242: Stripping down... Feeling Amazing Naked!  (Interview with Amanda Walker)

242: Stripping down... Feeling Amazing Naked!...

243: The First 20 Can Determine Your Entire Day

Sausha shares 'how you can set yourself up for success' in the first 20 minutes of your day! By setting intentions, using the law of attraction you can navigate situations that would normally give you immense anxiety. First 20 minutes of your DAY:  -leave your phone alone (app li ...  Show more

241:Mystic Stories with Kelsey & Sausha

Special podcast episode being shared today. In addition to 'Manifesting with Sausha;' together with Kelsey Onkka, Sausha has begun a new weekly podcast titled 'Mystic Stories.' How can you follow your intuition and stay positive? Having the right mindset, and finding better solut ...  Show more

240:Manifesting with Moon Energy

Focusing on 'Manifesting with Moon Energy.' How to write your intentions in combination with the moon phases. Setting your intention for distinct moon cycles to increase your Manifestation. Exciting news! Sausha drops details about her new Manifestation Journal/ Planner coming SO ...  Show more

239: Special Guest Justine Weir

Today I get to connect with one of my Virtual Assistant's, Inspiration, go getter- Justine Weir! Justine is a work from home mom, business owner, wife, boutique model, and virtual assistant. She has a bachelors degree in social work as well as her CNA license which kickstarted he ...  Show more

238: From Survival to Messy Action (Interview with Jen Parke)

Today I connected with the Lovely, Jen Parke. Jen is a Social Worker/ single mom/ entrepreneur helping women through Podcasting, Coaching, E-book by supporting women to climb out of 'the overwhelm.' Filled with laughter we discuss -how Jen found pockets of time in the self develo ...  Show more

237: Life Updates

I am still here! Today I will update you on all the life happenings since my latest podcast. Anywhere from our prep for our move, moving, birth of our beautiful baby girl, to where we are today! Always reminding myself- "What does Sasha want?" And reminding my listeners to ask yo ...  Show more

236: Bouncing Back From Rock Bottom

Here I discuss some of my 'Rock Bottom' moments. And how I bounced back. I used to be a very angry person, making poor choices. Various wake up calls led me to diving into these self sabotaging behaviours. I talk about how I became aware of my choices, impacts, and how I could in ...  Show more

235: {Replay} Q & A on RV Life, Coaching and Retreats

Replay from my Live Instagram discussing Q&A on RV life, coaching & retreats: What made you decide to do this? How did you decide on that make/model for your camper? What are you doing with the animals? Where are you starting?  Curious about what your coaching entails? When is th ...  Show more

234: My Top 5 Affirmations to Manifest More Money

My Top 5 Affirmations to Manifest More Money   If we don’t uncover and rewire the limiting beliefs attached to these experiences, we will just bring our old ways with us when we do start to make more money.    Today I'll share in depth my top 10 affirmations to help you feel more ...  Show more

233: How Can You Be More (Dijana Llugolli)

Today I connect with Dijana Llugolli from the "Fearless & Successful Podcast." Dijana Llugolli is an international success and business coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to rapidly launch and scale their online businesses through aligned and inspired action. Drawing from ...  Show more

232: Expansion vs Constriction {IG Live}

Today I am chatting about opportunities. When presented an opportunity, ask yourself does this feel expansive or constrictive? Start making more expansive decisions and watch your manifestations take off. You don’t have to “settle”. You can say... “I want this or something better ...  Show more

231: Are You Energetically For Your Goals?

I am going to have a real conversation with you today. Have you ever wanted something so bad and then became disappointed when it doesn't happen immediately? Yeah... me too!  Long story short, I've had some pretty serious goals this year (even with having baby #3) and they seem l ...  Show more

230: Intro to Angel Cards (interview with Kelsey Onkka)

Have you ever seen 111, 222, or 333 and wonder what that could mean? In this episode, we talk all things Numerology and Angel Numbers and how you can use them to live your life on purpose and know you are on the right path. Kelsey Onkka, The Forgiveness Life Coach, joined me on t ...  Show more

229: Living Your Best Life (interview with Marissa Rehder)

Today I am speaking with Marissa Rehder is a former teacher who found a love for supporting other teachers throughout her own process of self discovery. On the verge of burnout and being ready to leave the profession, it was then that she decided that there had to be a way to ove ...  Show more

229 Live: Affirmations Vs Intentions

Today in the Live video I am touching on: What are affirmations? What are intentions? How do I create powerful statements to help me manifest? How do intentions & affirmations helps me manifest? How can they help me raise my vibration?  How can I use them to re-wire my belief sys ...  Show more

228: Live Q & A: Law of Attraction

In today’s Live Q & A, I answered YOUR questions about LOA(Law of Attraction).  ✨How quick do you see a change in Law of Attraction after you start doing it? ✨How do you get rid of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and wanting to be “center of attention” thoughts? ✨I have trouble medita ...  Show more

227: Don't Wait Until 'Some Day When'

In today's episode, I want to share with you my 'someday when' and how that turned into 'someday NOW'. I've been practicing and teaching the Law of Attraction for quite some time and I've always wanted to add in the layer of energy healing. An added benefit for folks with additio ...  Show more

226: Rising from Corporate to Personal Stylist (interview with Katie Allen)

Today I am speaking with Katie Allen.  Katie is a podcasting, lipstick obsessed, personal stylist who is here to make Personal Styling accessible and fun for everyone. She is a corporate girl turned female entrepreneur and her purpose is to empower women to always take up space a ...  Show more

225: Are you sabotaging your success?

Are you sabotaging your success?  What is self sabotage? It is thoughts, beliefs, actions or habits that keep us from living life to our fullest potential.  In this episode, I talk about the top 10 self-sabotaging habits I see with my clients and how you can take action to overco ...  Show more