for multiple reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience... Enjoy! Edward Slingerland - 0:14:02 Josh Dubin - 0:58:48 Carole Hooven - 1:44:16 Duncan Truss ...  Show more

Episode 137 - Week of May 31st - June 6th

We finally got Simon out of his bubble. Still 15 feet away from each of us, but it's a step in the right direction! COVID be damned!!! We also spent the week eating nothing but the foods we swore we could live off for the rest of time. We were all very wrong... Enjoy! Scott Eastw ...  Show more

Episode 136 - Week of May 24th - 30th

If you subtract the MMA episodes from this week, we weren't left with much to discuss. Just two episodes and one of those clocked in at around an hour. But don't fret. We squeezed all the juice out of them that we could. Enjoy! Mayor Steve Adler - 0:28:08 Neil DeGrasse Tyson - 0: ...  Show more

Episode 135 - Week of May 17th - 23rd

Simon was out of his bubble for this episode!!! PUMP FAKE!!! He's never leaving... Enjoy. Andy Norman - 0:18:43 Whitney Cummings - 0:58:48 Sabastian Junger - 1:49:59 Adam Duritz - 2:42:48 Big shout out to Tyler Devall for our snappy new jingle! Go check him out on instagram @tyle ...  Show more

Episode 134 - Week of May 10th - 16th

Don't wanna jinx anything here. Enjoy! Thanks so much to our sponsor for this episode; BetterHelp.com!!! Visit www.betterhelp.com/jree for 10% off your first month. Betterhelp provides online counseling. No waiting rooms, no doctor’s office at all! Connect in a safe and private o ...  Show more

Episode 133 - Week of May 3rd - 9th

I may have gotten us back to some sort of audio levels you've become accustomed to. Still working out some kinks. Simon's mic was a bit fucked for the first half but I think I worked it out for the second half.  But who cares. We got Chappelle, baby!!!! Enjoy! Ethan Suplee - 0:17 ...  Show more


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