2.7 Migrant Cuisine in the Expat City with Vidya Balachander

2.7 Migrant Cuisine in the Expat City with Vi...

2.6 Behind 'The Iranian Vegan' with Mana Shamshiri

In this episode, we speak about veganism both around the world and in Iran with Mana Shamshiri. Mana is a philosophy graduate and creator of the website and Instagram platform 'The Iranian Vegan'. She wanted to showcase the diversity of Iranian cuisine as well as provide a space ...  Show more

2.5 Food as a human right with Michael Fakhri

‘UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food’ - who wouldn’t want that job title? When we read about Michael, we knew we had to interview him to learn about what he had to do to get this cool job and to know what it actually entails. He talked to us about why food is a human right ...  Show more

2.4 Sowing Solidarity with Vivien Sansour

On episode 4, Nadine Almanasfi speaks with artist, storyteller and conservationist Vivien Sansour. Nadine has been trying to grow her own food and vegetable in her small allotment in north London and was very excited to speak with Vivien, who advocates for seed conservation and t ...  Show more

2.3 Iraqi Cuisine from Mesopotamia to Mosul with Nawal Nasrallah

On episode 3, Taif Alkhudary speaks with Nawal Nasrallah about the history and development of Iraqi cuisine from Mesopotamia to modern day through her own cookbook 'Delights from the Garden of Eden' and her translation of the medieval Arabic cookbook 'Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitch ...  Show more

2.2 Yemen's Coffee Revolution with Faris Sheibani

On episode 2, Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed speaks with Faris Sheibani about the history and culture of coffee in Yemen, and how the drink can be used to connect with, and sustainably support, Yemeni farmers. Faris is a British Yemeni social entrepreneur and founder of Qima Coffee, ...  Show more

2.1. Beetroot Hummus and Culinary Appropriation with Fadi Kattan

In this first episode, Fadi Kattan speaks with Sara Masry about everything from Palestinian cuisine in Chile and Haiti to why you shouldn't make chocolate and beetroot hummus. Fadi is a Franco-Palestinian chef from Bethlehem. He opened his own restaurant, Fawda, in Bethlehem in 2 ...  Show more

1.12. Food of the Middle East with Claudia Roden & Sami Zubaida

On this special episode of Instant Coffee as part of our 10-year anniversary celebrations, we spoke with renowned food writers Claudia Roden and Sami Zubaida reflecting on all things gastronomic in the Middle East! Claudia Roden is a food writer and cultural anthropologist. Born ...  Show more

1.11. Keeping the memories of Syria's disappeared alive with Wafa Mustafa

On the final episode of this season's Instant Coffee, Co-producer of Instant Coffee, Ribale Sleiman-Haidar, talks to Wafa Mustafa about her father's enforced disappearance and why the world should be doing more to help. Wafa is a Syrian activist, campaigner and journalist. She is ...  Show more

1.10. Between Africa and the Arab World, Sudan's arts and culture with Omnia Shawkat

On this episode of Instant Coffee, Co-producer of Instant Coffee, Nadine Almanasfi, talks to Omnia Shawkat about arts and culture in Sudan, and the country's unique position between Africa and the Arab World. Omnia is co-founder of Andariya, a bilingual digital cultural platform ...  Show more

1.9. Independent media in Iraq in the age of disinformation with Aida Al-Kaisy

On this episode of Instant Coffee, Sandra Sfeir, Projects Manager at the LSE Middle East Centre, talks to Aida Al-Kaisy about the growth of independent media in Iraq in the age of disinformation. Aida Al-Kaisy is a media development consultant and researcher who focuses on suppor ...  Show more

1.8. Resistance politics during a global pandemic with Ghiwa Sayegh

On this episode of Instant Coffee, Sara Salem talks to Ghiwa Sayegh about resistance politics during a global pandemic. Ghiwa Sayegh is a feminist writer and researcher. She is editor-in-chief of Kohl, a journal for body and gender research produced in Beirut, Lebanon. We recorde ...  Show more

1.7. Locating Afghanistan in the 'Middle East' with Moshtari Hilal

On this episode of Instant Coffee, Marral Shamshiri-Fard talks to Moshtari Hilal about locating Afghanistan in the 'Middle East', as well as her own artistic practice. Moshtari Hilal is a visual artist and researcher working from Hamburg and Berlin. Website: www.moshtari.de/ Inst ...  Show more

1.6. Feminism in Kurdistan with Houzan Mahmoud

On this episode of Instant Coffee, Isabel Käser talks to Houzan Mahmoud about the state of feminism in Kurdistan and Culture Project, a platform for writers, feminists, artists and activists from Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora to freely express their ideas. Houzan, a Kurdish ...  Show more

1.5. Technology and activism in Palestine with Salem Barahmeh

On the fifth episode of Instant Coffee, LSE Middle East Centre's Muna Dajani talks to Salem Barahmeh about technology and activism in Palestine. Salem is Executive Director of the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) and an advocate for Palestinian freedom and rights. ...  Show more

1.3. Challenges of researching in Yemen with Hafez Al-Bukari

In episode 3 of Instant Coffee, Rasha Obaid Ba Sabih (@Rasha7Rasha) talks to Hafez Al-Bukari of the Yemen Polling Centre (@yemenpolling)about the challenges of researching in Yemen. The Yemen Polling Centre is an independent research centre which aims to impact local and internat ...  Show more

1.2. Arts under occupation with Ahmed Masoud

On the second episode of Instant Coffee, Sinéad Murphy (@DrS1neadMurphy) talks to Ahmed Masoud (@masoud_ahmed) about 'Obliterated', the play that never happened. Ahmed is a Palestinian & British writer from Gaza, living in London/UK. Author of the mystery novel Vanished & The Shr ...  Show more