A Shocking New Study About Covid Goes Viral (Ep 1604)

A Shocking New Study About Covid Goes Viral (...

Is Hillary In Serious Trouble? Or Is This Another Headfake? (Ep 1607)

Is Hillary Clinton in danger of being exposed in the Russian collusion hoax? In this episode, I address the troubling details. I also debunk Biden’s latest BS on taxes.  Tax the rich? We already do! The Michael Sussmann indictment explained.  Why is Joe Biden punishing Florida an ...  Show more

Was Pelosi Involved In A Coup? (Ep 1606)

The Mark Milley scandal explodes. Three questions that must be answered. The rebellion has begun. In this episode I also show video of people fighting back against leftist tyranny. News Picks: Did Mark Milley go rogue? The evidence is damning.  Did Mark Milley tell military offic ...  Show more

Did We Witness An Act Of Treason? (Ep 1605)

Were the Democrats involved in a coup? Did Mark Milley commit treason? In this episode I address the disturbing evidence. News Picks: New book claims Mark Milley betrayed the President.  “Defund the Police” squad members pay a lot for private security. Genealogist finds evidence ...  Show more

Are We Already In A Cold Civil War? (Ep 1603)

Are we already in a cold civil war? In this episode I address the troubling question. Also, I dissect the many issues with the vaccine mandate.News Picks: Winning the ongoing cold civil war.  Biden gets booed at Ground Zero, and then says more offensive things.  The grotesque LA ...  Show more

The Bongino Brief - Sept. 11, 2021

The way the left talks about economics is becoming increasingly disturbing. 

Joe Biden Embraces Tyranny (Ep 1602)

Joe Biden has crossed the line. The vaccine mandate he is pushing is condemned to fail. In this episode I address the reasons why. News Picks: Joe Biden demands you get a vaccine unless you’re in the USPS.  Texas hospital bans Ivermectin for covid patients. Inflation is running w ...  Show more

A Racist Attack Is Caught On Tape And The Media Is Silent (Ep 1601)

Shocking video of a racist attack on a candidate emerges, and the media remains silent. Why? In this episode I address the attack and the latest insane policy proposal from the Biden administration about the Afghan refugees. News Picks: Larry Elder is attacked in California while ...  Show more

Joe Biden’s Really Really Bad Day (Ep 1600)

Can it get any worse for Joe Biden? In this episode, I address his really bad day yesterday. I also discuss the latest media Ivermectin meltdown, and the Texas abortion law meltdown. News Picks: Highlights of my interview with President Trump. Biden is still leaving people behind ...  Show more

I Swear To You, There's An American Awakening Happening (Ep 1599)

Another "journalism" site gets caught publishing fake news. In this episode, I address the scandal. I also discuss the troubling new story about the Wuhan lab leak and the brewing Biden State Department scandal in Afghanistan.News Picks: Explosive new reporting details the extent ...  Show more

Dan Bongino Labor Day Podcast Special

Select interviews from the Dan Bongino Radio Show from the past couple of weeks.Dan interviews Gen. Jerry Boykin, who was involved with the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia. They discussed the terrible tactics in our pullout of Afghanistan. Dan talks with former Navy Seal Jock ...  Show more

The Bongino Brief - Sept 04, 2021

Joe Biden's lies and gaslighting. 

Institutions Are Collapsing, But Here’s The Good News (Ep 1598)

A left wing outlet published an explosive piece on the mask tyranny going on. In this episode, I address the article along with the continued implosion of the Biden agenda as their credibility craters. News Picks: Disgusting USA Today “fact-checker” smears Gold Star families. The ...  Show more

Lies And Liars Who Lie About Lying Ep (1597)

I warned you about the January 6th committee and their efforts to interfere in the 2022 election. In this episode, I address the scandal. I also discuss the war on this coronavirus treatment and the attacks on Joe Rogan. News Picks: The Taliban throw a victory parade with OUR equ ...  Show more

Biden Must Be Impeached (Ep 1596)

Joe Biden must be impeached! An explosive story surfaced yesterday about a quid pro quo between Joe Biden and the Afghan President. In this episode, I address the story along with the new data about mask mandates. News Picks: Impeach! Biden gets caught in a scandalous quid pro qu ...  Show more

We Demand Resignations Now! (Ep 1595)

As predicted! The Biden administration makes a move on liberties using “public health” as an excuse. In this episode, I address the coming crisis. I also show some shocking videos and photos of the failed surrender to the Taliban. News Picks: Biden leaves our people behind in Afg ...  Show more

It’s Time For A National Divorce (Ep 1594)

An explosive video emerges of a Marine demanding accountability for the Biden Afghanistan disaster. In this episode, I address the fallout, and the latest disturbing Big Tech purge. News Picks: CDC spends millions of taxpayers dollars on the gun health threat.  There are shortage ...  Show more

The Bongino Brief - Aug 28, 2021

Joe Biden's decision-making on Afghanistan withdrawal. 

The Worst Day Of The Worst Presidency In US History (Ep 1593)

Joe Biden engaged in a grotesque attack on Donald Trump yesterday, in an effort to deflect from the blood on his hands. In this episode, I address the worst day of the worst presidency in US history. News Picks:No, Joe Biden can’t blame Trump for the Afghanistan disaster.  No, Jo ...  Show more

Explosions At Kabul Airport (Ep 1592)

Sadly, my predictions have come true. The Afghanistan cover-up is in full swing. In this episode, I address the scandal. I also address the stunning new data on coronavirus immunity. News Picks: As predicted, the Biden administration is blaming Americans left behind in Afghanista ...  Show more

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