028 - What Went Wrong? Armenia NT WCQ Roundup, Alashkert's European Adventure, Women's WCQ Kicking Off & More!

028 - What Went Wrong? Armenia NT WCQ Roundup...

027 - Armenia v Germany Preview! Armenia remain undefeated after a 0-0 draw away to North Macedonia.

Armenia remain top of Group J in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers after the least exciting 0-0 draw in recent memory. With the suspension of three key players, Caparros set out a side with a plan! That plan didn't work out, but luckily for us, neither did the North Macedonians! An e ...  Show more

026 - FIFA World Cup: Armenia v Macedonia Preview! Alashkert through to UEFA Conference League, & More!

(*queue Super Smash Bros. Melee menu music*) WOW is it September already? It's time to turn our attention back to the Armenia National team in a set of pivotal FIFA World Cup Qualifying matches that will make or break the Armenian legend. Joaquin Caparros called up the squad he f ...  Show more

025 - Yerevan Calling - Alashkert v Rangers Preview! Plus European Roundup, Armenians Abroad, APL, & More!

Alashkert made history when they defeated Kairat 3-2 in extra time last week to become the first Armenian club to qualify for European Competition Group Stage. Alashkert are now guaranteed a place in the UEFA Conference League. But first they must face Scottish giants Rangers. Le ...  Show more

024 - On To The Next One! European Competition Review, New Armenian Premier League Season, Armenians Across Europe, and More!

Armenians clubs continue to struggle in UEFA European competition. Alashkert are officially knocked out of Champions League after the 2nd round and now face Kamo Hovhannisyan and Kairat Almaty in the 3rd round of the Europa League. Ararat Yerevan were knocked out of the Conferenc ...  Show more

023 - Summertime Madness! UEFA Champions League and Conference League Review, Transfer Rumors, News, and More!

Summer is here and that means hot sun, piña coladas by the pool and UNLIMITED FOOTBALL! The EUROS were not even over and UEFA Club competitions kicked off across Europe where 4 Armenian clubs began their journey to being the first ever in a European club competition. Alashkert wa ...  Show more

022 - Interview: Anna Tadevosyan Football Federation of Armenia Executive Committee Member

Football Kentron had the pleasure to chat with one of the key decision makers in Armenian football, Executive Committee member of the Federation Anna Tadevosyan. Anna was formerly the Director of Women's football in Armenia and has now been elected to the FFA Executive Committee ...  Show more

021 - Football Ghapama! UEFA Draws, Transfers, u21, WNT, & more!

This episode is a mix of a whole lotta good stuff, some sweet some savory! The boys talk about the shortcomings of u21, WNT performances in the summer friendlies, Armenian club draws in the UEFA Champions League and Europa Conference League. Plus a whole lot of transfers, rumors, ...  Show more

020 - Armenia 1-3 Sweden Quick Takes, Reactions, and More!

Armenia concluded the June friendly series with a 3-1 loss to EURO 2020 side Sweden. Armenia were outclassed in the first half but came back strong in the second, with Vahan Bichakhchyan scoring his first senior National Team goal. The Armenian side and Caparros now turn to Septe ...  Show more

019 - Armenia 1-1 Croatia Quick Reaction and Analysis

Armenia drew 1-1 against the Vice-World Champions Croatia after a stunning strike from Wbeymar Angulo equalized Ivan Perisic's opener. Armenia now undefeated in 9 straight matches (6 wins and 3 draws) turn to Sweden on Saturday. In this episode the boys talk about 3 things they l ...  Show more

018 - Armenia vs Croatia & Sweden Preview, Mkhitaryan Drama, Squad Review, APL Insanity, and More!

Joaquin Caparros called up his 23 man squad for the June friendly matches against Croatia and Sweden, and this did not include Henrikh Mkhitaryan. He cried on the internet and insanity ensued. Anyway, we are excited to see some young talent on display. in this episode we review t ...  Show more

017 - The Future Stars of Armenian Football (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of an ongoing series by Football Kentron focusing on the Armenian soccer talents of the future! in this episode we go through the news cycle as usual, then take a look at several hand picked players and give them the FK cosign! The list for set 2 include: 1. Zhiray ...  Show more

016 - Interview: Rita Grigorian Armenia Women's National Team Midfielder

The young dynamic, tree climbing, kebab eating midfielder for the Armenian Women's National Team joined us for a conversation on how she ended up playing for Armenia, her favorite passed time, balancing school and being a football star, and much more! It was a joy having Rita wit ...  Show more

(19)15 - Armenian Genocide, Women's NT Friendly Tournament Success, Armenian PL Updates, Transfer Rumors, and More.

Every year during the month of April, Armenians from all over the world mourn and reflect on the events that occurred in 1915. The Armenian genocide was the systematic killing and deportation of Armenians by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. In 1915, during WWI, leaders of the Tur ...  Show more

014 - Armenia Remain Undefeated in WCQ The Caparros Effect! Armenia 3-2 Romania Match Review!

After a historic 3-2 win over Romania in FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, Armenia are top of group J with 9 points and are one of 4 nations in the entire tournament that have won all 3 opening matches. How did Armenia get off to this historic start? If you've been anywhere near FK you ...  Show more

013 - Armenia 2-0 Iceland, Preview vs Romania, Reactions, Opinions & More!

Armenia had a historic night in Yerevan defeating Iceland 2-0 in what will go down as one of the best performances in the national teams' history. Armenia, lead by Joaquin Caparros, now turn their attention to Romania who directly rival for second spot. The boys break down how Ar ...  Show more

012 - Armenia Dominate Liechtenstein, Preview vs Iceland, Quick Take Thoughts and Reactions

Aram and Armen are left alone after what was a full house in the last episode to try and make sense of the performance from the match. Armenia had their most dominant ever match, controlling 70% of possession, 26 shots, 36 crosses, and a 1.83 xG. Liechtenstein had 0. Armenia was ...  Show more

011 - WCQ Armenia vs Liechtenstein Preview, Squad Review, Opponent Breakdown, News and More!

World Cup Qualifiers are here, finally, like this week, can you believe it?? The Havakagan will be playing 3 matches in 7 days kicking things off in Liechtenstein! Joaquin Caparros announced his 31 man squad, 27 of which traveled to Switzerland to prepare for the match. The boys ...  Show more

010 - World Cup Qualifiers Squad Predictions, Listener Questions, Ararat Armenia Sack Managers and Much More!

March is finally here and with it comes World Cup Qualifiers. Thank God right? After waiting for ages, Joaquin Caparros is formulating his squad for the upcoming matches. Think the boys can predict who will get called up and who will get left out? Plus, we took to social media to ...  Show more

009 - Eduard Spertsyan Joins The National Team, Mkhitaryan and Ronaldo Link Up? Balekian to River? And Other Transfer News, Plus The Armenian PL Heats Up After The Winter Break!

Damn son, where'd you find this!? The 20 year old attacking midfielder for Krasnodar Eduard Spertsyan has made the commitment to the Armenian National Team and will be called up the the senior squad for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qualifiers! Plus, the boys discuss some of the la ...  Show more