Ep. 48: What Would the Heroes of 9/11 Think of Biden’s America?

Ep. 48: What Would the Heroes of 9/11 Think o...

Ep. 53: Screw You, de Blasio

Some restaurants in the city so nice they named it twice are standing up to Big Bird de Blasio’s vaccine diktat, and he doesn’t like that very much. Hizzoner’s men are now going door-to-door with citations and fines in hand for business that fail to close their doors to the unwas ...  Show more

Ep. 52: Fix The Border, It's Not That Hard

Joe Biden actively chooses to do nothing about the disaster building on our border. How do we know this? Because solving this crisis is not rocket science. Liz offers Biden, free of charge, ten steps to fix the problem. And before you ask, no, none of them involves "relentless di ...  Show more

Ep. 51: Brian Laundrie Is a Distraction

Evil always has and always will exist—that’s a tale as old as time. But should we trust the government to protect us from evil? Liz explores this question, and the answer may not be as simple as it seems. Case in point: The FBI’s (latest) failure in the case of Gabby Petito’s dea ...  Show more

Ep. 50: This Is Why Newsom Won

As Newsom programs his GPS for “revenge“ in the wake of his recall election, the question on everyone’s mind is—what’s next for California? Liz unpacks the not-so-pretty picture of what’s coming in the near future (vaccine mandates all around!) and how California’s little tyrant ...  Show more

Ep. 49: Why Can’t We Question Vaccine Efficacy?

Last week, Biden rolled out his 6-pronged approach to COVID, but what he should do instead? Liz has a few ideas. Plus, AOC wears a “tax the rich” dress to the Met Gala (yes, really) and Blinken ignorantly defends Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. And since Big Tech won’t let y ...  Show more

Ep. 47: Biden's Vicious, Divisive, Unscientific Speech

Biden rocks people of good conscience everywhere as he targets 80 million Americans because of their personal healthcare choices. Lacking any authority to do so, our very own American Tyrant reverses (erases?) his previous vaccine mandate position to announce he is, in fact, usin ...  Show more

Ep. 46: Leftists Lose Their Mind Over Abortion

If you wondering how the Left is coping with Texas’s new heartbeat law, the answer is "not very well.” Joy Reid compares conservatism to “Talibanism" (whatever that is), Bette Midler says that women should go on a sex strike (now there’s an idea), and that’s just the start of it. ...  Show more

Ep. 45: We Were Right About Fauci’s Lies

In what might be the biggest coverup in American history, new documents PROVE that Anthony Fauci funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. (The Liz Wheeler Show Episode 1, anybody?) How can we trust anything Fauci says? Plus, Liz breaks down the unscientific ...  Show more

Ep. 44: Overturn Roe (It May Be Sooner Than You Think)

It’s official—the Texas ban on abortion after six weeks takes effect as the Supreme Court stays silent. Is this a bellwether for something much greater—the end of Roe v. Wade? Liz breaks down why the Roe ruling is obviously wrong and should be overturned and how we might be one s ...  Show more

Ep. 43: Don't Celebrate the “End” of the War

Biden and his minions—General McKenzie and Jen Psaki—lied, and now hundreds of Americans are left stranded in Afghanistan while America surrenders in defeat to Taliban terrorists. Meanwhile in America, teachers are telling kids not to tie 9/11 to Muslim extremism, so Liz breaks d ...  Show more

Ep. 42: LEAKED: Democrats Planning Huge Vax Mandate

New leaked documents show California Democrats are secretly planning MASSIVE vaccine mandates at the state level—and you won’t believe how far they go. Three guesses as to when they’ll be implemented… As Democrats ramp up their COVID war powers yet again, one of the leading skept ...  Show more

Ep. 41: Vaccine or Ankle Monitor?

In at least one high school, unvaccinated teenagers are being forced to wear tracking ankle monitors if they want to participate in school sports, and you won’t believe the data these little ankle bracelets collect. Plus, a woman has another kind of bracelet slapped on her wrists ...  Show more

Ep. 40: What Is the Plan, Mr. President?

This morning, 12 Americans were killed in an attack outside of Kabul airport. Joe Biden could have prevented this devastating loss of life. Instead, eight months into his presidency, Biden has already created a legacy of humiliating defeat, allowing the Taliban to take control of ...  Show more

Ep. 39: Recall Gavin Newsom

Leading up to California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recall election, Liz breaks down everything you need to know about Newsom’s terrible record and corrupt policies—starting with never-ending COVID lockdowns and seemingly permanent Zoom school. On the other side of the country, the ...  Show more

Ep. 38: Afghanistan Is Worse Than Vietnam

After days of silence, Joe Biden finally surfaces to speak on his very own Kabul catastrophe, and—not surprisingly—it is nothing short of a disaster. From claiming that there is no national interest for America in Afghanistan to saying he supports human rights for women and girls ...  Show more

Ep. 37: Biden’s Afghanistan Catastrophe Is Worse Than You Think

BREAKING: Joe Biden “stands by his decision” to allow the Taliban to take up residence in Kabul's presidential palace and round up, rape, and execute America’s Afghani allies. As America evacs our personnel in a clear callback to Saigon, let’s be crystal clear—the Taliban’s toppl ...  Show more

Ep. 36: Republicans Are Idiots (Hear Me Out)

Let me be clear—all Senate Republicans that bought into the “bipartisan” infrastructure bill are idiots. Plus, Democrats are now proposing a $3.5 trillion (!!!) dollar budget resolution, and you won’t believe what’s in it. Liz unpacks the Marxist underpinnings (yes, really) of th ...  Show more

Ep. 35: Cuomo Is Out, What Happens Next?

Andrew Cuomo finally resigns—but not over the thousands of nursing home deaths in New York, of course. So is this cause for celebration? Liz breaks down the sneaky tactics the Left uses to avoid real accountability and reveals what’s next for Cuomo. Plus, CNN is caught lying abou ...  Show more

Ep. 34: Transgender "Woman" Impregnates Prison Cellmate

In case you missed it, Obama’s island birthday bash was anything but "scaled back,” but of course Fauci has nothing to say about that. Perhaps even more shockingly this week, reports out of California show that at least one female inmate is pregnant after a biological man (callin ...  Show more